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Saxonia, or Saxony, is a formable nation in Central Europe, representing a unification of the Saxon tribes on the coasts of the German Sea. It can be formed by any Saxonian culture country that can unite the main tribes of the core Saxon region, in 450 AUC under the control of Flag of Chaucia Chaucia, Flag of Frisia Frisia, and Flag of Avionia Avionia. A small and not territorially extensive formable, uniting the Saxons would nonetheless be a strong stepping stone towards dominating all the German tribes, or perhaps leveraging their coastal heritage to form a maritime empire across the coasts of the German Sea. Notably, unlike many other formables in the area forming Saxonia will not change the government form into a Federated Tribe.

Historically, the Saxons were noted for their piracy and seabound raids on the provinces of the Roman Empire, and would form a loose confederation by the 4th or 5th centuries from elements of tribes such as Flag of Chaucia Chaucia and Flag of Angrivaria Angrivaria, fiercely resisting all attempts at conversion and subjugation. Some migrated to Britannia where they would form one of the main components of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, while the main body of the Saxons would eventually be conquered by the Franks under which they would form the medieval Duchy of Saxony.

Formation requirements[edit]


Unite Saxonia

The Saxon people cry out for a strong leader to unite the clans. Our birthright is clear for all to see - we shall be the ones to lead our people forwards to greater glories.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Primary culture is Saxonian
  • Is tribal
  • Is not 20px Saxonia
  • Is not AI-controlled or owns at least 6 territories
  • Is not a Tier 2 or Tier 3 formable
  • 20px Saxonia does not exist
  • Is tribal
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns the following territories:
    • Leuphana (3888)
    • Treva (3889)
    • Chaucia (3890)
    • Mariones (3855)
    • Saxonnia (3837)
    • Visurgis (3839)
    • Amsivaria (3836)
    • Avionia Minores (3863)

  • Country becomes 20px Saxonia
  • Add Tribesmen 4 tribesmen pops to the capital
  • Capital gets the modifier Emergent Center of Civilization until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.10% Local Population Growth
    • Fort defense +20% Local Fort Defense
    • Civilization.png +5% Local Civilization Level
  • Get claims on all unowned territories in the province of Chaucia
  • Get Province investment 2 free province investments
Formation requirements for Saxonia. All fully coloured territories must be directly owned, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.