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Representing a variety of localized faiths and folk religions, Ritualism espouses ancestor-worship, animism, and votive offerings.
— In-game description

The Ritualistic religion is a polytheistic faith found in and around the Tarim Basin. This article documents the deities associated with the religion. All values are for Omen.png+100% Omen Power.

Uniquely for a polytheistic religion, all Ritualistic deities are unavailable to non-Ritualistic countries, even if they control Ritualistic Holy Site.png holy sites or have a large proportion of Ritualistic pops. However, Ritualistic countries can adopt deities of other religions under the normal conditions.

Every Ritualistic nation benefits from Diplomatic relations.png +1.00 Diplomatic Relations.

General deities[edit | edit source]

These deities are available to all Ritualistic nations:

Deity Category Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Infusion of War War Discipline.png +3% Discipline Freeman happiness +6% National Freeman Happiness 1 Freemen Freeman appears in the capital; 2 if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 6; 4 if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 9
Rites to Adulthood War Starting experience +5% Starting Experience Morale.png +5% Morale of Armies Gain Manpower.png 1,000 Manpower, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, and an extra 1,000 if the deity’s Military power.png Martial is at least 11, if manpower is below 80%
Gain Military experience.png 2.00 Military Experience, otherwise
Guidance of the Moon Culture Integrated culture happiness +4% Integrated Culture Happiness Civilization.png +0.04% Monthly Civilization Change Up to 2 employed characters convert to the deity’s faith
Guidance of the Sun Culture Popularity.png +0.05 Monthly Ruler Popularity Gain State religion happiness +12% State Religion Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory Policy religious conversion.png convert to the deity’s faith
Guidance of the Wind Economy Commerce value.png +15% National Commerce Income Unintegrated culture group happiness +6% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness Gain Wealth 15 Wealth multiplied by the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse, with a minimum of Wealth 50 and an additional Wealth 75 gold if the deity has more than Civic power.png 10 Finesse 6769, Pamir, Flag of Phrynia Phrynia
Wealth of the Earth Economy National tax +10% National Tax Slave output +10% National Slave Output A Citizens Citizen appears in the capital; 2 if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 6; 4 if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 9 6747, Wumi, Flag of Khotan Khotan
Blessing of Life Fertility Population capacity +10% Population Capacity Tribesman happiness +6% National Tribesman Happiness Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth in the capital province for five years 6787, Narin, Flag of Wusun Wusun
War Ceremony Fertility Manpower recovery speed.png +5% Manpower Recovery Speed Province loyalty +0.04 Provincial Loyalty Gain Monthly food.png 50 Food in every province, multiplied by the deity’s Oratory power.png Charisma