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A '''province''' is an administrative division of land in ''Imperator: Rome''. Provinces are groupings of '''[[citiesterritories]]''', and are themselves grouped into '''[[region]]s'''.
==Province mechanics==
===Provincial loyalty===
Every province has a loyalty value, representing how happy it is with the central government. Loyalty changes monthly; it is lowered by [[Rebellion#Unrest|unrest]] in the province's citiesterritories, and increased by the skills of the governor of the province's region, as well as any troops assigned to them.
Cities Territories in disloyal provinces can no longer be interacted with, blocking any pop actions and cohort recruitment. If a significant portion of the nation's population lives in disloyal provinces, the nation will progress towards [[Rebellion|rebellion]] or [[Rebellion#Civil_war|civil war]].
===Governor policies===

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