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Rural heritage

Notes: For countries with a starting Country capital.png capital in a Farmland farmland or Plains plains terrain territory.

Price found city cost modifier.png −20% Found city cost modifier
Price state investment military cost modifier.png -10% Military Provincial Investment Cost
Pop tribesmen happiness.png -4% National Tribesman Happiness

Flag of Saloia Saloia is a tribal local power in Venedia, one of the four Aestian tribes at the very edge of the known world. Like the rest of the countries in the region, little is known of this extremely obscure tribe known only from a single reference by Ptolemy; it may have eventually given rise to the medieval Baltic tribe of the Selonians. Ingame, Saloia is the smallest and most isolated of the Aestian tribes, lying at the very edge of the map in one of the least populous and underdeveloped regions in the world; it will take considerable ingenuity and determination to build the tribe into a nation that history will remember.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

As a Aestian culture country, Saloia has access to the decision to form 20px Aestuia.


Unite Aestuia

It is time to bring all the Aestian people together under our rule, no longer a people scattered to the wind. Under our command, Aestuia will be known for its strength and unity.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Primary culture is Aestian
  • Is not 20px Aestuia
  • Is not a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 formable
  • Is not AI-controlled or has at least 10 territories
  • 20px Aestuia does not exist
  • Is a Tribe
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Is only Aestuian country or all other Aestuian countries are subjects

  • Country becomes 20px Aestuia
  • Add Tribesmen 4 tribesmen pops to the capital
  • Capital gets the modifier Emergent Center of Civilization until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.10% Local Population Growth
    • Fort defense.png +20% Local Fort Defense
    • Civilization.png +5% Local Civilization Level
  • Get the modifier United Aestuia for 20 years, giving:
    • Integrated culture happiness +10% Integrated Culture Happiness
    • Manpower recovery speed.png +10% Manpower Recovery Speed
    • Pop assimilation.png +2 Pop Assimilation Speed
  • Get Province investment 3 free province investments
  • Gain ownership of all Aestuian subject territories in the regions of Germania, Vistulia, and Boiohaemum

Population[edit | edit source]

Saloia begins with a Population.png population of 8 pops across its Local.png 4 territories, making it one of the least populated countries at the start of the game. All of its pops are Aestian Matrist.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Great Destroyer icon
The Great Destroyer
Playing as any nation from the Veneti, Germanic, Pretani, Gaelic, Gallic, Celt-Iberian, Iberian or Pre-Indo-European culture groups, conquer and destroy 10 Great Wonders.