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Modding Religons[edit]

The religion file handles religion color, the passive religious modifiers, and the type of the religion. For changing a character's culture, see character modding; for changing a country's primary culture see country creation; for changing the cultural makeup of territories, see province setup.


Religions are defined in the common\religions folder, with the religion files defining the color on the map and the passive modifiers. The modifiers must be country scoped modifiers, but in principle any number of country scope modifiers are possible. Each religion also has a particular category, which defines whether or not it is polytheistic or monotheistic (which is used in deity triggers, see below).

roman_pantheon = { # Hellenic
	color = hsv { 0.65  0.7  0.8 }
	global_citizen_happyness = happiness_large_svalue
	religion_category = pantheon

The divine sacrifice icon and sound can also be optionally defined, if the default pig stabbing does not quite fit.

indo_iranian_religion = { # Heptadic
	color = hsv { 0.2 0.5 0.8 }
	monthly_military_experience_modifier = 0.05
	religion_category = pantheon
	sacrifice_icon = sacrifice_incense
	sacrifice_sound = "event:/SFX/UI/Religion/sfx_ui_religion_generic_sacrifice"


Deities are defined in the common\deities folder and consist of several parts:

  • trigger: The conditions for the deity to appear as selectable, from the country scope. Conventionally this usually requires either following the deity's religion, owning enough pops of the deity's religion, or controlling its holy site, but in principle just about any country scope conditions can be used.
  • icon: The icon/image used in the religion screen when the deity is selected.
  • passive_modifier: The modifier(s) given as long as the deity is in the pantheon. Conventionally a script value that is constant for all deities with the same passive modifier, but there is no reason why this has to be the case.
  • omen: The modifier(s) given when the deity's omen is selected. Conventionally a script value that is constant for all deities with the same omen modifier, but there is no reason why this has to be the case.
  • on_activate: Run every time the omen is activated. In vanilla, this is used only for the apotheosis effect and is triggered only if the deity is of a deified character, but there is no reason why this has to be the case.
  • religion: The religion that the deity belongs to. Is normally consistent with the trigger, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.
  • deity_category: The pantheon slot that the deity uses.
  • deification_trigger: The requirements for making a deified ruler from this deity. Does not include the Political influence.png political power cost.
deity_sekhmet = { # WAR
	trigger = {
		polytheistic_check_religion_trigger = yes
		OR = {
			rare_deity_trigger = {
				RELIGION = egyptian_pantheon
			deity:omen_sekhmet = {
				holy_site_deity_check_trigger = yes
	icon = deity_war
	passive_modifier = { discipline = deity_discipline_svalue }
	omen = { global_defensive = omen_global_defensive_svalue } #Bonus from Omen
	on_activate = {
		military_apotheosis_defensive_effect = yes
	religion = egyptian_pantheon
	deity_category = war #This Deity uses a War slot.

	deification_trigger = {
		can_deify_trigger = yes
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