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Imperator: Rome defines a few of Religions. Each state, each character and individual pop follows a Religion. Religion affects population Happiness, available Omens, etc.


Available ReligionsEdit

Religion Modifier Notes Code
Hellenic +10% Global   Citizen Happiness Having spread from the Greek heartland, the Olympian pantheon is venerated by many. The names, aspects and hierarchy of many of the gods can vary widely from region to region, however, Zeus, or Jupiter as he is known to the Romans, is regarded as the figurehead of the Olympian pantheon. roman_pantheon
Kemetic +10%   Ruler Popularity The history of the indigenous Egyptian religion stretches back many thousands of years. Manifesting as a polytheistic faith, the worship of Ra, Atum, Sekhmet and others, displays a deep reverence for the fundamental aspects of the natural world. egyptian_pantheon
Canaanite -10% Naval Maintenance Cost The Canaanite religion venerates a number of Gods and their aspects, in a polytheistic manner. Baal is regarded as the chief deity in a complex hierarchy of lesser gods, which were often worshipped at shrines found on mountains or hilltops. At the start of the game the Canaanite religion is primarily found in Phoenicia and Phoenician colonies, such as Carthage. carthaginian_pantheon
Zalmoxian +5% Global   Tribesman Happiness Whether Zalmoxis was originally a prophet or a god, is unknown. The Dacians and Getae however, revere Zalmoxis as a divine being, ascribing many miraculous acts to him. shamanism
Druidic +5%   State Religion Happiness Druids acted for the Celts, as a distinct social class. Often acting as magistrates and lawmakers, they also dictated local religious customs and beliefs. Druidic faiths are primarily found in Iberia, Gaul and the British Isles at the start of the game. druidism
Iberic +10%   Import Value Essentially a hybrid polytheistic religion, Iberian religious practices involve the veneration of animal spirits, as well as ancestor worship. Various Hellenic and Phoenician gods were worshipped by the Iberians, as well as local deities such as Betatun or Ataecina. animism
Jewish +20% Assimilation Speed Unusually amongst contemporary faiths, Judaism is a monotheistic religion. Following a series of prophets and teachers, the Jewish holy book, the Torah, contains the details of a covenant created between God and the children of Israel. judaism
Zoroastrian -5% Army Maintenance Cost The prophet Zoroaster taught of a monotheistic faith in the Creator-God Ahuramazda. Evolving out of early Indo-Iranian polytheism, great reverence is shown for the 'eternal law', or, Daena, which espouses good and righteous conduct. zoroaster
Matrist +5%   Manpower Recovery Speed Little is known of the Baltic tribes and their religion. Nonetheless, records survive, telling of cults worshipping a mother goddess, along the baltic coast. matrist_religion
Megalithic +5%   State Religion Happiness The ancient culture and religion was a melting pot of traditional egyptian beliefs, star-worship, and ancestor veneration. Many megaliths - stone constructs raised in honor of the gods - still exist, dotted about the African landscape. berber_religion
Tuistic -10% Migration Cost The ancient Germanic god for Tius, Teiws, or Tuisto, was worshipped by the early migratory tribes from modern-day Scandinavia. Many accounts suggest that the Germanic people practiced a largely animist religion, venerating the earth and sky, and the life force of all living things. germanic_religion
Arabic +10% Global   Tribesman Happiness Religion in Arabia was a polytheistic mixture of deities, aspects and demons, practiced in localities and enclaves around the region. Allah, the Creator-God, may have been worshipped as the head of the pantheon during this period, in some locations. arabian_pantheon
Ritualistic +1   Diplomatic Relations Representing a variety of localized faiths and folk religions, Ritualism espouses ancestor-worship, animism, and votive offerings eastern_animism
Buddhist +30% Conversion Speed A relatively young religion, Buddhism arose in Northern India, following the life of Siddhartha Gautama, or simply, Buddha. The Buddha was an ascetic teacher, who spoke of the Middle Way, throughout India. buddhism
Hindu +1   Diplomatic Reputation Hinduism evolved out of the Vedic period, shepherded by the creation of the Upanishads, and was widely followed throughout India during early antiquity. hindu
Bön -10% Build Cost Bön represents a collection of folk religions originally practiced on the Tibetan plateau. Aspects of ancestor worship and animism appear frequently, as well as nascent polytheism. bon_religion
Heptadic +5% Monthly Military Experience Originating in Scythian lands, this pantheistic faith worshipped seven principal gods, often equated to those of the Greek pantheon. Elements of the earlier polytheistic folk religion of the scythians still remains, as does the practice of horse sacrifice and chariot burials, similar to those of the Celts. indo_iranian_religion
Cybelene +5%   Wrong-Culture Happiness The Phrygian cult of Cybele is linked to prehistoric Mother-Goddess worship. Evolving over thousands of years, the cult of Cybele often claimed relationship to mythical figures and heroes, and practiced their religion with the veneration of idols. anatolian_religion
Khaldic +10% Global   Freeman Output The Khaldic pantheon represents a religion which grew out of the Urartian culture, many centuries before. A principally polytheistic faith, the chief god was known as Khaldi, and was worshipped as a warrior god. armenian_religion
Armazic +10%   Fort Defense Possibly connected to the nearby Anatolian religions, the pantheon of the Caucasian-Iberia region was ruled over by the god Armaz. caucasian_religion
Chaldean +0.1% Monthly Civilization Value The history of the Chaldean pantheon stretches back many thousands of years. Worshipping gods such as Anu, Enki and Nanna, the devotees of the Chaldean religion construct imposing temples in honor of their chosen God. mesopotamian_religion
Jain +25% Promotion Speed Jainism is an Indian faith that spans back many years, to the early teachers of the religion. The Jains strongly believe in asceticism and non-violence, and have friendly relations with the other Indian traditions. jainism

Religion effectsEdit

Interaction between statesEdit

Certain diplomatic actions receive bonuses if the states follow the same religion, or penalties if they don't.

Interaction between state and charactersEdit

Characters not following state religion have their maximum loyalty lowered by -10. They are also less likely to be elected for office in a Republic.

Characters can be forcefully converted at a base cost of 25 Religious Power and a loss of 40 Loyalty. They may also convert on their own if they seek to gain popularity or government offices.

Certain events may result in religion change. Ptolemaic Egypt has the option to embrace Kemeticism, while in India characters tend to convert to Buddhism.

Interaction between state and populaceEdit

The  Happiness of pops not following state religion is penalized by -5%, and a further -10% if the governor of their region is not of their religion. The percentage of pops following state religion is the nation's Religious Unity value, which is a major contributor to  Omen Power.

A pop's religion can be changed to the state religion via conversion. Converting individual pops can be performed in the city menu and the macro-builder. Alternatively, the Religious Conversion governor policy provides a monthly chance of converting a pop in the affected province. Governors always convert pops to the state religion, regardless of the governor's personal religion.

Certain events may also result in pops changing religion. The Isis cult is spreading around the Mediterranean, causing pops to convert to Kemeticism, while in India pops may convert to Buddhism.


Hellenic omens

An Omen can be invoked at no cost and lasts a base duration of 5 years. Only one Omen can be active at a time and it cannot be changed until it expires. Unlike in Europa Universalis: Rome, an Omen can never directly fail - giving you a negative effect.

The names and descriptions of the Omens depend on your religion and culture. A Greek country following the Hellenic faith will for instance seek the Blessings of Ares, Athena, or Tyche. While a Roman one will instead turn to Mars, Minerva or Fortuna. This is also reflected in events and text that reference the gods (and of course in the variety of events available).

Omen powerEdit

The effects of an Omen are strengthened by  Omen Power, which can be increased in various ways.

Type Scenario Omen Power
State Religious Unity +1% per point
Religious Faction in power +10%
Technology level Religious field +2.5% per level
Invention Hierarchical Haruspication +5%
Legendary Foundation +5%
Expanded Religious Holidays +5%
Proscribed Canon +5%
Translated Symbology +10%
Idea Mandated Observance +20%
Character Attribute value of
Augur republic office
High Priest monarchy and tribal office
+2% per  Zeal
personality trait of ruler +5% if Devout
-5% if Lapsed
Laws Priestly Status (republic) +10%
Lex Ogulnia (roman) +10%
Religious Status Law (tribal) +10%
Ban Human Sacrifice (tribal) -15%

Omen namesEdit

Different religions have different names and descriptions of the omens. The effects of the Omens may or may not be different depending on culture, events, province capitals, or specific countries.

Omen Description Other god names Effect
Blessing of Ares The god of war will infuse our men with the strength and discipline of the ages. With our soldiers struggling ever harder to live up to his ideals, we are all but certain to win our wars.

The god was well known for his destructive, chaotic nature, and how he revels in slaughter and battle. He is often portrayed as a lover for Aphrodite, and as a rival to Athena. He is often at a loss against the latter, being outwitted and crushed by the smarter and more logical goddess.

Mars (Latin group)
Laran (Etruscan) Ma(Cappadocia) Posiedon(Corinth, Chalcis, Tarentum)
+10% Army Morale, +10% Naval Morale (Corinth, Chalcis, Tarentum)
Blessing of Mars The patron god of Rome will inspire and bless our men with the strength to take on any enemy, for as long as our people remain faithful. With Mars at our side, our soldiers are sure to fight harder than ever before. After all, who would want to act shameful in front of a god?

Mars has been the patron god of Rome since time immemorial. From the Field of Mars and the many shrines and temples dedicated to the god's honor, to the stories of his sons Remulus and Romulus who founded the city; Mars is one of the most important gods in our pantheon.

+6% Discipline (Roman)(Cappadocia)(Pontus)(Acragas/Kos)
Blessing of Apollo The visions and prophecies of the god of Light will inspire our young men to take up arms and fight for our nation. With the young ready to participate in our wars, we will have more potential soldiers than we have had in a long time.

He is the god of the arts, light and medicine, and also a skilled archer like his twin sister. It is said the Oracles of Delphi and Delos receive visions from the god, foretelling both tragedies and blessings to their many visitors.

Apulu (Etruscan) +10% Manpower Recovery, +20% Freemen Happiness (Etruscan), -10% Fort Maintenance (Acragas/Lemnos/Athens)
Blessing of Athena The blessing of the goddess of wisdom will inspire our artists and craftsmen in their search for knowledge. With these great insights, we are sure to be able to progress and compete with our enemies and neighbors.

Rumors says the goddess once hailed from Libya, but now she is fully a part of the Hellenic pantheon and plays an important role as the goddess of wisdom, crafts and war. Unlike her male counterpart, she is usually seen as a patron for more tactical and strategic type of warfare, and they are known for opposing each other at Troy and in many other famous battles.

Athena is the patron of the city of Athens, with the largest temple dedicated in her honor, standing in its acropolis.

Minerva (Latin group)
Menrva (Etruscan)
+10% Research Points, +10% Morale (Rome), +0.1% Monthly Civilization change (Acragas, Epidauros, Pergamon, Trikka), +0.05 Monthly General Loyalty (Etruscan), +10% Primary Culture Happiness (Cretan)
Blessing of Hades We beseech the god of the Underworld to open his coffers for our cause, and bless our people with his wealth. With all these minerals and newfound wealth, our society is sure to prosper for a long time to come.

The great Lord of the Underworld is the oldest of three, but he lost both the Skies and Seas to his two younger brothers, left behind with only the souls of the dead and the realm named in his honor. As well as being the caretaker of the dead, he is known for his wealth and access to the minerals of the earth.

There are many stories of the heroes who travel down to his realm to rescue someone, several of those leading to tragedies akin to Orpheus. Most Hellenics do not fear the god, as he is not vengeful nor actively seeks the death of mortals. After all, why bother when all living things will end up in his hands anyway?

Pluto (Latin group)
Aita (Etruscan)
+20% National Tax, +0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty(Corinth/Athens), +0.1 Hostile Attrition (Arcadia), +0.l% Monthly Civilization Change (Etruscan), +10% State Religion Happiness (Cretan)
Blessing of Zeus The god of the heavens blesses our advances on the battlefield, justifying our cause with his presence. With this deity siding with our cause, our battle-tired people are sure to be ready to pick up the tools of war once more.

Though he was the youngest of his siblings, he was the only to not be eaten by his father, and eventually rose up to overthrow the old pantheon. As the one most capable, he was given the realm of the skies, and became the foremost of the pantheon of gods.

There are innumerable stories of how the deity came down the realm of men, infatuated with one mortal or another, eventually leading to the heroes of old being born. Though he is known for his raging temper and insatiable lust, he is the most respected deity of the pantheon in most regions of the Hellenic world.

Jupiter (Latin group)
Tinia (Etruscan)
-0.05 Agressive Expansion Change, -0.05 Monthly Tyranny (Thespiai, Parion, Cretab), +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain (Etruscan)
Blessing of Hermes The messenger of the gods will open up trade in all kinds of nations to our goods and merchants, ensuring that commerce will flow freely in our favor. With our traders aided by the Trickster himself, our people are sure to prosper from this wealth.

The messenger of the gods is known as a trickster and prankster, even from a young age trying to trick his older brother Apollo. He is the patron god of travelers, thieves and trade, as well as the psychopomp of the Hellenic world; guiding the souls of the dead to the Underworld and afterlife.

Mercury (Latin group)
Turms (Etruscan)
+20% Freemen Happiness, +20 Citizen Happiness (Argos/Ionia/Elis), +20% National Commerce Income (Rome), +20% Citizen Output (Etruscan), +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain (Cretan)
Blessing of Tyche Our people will live safely with the knowledge that we have the blessing of the goddess of Fortune on our side. After all, who better to protect our people than the one who decides Fate itself?

As the patron goddess of fortune and prosperity, she is often thanked and cursed for unexplained happenstances, based on the outcome for the person in question. Lately a cult dedicated in her honor has sprung up around the Mediterranean, which believes that it can twist the fortunes of the goddess to their favor.

Fortuna (Latin group)
Nortia (Etruscan)
-10% Mercenary Army Maitenance, -15% Army Weight Modifier(Ionian/Nesiotic league/Massalia/Hemeroskopeion), +0.05 Provincial Loyalty (Rhodes), +0.05 Monthly General Loyalty (Rome), -0.05 Monthly Tyranny (Etruscan), +0.1 Monthly Civilization Change (Cretan),
Blessing of Demeter We will ask she of the Grain to bless our harvest and ensure the food necessary for our people to grow and expand. As the goddess looks down upon us with favor, our harvests are sure to grow safely for many years to come, putting an end to devastation and bad harvests.

As the patron goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility, she plays an important day to day role in Hellenic societies; cultures rising and falling with her favor. Several festivals are held in her honor all across the Mediterranean world, often portraying the tragic loss of her daughter to the god of the Underworld.

In the city of Eleusis, there is a mystery cult dedicated in her honor, where some say they go through the same experiences of loss and rebirth as the goddess once did searching for her child.

Ceres (Latin group)
Cels (Etruscan)
+20% Global Monthly Food Modifier, +10% Primary Culture Happiness (Locri), +10% State Religion Happiness (Boeotia/Naxos/Etruscan), +0.20% National Population Growth (Cretan)
Omen Description Other God names Effect
Blessing of Anhur With his blessing, our men will show as little mercy as the 'Slayer of Enemies' does. The blessing of Anhur will strengthen the discipline of our soldiers, and make them able to deliver the victories we seek.

Anhur has been the patron of the Egyptian armies for a long time, and he is in many ways the personification of the strength of Egypt. The Greeks equates the great god with their own warrior god Ares.

Sekmet(Egyptian), Harpocrates(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian) +20% Fort Defense, +10% Army Morale(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian)
Blessing of Resheph Men from all across our lands will come together under the blessing of Resheph. With these newfound men flocking to our banners, we are sure to be able to win more wars, as we will never run out of soldiers to throw at our enemies.

Though Resheph originally came the lands of the Canaanites, he has been thoroughly embraced in our own faith. Once a god concerned with plagues and diseases, he has come to be the patron of chariots and horses.

Osiris(Egyptian), Serapis(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian) +10% Primary Culture Happines, +20% Citizen Happiness(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian)
Blessing of Ptah With Ptah steering the hands of our craftsmen, they will be able to gain wisdom and insight that they could otherwise not aspire to.

Ptah was once the one who created life, and thereby all mortals, himself. He has a well known cult in his honor, and has often played an important role to the royal family itself.

The Phoenicians and Canaanites are known for calling the god Kothar when he is worshiped in their lands.

Dionysus(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian) +20% Citizen Output, +20% Freemen Happiness(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian)
Blessing of Anubis The great protector of tombs and guide of souls will bring the wealth of the nation into our hands. With newfound prosperity and wealth, our people are sure to see grow and expand like never before.

Anubis is well known as the guide of souls, as well as a guardian of graves and the dead themselves. Lately, some of the Macedonians have started referring to the god as Hermanubis, combining the old god with that of the Greek Hermes.

Hermanubis (Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian) +20% Slaves Happiness
Blessing of Amun Amun will bless and justify our nation with his presence, granting us leave to expand as we will. Though the most battle-weary tire of our long wars, even they will be convinced with the aid of this deity.

Amun has recently become more popular among both the neighboring tribes as well as the Greeks in Cyrenaica and overseas. This became particularly notable after the great conqueror Alexander paused his campaigns against the Persians to travel all the way to the oracle in Siwah to receive his blessing.

Some Macedonians have started calling him Zeus Ammon, combining the god with their Greek Zeus.

Zeus Amun(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian) +20% Freemen Output, +20% State Religion Happiness(Serapis Cult,Hellenic Egyptian)
Blessing of Hathor The great sky goddess Hathor will bless our traders and merchants with resources aplenty, foreign goods and fruitful new contacts. With wealth in their hands, our merchants are sure to be able to expand their operations and bring even greater treasures back home.

Though she lives and resides in foreign lands, we still worship and ask Hathor for her guidance. She is well known as the consort and mother of several important gods, and has seen worship for her many different gifts: music, dance, joy, sexuality, femininity and the light of the sun itself.

The Hellenics often compare her to their own Hera.

+20% Global Monthly Food
Blessing of Horus Horus looks down upon our people and grant us his blessing, and peace will once more envelop our lands. With the god himself protecting our nation, only the most resentful will continue their troublesome ways.

Once a patron deity of the city of Nekhen, Horus has grown to become one of the most important gods in the pantheon. Known as a sky god, it is said he is responsible for the sun, the skies and the moon, and he is the god of Egypt itself.

There are many stories of the struggles between Horus and his brother Set, the patron of the desert. In later times, Horus has often been equated with the Greek Apollo.

+20% Religious Tech Investment
Blessing of Isis The great goddess Isis will bless our people with fertility and harvest unlike any seen before. We will finally be able to put the years of famine behind us and watch our people once more grow to be strong and healthy.

Isis is one of the most well known of the goddesses, and she has been shared and taken in by some of our neighbors as well. Cults and devotees have sprung up in her honor all across the Hellenic world, and she has become a part of their pantheons.

+10% Wrong Culture Group Happiness
Omen Description Other god names Effect
Blessing of Anat The wild warrior goddess will fight alongside our men, guiding their hands in battle and fortifying their morale. Anat is known for her brutal slaughter of her enemies; we are more likely to win our wars with her at our side.

As a war goddess, Anat was well known among many Canaanite cultures along the Levant. She played an important role in avenging her brother and lover Ba'al after his supposed death at the hands of Mot.

Tanit (Carthaginian), Attar (Arabian) +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Tanit (Carthaginian) Our lady goddess will watch over us in battle, ensuring our victory as we conquer our enemies. There are few deities who inspire our soldiers like Tanit, and it will be proven once more what an impact she has in our wars.

Unlike the Phoenician Pantheon as a whole, Tanit is more of a local Carthaginian goddess. She plays an important role in our rites as both a lunar goddess as well as a war goddess. Tanit is so favorable, that even some of the Libyans and Mauretanians have started worshiping her, following our example.

+6% Discipline, +10% Discipline (Arabian)
Blessing of El All the young men will flock to our banners under the guidance of the supreme god. We are sure to be able to win our wars now that we have a higher number of potential recruits than before.

At the head of the pantheon, El is the first among equals as far as most are concerned. He is the king and father of most deities, and is the creator of the land.

Ba'al Hammon (Carthaginian) +10% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Ba'al Hammon (Carthaginian) The young men of our nation will flock to our banners with the knowledge that Ba'al Hammon has blessed our wars. With more recruits at our hands, we are sure to be able to force our enemies to agree to our demands with our superior manpower.

Unlike the more generic worship of Ba'al in the other Phoenician areas, we have the favor of Ba'al Hammon himself, foremost of the pantheon in Carthaginian lands. As a god of harvest, he is occasionally likened to the Greek Kronos, though he plays a more important active role than their Greek version.

+10% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Kothar The great knowledge of Kothar-wa-Khasis will shine down upon our craftsmen, blessing with them insight. As we progress forward under his guidance, we are sure to be able to compete with our neighbors and move beyond the capabilities of our enemies.

Kothar is well known as the patron of metalworking and magic, having made many notable weapons and gifts to the other deities with his unique skills. Stories say even the Egyptians learnt of the god, and named him Ptah in their own language.

20% Citizen Output, 10% State Religion Happiness (Iberian, Carthaginian Iberian Mission)
Blessing of Melqart The great wandering Lord Melqart will bring wealth to all our realm. With greater riches comes greater prosperity for our people; ensuring our security for the time being.

Even though the god was originally the patron god of the Phoenician city Tyre, he has become well known all across the Phoenician world, as well as with all their trading partners and relations.

+20% National Commerce Income
Blessing of Ba'al The great Ba'al will justify our expansion into enemy lands, and secure the continued success of such campaigns. There are some who have tired of war, this blessing will convince them of the necessity of continued warfare.

As the patron of harvests, storms, weather and sailors, the Great Ba'al is the most worshiped of our deities. In times of struggle and need, Ba'al is the deity who brings salvation and aid.

Ba'al Qarnaim (Carthaginian) +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain
Blessing of Ba'al Qarnaim (Carthaginian) We will make great offerings to the Lord of the Two Horns, ensuring his blessing and acceptance of our recent wars. With his guidance, we will easily be able to justify our expansion into enemy lands, to our people who tire of battle and conflicts.

As another face of great Ba'al, we worship Ba'al Qarnaim in times of need and war, and he inspires our people.

-0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Blessing of Dagon Dagon will provide our merchants with lavish amounts of resources to trade. With his aid, our traders see greater abundance and they are sure to be able to expand their operations and continue their pursuit of wealth for a long time to come.

Known to the Greeks as Zeus Arotrios, Dagon is the Father of Ba'al and a fertility god in his own right.

+10% Ship Damage done
Blessing of Shapash The justice of Shapash will shine down upon our nation like the sun, blessing our people with peace and integrity. Under her scrutiny, only the most unruly of people will continue their struggle against our society, and we will finally put an end to any internal threat.

As one of the daughters of El, she is known as a sun goddess and a judge among gods. Her justice decides the faith of other gods, and can hinder their actions if necessary.

+0.05 Provincial Loyalty
Blessing of Astarte Our people will grow and expand under the loving eye of the goddess. With her blessing over our people, our young ones are sure to grow up healthy, and our harvests will be abundant for many years to come.

Astarte is known as a fertility goddess all across Phoenician lands, occasionally celebrated together with the healing god Eshmun. The Greeks often compare her to their Aphrodite.

+20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Pleistoros We will sacrifice slaves to the god of war, strengthening the morale of our men in battle. With Pleistoros at our side, we are certain to win our wars and ascertain victory in many wars to come. +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Sabazios Many of our young men will be inspired by the great horseman, and flock to our banners to fight for our land and faith. With all these recruits, there will be no problem finding men to fight in our wars in the foreseeable future. +20% Tribesmen Happiness
Blessing of Zalmoxis The true seer Zalmoxis will grant us the wisdom and insight we need to move our people forward. With this newfound knowledge we can compete with our neighbors and enemies, using newly crafted artifacts of war. +0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Blessing of Derzelas The god of the underworld will grant us the abundance we need to protect our people. This newfound wealth will usher in an era of prosperity and safety. -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Blessing of Zibelthiurdos Our people move forward with the knowledge that Zibelthiurdos supports the expansion our nation. With our people certain in the god's aid, they will ready their weapons for war once more. +0.05 Monthly General Loyalty
Blessing of Bassareus Our traders and merchants will be blessed with an abundance of trade goods by the god. With wealth in their hands, the merchants are sure to expand their operations and bring greater opulence back home. +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain
Blessing of Bendis Our people will be happy with the blessings of the hunter goddess, pacifying our lands and providing for our people. With our homes finally calm from dissenters and danger, we can start focusing our resources outwards towards foreign enemies. +20% Citizen Happiness
Blessing of Semele We offer up our worship to the great mother earth in hope that she will bless our harvests and young ones, so they can see life. With her blessing over our people, we are certain to grow and expand safely for a long time to come. +20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Other God Names Effect
Blessing of Nane We ask for the wise Nane to bless our soldiers with discipline in battle, so we can win our wars and protect our nation. With her at our side, we are certain our men will be inspired to go to greater lengths than any have before. Zadeni(Not Armenian) +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Mihr With light and truth at our side, the blessing of Mihr will inspire our young men to defend our lands from foreign enemies. As they flock to our banners, there will be more recruits than we will possibly need for quite some time. Armazi(Not Armenian) +20% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Tir We beseech the mystical Tir to bless our artists and craftsmen with gifts of knowledge and insight. Having been granted this gift of wisdom, our country will flourish like never before. Kopala (Not Armenian) -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Blessing of Vahagn We offer up our worship to Vahagn in the hope that he will protect our nation. With his protection, we will be able to gather together the wealth of our people and expand into greater prosperity than before. Gacim (Not Armenian) +20 National Commerce Income
Blessing of Aramazd The great Aramazd will stand by our people as we expand into foreign territory for the glory of our gods. Our people will accept the necessities of war, as few can oppose the will of the gods. Ghmerti(Not Armenian) +0.05 General Loyalty
Blessing of Tsovinar We ask the ferocious Tsovinar to protect our merchants as they travel the seas, seeking fortune for our people. When such faraway wealth is brought home our people is sure to prosper in abundance. Ga(Not Armenian) +20% Citizen Output
Blessing of Anahit We hope the caring Anahit will bless our nation with protection for our young, her followers live comfortably with the knowledge that their children can now be brought to the world safely. Dali (Not Armenian) +20% Freemen Output, -15% Army Weight (Not Armenian)
Blessing of Spandaramet Spandaramet will bring newfound life to our harvests, securing food and supplies for our people. As the goddess of death, we ask her to give us a respite from her powers so we can grow and expand once more. Adgilis Deda (Not Armenian), Ainina & Danina (Event specific, Not Armenian) -0.05 War Exhaustion, +20% Freemen Output (Not Armenian), +0.2% Population growth (Event Specific, Not Armenian)
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Gilgamesh The ancient king and god Gilgamesh will stand by our soldiers, empowering them with his discipline and bravery. With his support, our men will be sure to bring victory to our people. +5% Discipline
Blessing of Ishtar The queen of heaven will inspire our young men to pick up arms for the nation, to fight for what is right. With these new recruits, our army is sure to swell to new heights for many years to come. 10% Army Morale
Blessing of Enki Offerings will be made to Enki, hoping he will teach our scholars and wisemen hidden wisdom and magic. Our people are sure to benefit from his aid in the next years to come. +15% Religious Tech Investment
Blessing of Marduk We beseech the great Marduk to help our people rise as the Babylonians once did, and to grow wealthy and strong with his teachings. 10% State Religion Happiness
Blessing of An The supreme god, our sky father and progenitor, will bless our expansion into hostile lands. Only our most ardent adversaries will oppose us now that we have the Sky Father on our side. +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain
Blessing of Enlil Father Enlil will protect and care for our merchants wherever they travel, ensuring their pursuit for wealth will be a success. With their newfound riches, they are sure to expand their trade networks and become even more affluential. -0.05 Monthly Agressive Expansion
Blessing of Shamash With Shamash at our side any conflicts and disagreements will surely be quelled and resolved rapidly, as the god of Justice will know what is right and wrong. Only our most resentful rivals and foes will continue their strife and animosity after we have received the blessing of Shamash. -0.1 Monthly Corruption
Blessing of Tammuz We will ask the ancient Tammuz to guide our shepherds and bless our harvest with life, so it will grow strong for many years to come. Our crops are sure to flourish, and our people expand, as we receive the aid of the god. +20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Theispas Our men will be inspired by Theispas himself, their discipline and morale infused with the strength of storms. As our soldiers struggles for supremacy against our enemies, we are certain to win more victories than ever before. 10% Army Morale
Blessing of Shivini All our young men will flock to our banners as we call upon Shivini to shine his light down upon our armies. With our armies swelling with new recruits, we are sure to have the manpower needed for ours wars for quite some time. 20% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Arubani The wife of the Supreme god will light the path for our scholars and wisemen in their search for wisdom. As our academics bring home this gift of wisdom, they are sure to work more effectively into making the technological advances our people have been looking for. +0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Blessing of Epaninaue We beseech the goddess of the land to grant us rich minerals and aid us in our pursuit for more wealth. As our people bring together untold riches, we are sure to be able to bring prosperity and benefits of our whole society. 20% National Tax Income
Blessing of Khaldi The supreme god, foremost of them all, will bless our people as we expand across the lands. With Khaldi himself at our side, our people will certainly set their misgivings aside, and pick up their weapons for our nation once more. +0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty
Blessing of Dsvininaue We ask the goddess of the sea and rivers to protect our merchants as they travel the lands in pursuance of their duties. With Dsvininaue aiding our traders, we hope see their skills and trade networks flourish, bringing home wealth and riches. 20% Citizen Output
Blessing of Bagvarti The wife of the supreme god will bring peace and prosperity to our nation, resolving the conflicts of our countrymen. Only fools would dare opposte the great Bagvarti and her justice, and dissenters are sure to put down their weapons and leave their resentment behind as we move forward. 10% Primary Culture Happiness
Blessing of Huba The mother of all living will bring life and prosperity to our nation, ensuring our harvests and safe childbirths. With her blessing, we are sure to see an end to the years of desolation and for our young ones to grow up safe and healthy. -0.05 War Exhaustion
Omen Description Other god names Effect
Blessing of Agdistis The wild, and androgynous, god Agdistis will bring our men and warriors into battle with their frenzy. With the god at our side, our people will be undefeatable in battle. +6% Discipline
Blessing of Sabazios The Thracian god Sabazios will inspire our young men to pick up their weapons and fight for their nation. With more soldiers at the ready, we are more likely to see victory against our enemies. +20% Freemen Happiness
Blessing of the Dactyl We offer up our sacrifices to the ten Dactyls, hoping they will bless our craftsmen with their knowledge and insight. As we move forward, we hope this wisdom will help our society compete with the enemies at our borders, and protect our friends and allies. +20% Citizen Output
Blessing of Dindymene This face of the great mother will help us gather together the resources of the nation, strengthening our capabilities. With newfound prosperity in our hands, we are sure to be able to expand efficiently. -0.05 War Exhaustion
Blessing of Cybele The mother of our people approves of our plans to expand our empire and bring more people into the fold. Under the guiding eyes of Cybele, only the most fatigued of our people will oppose more wars. Magna Mater (Latin group) -25% No Casus-Belli War Cost
Blessing of Kakasbos We offer up our worship to the Lycian Kakasbos, hoping for his blessing in keeping our merchants safe as they travel the world. In their pursuit of wealth, our traders are sure to bring home more riches to our communities. -10% Ship Damage Taken
Blessing of Men We ask the lunar god to bless our people with safety and protection. Under his watchful eye, the dissenters will be quelled. +0.05 Provincial Loyalty
Blessing of Attis The castrated Attis will spread his blood across our harvest and bless it with a growth unlike any seen before. As the harvests flourish from his gift, we are certain to see our people grow greatly once more. +0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Omen Description Other god names Effect
Blessing of Taranis Our men need to stand firm in the face of adversity, knowing that the god of the sky looks at our cause with favor. With his blessing and aid, our people are sure to win against enemies and neighbors as we struggle for supremacy.

Taranis is one of the Sacred Triad, together with Esus and Toutatis, and well known as a god of thunder. When meeting with the Latin traders and merchants from the Italian Peninsula, the god is often interpreted as their Jupiter.

Nemetona(Nemetia) +20% Fort Defense, +10% Army Morale (Nemetia)
Blessing of Toutatis The protector of the tribe will inspire our men to take up arms and fight for the tribe in times of need. With all these new potential recruits, we are sure to be able to bring more men to war than we have had the potential of doing in a long time.

Toutatis is one of the three in the Sacred Triad, together with Esus and Taranis, and well known as a war god. In addition he is usually seen as a great protector of the tribes, taking up a more defensive role than many of the war gods in other nations. Often interpreted as the Roman Mars, though the two have fairly different natures.

+0.05 Monthly General Loyalty
Blessing of Gobannus The patron of smiths will bring us the knowledge and technology required to advance our society beyond our current limitations. As we surpass our ancestors, we are sure to be able to compete with our neighbors and enemies. +0.1 Global Monthly Civilization
Blessing of Cernunnos We beseech the Horned god to share some of the wealth he carries with our people. With newfound wealth in our hands, our people are sure to prosper for a long time to come.

Cernunnos is the Caretaker of the Dead, and a god of life, animals and wealth. Despite his somewhat wild look and element of death, the god is usually seen as peaceful and an important part of the pantheon.

Sucellus (Aeduia) +0.05 Monthly General Loyalty, +0.05 Provincial Loyalty (Aeduia)
Blessing of Ogmios Ogmios binds our people to his cause, and justifies the necessary actions of his followers. As our people are convinced of the necessities of the wars we have taken part in, they will be more willing to take up arms for future battles as well.

The great warrior hero Ogmios is known for his many travels across our lands, binding the people he meets to his causes. In addition he is known as a psychopomp, guiding the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Often interpreted as the Roman Hercules or Greek Herakles, though the hero stories are different to one another.

-0.05 Monthly War Exhaustion
Blessing of Lugus The three-faces of the god will bring us affluence and implore traders from far and wide to open their coffers for our goods. As our merchants are aided by the great god, our people are sure to see more wealth passing through our realm.

As one of the primary gods of our faith, Lugus plays an important role when it comes to the arts, as well as being considered a composite of the Sacred Triad; Taranis, Toutatis and Esus. Occasionally interpreted as the Roman Mercury despite their differences.

+20% Citizen Output
Blessing of Icovellauna The rivers of the earth will be guided such as to provide for our people, and bring peace and prosperity to those who follow the goddess. With the deity at our side, only the most troublesome of dissenters will continue causing problems in our society, letting us focus more of our attention outwards to the enemies at our borders. Eki (Aquitani) +20% Tribesmen Happiness
Blessing of Eki (Aquitani) We will offer up our worship to the sun goddess in the hope that she will continue to protect us. With her blessing at our side, our people will certainly calm down and it will quell the dissenters before they can cause more issues to our society. +10% State Religion Happiness
Blessing of Rosmerta The goddess of Fertility will bless our people with a bountiful harvest and life for our young ones. As our people are blessed, we are sure to see less of the years of bad harvests and for more of our people to grow up healthy in the years to come.

She is the goddess of fertility and abundance, as well as the consort of Lugus.

Mari (Aquitani) +20% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Mari (Aquitani) We will worship the Lady of Storms with the hope that she will bring storms of fertility rather than devastation to our fields. With our harvests seeing life and growth, we are sure to have our people grow safely for many years to come. -10% Ship Damage Taken
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Semnocosus Semnocosus will aid and protect our soldiers in war, strengthening their resolve. With our soldiers bolstered by the god himself, we are sure to achieve victory in our wars, and conquer our enemies. +5% Discipline
Blessing of Candamius Under the blessing of Candamius our young men and boys will flock to our banners and prepare for war. As our armies are bolstered and strengthened with new recruits, we are sure to have the resources to meet any enemy in battle. +10 Army Morale
Blessing of Endouellicus The visions of Endouellicus and his oracles will guide our wise-men and scholars as they look for greater insights into the unknown. This new wisdom and knowledge will certainly grant our people the boost we need to move forward, and bring benefits to all of us. +10% State Religion Happiness
Blessing of Dercetius We beseech Dercetius to aid us in finding the richest minerals of the earth as we pursuit greater wealth for our nation. With gold and silver in our hands, we are certain to be able to express our wishes more strongly both internally and externally, forcing our enemies to listen to our demands. +20% Slave Output
Blessing of Eacus We ask the father of the skies to bless our expansion into foreign lands, and infuse our people with the resolve to spread our faith. Though some of our foes at home will try to put an end to our conquest, more people will agree and take our side with the blessing of the god. +25% Religious Conversion
Blessing of Melqart The wandering Phoenician deity Melqart will protect and aid our merchants as they travel to distant lands. As our traders grow richer, they are certain to bring greater wealth and affluence back home to our nation as well.

Even though the god was originally the patron god of the Phoenician city Tyre, he has become well known all across the Phoenician world, as well as with all their trading partners and relations.

-10% Ship Damage Taken
Blessing of Ataecina The great goddess of the underworld will bring peace and prosperity to our people, and we will unite in our beliefs going forward. With our people collected under the great goddess' blessing, we are sure to see an end to dissenters and foes fighting our rule. +10% Wrong Culture Group Happiness
Blessing of the Duillae The goddesses of fertility will bless our people and harvest with life, ensuring their safety and growth. With her blessing our crops and young ones are sure to grow strong and healthy for the foreseeable future. +20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Predictions of Deborah Just as Deborah were once guided by God to attack the King of Canaan, we must be certain of the battles we wage and not listen to false prophets or take their advice. However, when we are certain that a battle must be fought, our men must engage with strength and discipline so our people will be victorious. +10% Army Morale
Children of God We will call upon all of God's children, be they young or old, to come together and fight in defense of our people. With recruits from all across our nation coming to arms, our forces are sure to be bolstered and strengthened. +20% Manpower Recovery
Visions of Samuel As the great Samuel once led and inspired the people of God, we need to lead our people with wisdom and knowledge. Following the teachings of God, we will move forward with greater insight to the benefit of everyone under our care. +20% Citizen Output
Solomon's Wealth Like great Solomon himself, legendary for his riches and treasures, we will seek the pursuit of wealth. To protect and care for the followers of God, it is important that we have the funding necessary to compete with our neighbors, foes and enemies. +0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain
David's Wisdom Though we do not seek to bring war and famine to our foes, sometimes it is a necessary evil for the sake of our people. In times like these we emulate the wisdom of David himself, so we can knowingly resolve these crises with the best kind of results. +20 National Tax Income
Foresight of Caleb and Joshua As Caleb and Joshua once saw opportunity where most of their peers only saw adversaries, our people need to try find solutions where others will not. For as long as we have God on our side, and follow his words, we are sure to succeed. -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Guidance of Moses As Moses once guided the people of Israel out of Egypt, we must guide our people with a clear mind, following the words of God. If our rule is to succeed, our people must believe in our power to find the best possible outcome for them, and only then will they calm down and truly follow us. +15% State Religion Happiness
Isaac's Blessing Isaac is well known for being blessed by God with children, when nobody believed such a miracle could happen. We will pray to God to receive blessings akin to that, so our people may flourish once more. +20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Battle the Daevas We will strengthen our soldiers' morale and discipline with the importance of their struggles against evil. Moving forward, we are sure to achieve many victories with the our armies newfound resolve.

The daevas are evil spirits, sometimes called gods among other cultures, that are to be rejected and fought. Devoid of kindness and trying to lead our people astray, they are false priests and beings of Angra Mainyu.

+6% Discipline
Prayer to Verethragna Our people will recite the Yasht for Verethragna, inspiring them to flock to our banners of victory. With these recent changes, we are sure to have an abundance of recruits to aid us in our wars.

Verethragna is a divinity known for his strength and for his battles against the daeva of Angra Mainyu. Truly a great example for our people to follow, if we want to live up to the expectations of Ahuramazda.

+10% Army Morale
Wisdom of the Magi Our wise-men, scholars and academics will look back to the Magi of ages past for ideas and inspiration for how to proceed with their duty. As we move forward, it is important to learn from the lessons of the past, and we will be certain to not make the same mistakes as some of our forefathers did.

The Magi are the priesthood of the Zoroastrian faith, charged with sharing the teachings of Zoroaster. As the ones in charge of teaching and helping the followers of Zoroaster, they play an important role in Zoroastrian society, as both a religious caste and missionaries to neighboring lands.

+10% Research Points
Prayer to Sraosha We will sway our people with the obedience of Sraosha, and collect their wealth for the betterment of our nation. After gathering all the wealth needed, we will use it to undertake great works and ensure the safety of our people, for the benefit of all.

Sraosha is known for his obedience and his good deeds, one of the great divinities of our faith. He has set many good precedents for us, the followers of Zoroaster, to follow.

+0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty
Visions of Zoroaster Our people will bring to life the visions of Zoroaster, and spread the faith as far as our eyes can see. Who else will stop Angra Mainyu and its daevas?

Zoroaster was the first to be taught the truth of the world, and a prophet of Vohu Manah. From the moment he had his revelation, he spread the word of the good purpose and truth of things, as well as free will. He has been instrumental in instilling our religion into the Persian sphere of influence, lasting for more than a millenia.

+25% Religious Conversion
Prayer to Mithra Mithra will instill in our merchants and traders the importance of their contracts, and protect them from the ill-meanings of strangers. With his protection, they will flourish as they trade with our neighbors and allies.

Mithra is a divinity of contracts and protector of truth. Though never mentioned by Zoroaster, Mithra plays an important role as he protects pastures, irrigation and the cattle who travel across the lands.

-0.01 Monthly Corruption
Yasna Ceremony We will hold a Yasna ceremony to calm our people and motivate them to great deeds of justice. By reciting all the verses of the Yasna texts, we are sure to strengthen Ahuramazda and weaken the entities of Angra Mainyu. +0.01 Ruler Popularity Gain
Prayer to Tishtrya We will call upon Tishtrya to bless our people with his life-bringing rainfall, ensuring harvest and growth for a long time to come. With our harvests ensured, our people will flourish and expand, safe under the protecting hand of the divinity.

Tishtrya is one of many benevolent divinities who struggle against the forces of Angra Mainyu. He is known for sharing rainfall and fertile blessings to the people and regions under his protection. He is involved in a struggle against the demon Apaosha.

+20% Freemen Happiness
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Sinifere Under the guidance of Sinifere our warriors will be infused with strength and discipline. As the god aids our cause, our men are sure to conquer and beat our enemies, bringing us victory. +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Gurzil Under the blessed warrior Sun-god Gurzil, our young and old will flock to the banners to fight our enemies. With all these men suddenly coming to aid our people in war, we are sure to bolster our ranks beyond imagining. We will be prepared for any potential danger coming our way. +20% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Tannit The great weaver Tannit will bless us with her wisdom, granting gifts of insight to our wise-men, academics and scholars. With this newfound knowledge, we are sure to be able to progress and bring our people greater innovations and ideas.

Though originally a goddess of Carthaginian descent, she has become an important part of religion all the way from Libya to Mauretania.

+0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Blessing of Melqart The great wandering deity Melqart will bring us wealth from all across our society. As we collect greater taxes and become wealthier, we can improve our society and make it safer for our people as well.

Even though the god was originally the patron god of the Phoenician city Tyre, he has become well known all across the Phoenician world, as well as with all their trading partners and relations.

+0.1 Ruler Popularity Gain
Blessing of Amun The life-giving god Amun will justify and behold our expansion into foreign lands, as we offer up our sacrifices in his honor. Any adversary or foe who might object to our campaigns, will certainly be silenced in the face of the great god.

Originally Amun was a god of the Egyptians, but has recently become more popular among the neighboring tribes, the Cyrenaicans and oversea Greeks. Some going as far as naming Amun 'Zeus Ammon', combining him with their own Olympic deity.

-0.05 Monthly Agressive Expansion
Blessing of Shaheded The great goddess of the sea will protect and look out for our merchants and traders as they leave our home in pursuit of wealth for our people. With new riches and treasures in distant lands, they are sure to bring greater affluence back home to our nation.

Shahaded is a Sea goddess originally worshiped around Libya, but her devotees have spread her name as time has passed.

+10% Navy Morale
Blessing of Nanna Tala The great Spring-goddess will bring salvation and prosperity to our people, calming our internal conflicts and disagreements. As our lands are pacified, we can focus our efforts out towards the enemies at our borders rather than the enemies within.

There are many myths about the woman who now is known as the goddess Nanna Tala. The stories say she and her children sacrificed their lives to find water for their people, and that fair people can still call upon her to give them water in times of need.

+20% Freemen Happiness
Blessing of Isis We beseech the great Isis to inspire our people to love and gift us with life for our harvests. With our crops flourishing and our young ones growing strong, we are sure to grow and expand for any foreseeable future.

Isis is one of the most well known Egyptian goddesses, and she has been shared and taken in by some of the neighbors of Egypt. Cults and devotees have sprung up in her honor all across the Hellenic world, and she has become a part of their pantheons.

+20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Vagdavercustis' Favor For some of our people Vagdavercustis is the primary deity of war, military insight, and virtue. Her many stories inspire our men and soldiers on how to act, and some claim she guides their hands in battle after offering up their prayers to her. +10% Army Morale
Baduhenna's Favor As one of the matrons of our pantheon, Baduhenna is often called upon and invoked when going to war. Our men and soldiers look to her for guidance, and hope she will guide their hand while they fight for the tribes.v -25% No Casus Belli War cost
Blessing of Tamfana Tamfana is venerated at some of the most holy sites of Germania, and an important deity for the sacred groves there. In addition as she is one of the patron goddesses of the harvest, we often leave her offerings when our men are about to go out into the fields. +20% Tribesmen Output
Blessing of Alcis Despite all appearances, Alcis is in fact the name for two brotherly deities counted as one, a set of Divine Twins. Venerated for their youth and their brotherly love, they are occasionally portrayed as horses or chariots pulling the sun across the sky. -0.1 Corruption
Favor of Tuisto Tuisto is the supreme deity of our pantheon, and the forefather of our tribe and people. Born of the earth, he had several sons who became the rulers of what would later become the Germanic tribes. Our people look to him for guidance and help in all things, and celebrate him deeply in our ceremonies. +0.1 Monthly Ruler Popularity
Blessing of Hludana Hludana is known as the protectress of the forest, as well as a patron deity of agriculture. Hludana is usually associated with faithfulness, loyalty, and is portrayed as a sympathetic figure. In harsh times, our people look to her for protection. -0.05 Monthly War Exhaustion
Blessing of Nehallenia Nehallenia, the patron goddess of commerce, horticulture and trading. She is usually portrayed as a seated deity with a dog at her side, as well as wares that would fall under her domain. Traders and merchants often invoke her as they make a deals in foreign lands or with people hailing from strange exotic cultures, so do people who want her aid in the production of wares and goods. +20% Slave Output
Favor of Nerthus As one of our major fertility goddess, as well as one of the most popular fertility deities among the Germanic tribes in general, Nerthus is a familiar sight and an admired deity in our nation. Stories say Nerthus has a particular interest in human affairs, and often travel among her followers and people. +20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Ares The warrior god will stand among our soldiers and harden their resolve in the face of adversity and danger. They are certain to fight harder than they have ever done before, and ascertain our victory in many wars to come. +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Targitaos Our people will be inspired by our great forefather to take up arms and fight. These recruits will ensure we are not lacking for soldiers in the foreseeable future. +20% Tribesmen Happiness
Blessing of Goitosyrus We will ask the god for insight and knowledge into matters of the unknown. As we receive the gift of wisdom, we hope our scholars and scribes can bring our nation into greater prosperity and strength. +0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Blessing of Papaios The great Papaios will bring our people the wealth and resources we need. This new influx of wealth will bring happiness and fortune to our people. +10% Wrong Culture Happiness
Blessing of Thagimasadas The royal Thagimasadas will approve of our expansion into foreign lands. With this god at our side, our people are sure to pick up their weapons and ready for war once more, for who can deny the wisdom of the gods? +10% Navy Morale
Blessing of Api Api will bless our merchants with an abundance of resources for trade. Newfound trade goods, home and abroad, will surely enrich our mechants on all their endeavors. +20 National Commerce Income
Blessing of Tabiti We will beseech the queen of the gods with our worship, asking for blessings of peace and prosperity for our people. With Tabiti at our side, our lands will be pacified and calm, letting us focus our efforts and resources outwards. -0.05 War Exhaustion
Blessing of Argimpasa The great goddess of the heavens will bless our harvests and people with life and growth. As we receive the gift of life, our crops will flourish and our young will be sure to grow up strong and healthy. +20% Manpower Recovery
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Alilat The great Aililat will stand among our men and bless them with knowledge of war, to secure their loyalty and morale. With their discipline strengthened, we are sure to win many wars and find victories where we never could before. +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Al-Uzza With the blessings of Al-Uzza, our young men will readily prepare for war knowing the goddess will watch over and protect them. With these newfound recruits, our armies are sure to overflow with men to conquer our enemies. +20% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Al-Kutbay The scribe will teach our scholars in matters of prophecy and writing. As we are taught new things, it is sure to be used for the betterment and benefit of our society as a whole. +20% Citizen Happiness
Blessing of Ta'lab We will seek the advice of his oracle in our pursuit of wealth for our people. With the guidance and aid of Ta'lab's oracle, we are sure to find prosperity and benefits for our populace. +0.1 Hostile Attrittion
Blessing of Ailiah The supreme god will watch over and aid us in wars, justifying our expansion into foreign lands. Only our most fierce rivals will oppose our continued campaigns now that we have Ailiah on our side, approving our wars. +15% Wrong Culture Group Happiness
Blessing of Al-Qaum We ask the god of caravans to watch over our merchants as they travel the world for the good of our nation. The richer our traders and caravans become, the more prosperity they will bring to our community. +20 National Commerce Income
Blessing of Manat We offer up our blessings to great Manat, hoping she will turn the fates of our people for the better. With the great goddess at our side, we are certain to see less struggles and internal disagreements for the time being. +10 State Religion Happiness
Blessing of Orotalt Sacrifices will be made to Orotalt as to convince the god to bless our harvests with life for many years to come. Our crops are sure to grow robustly as long as we have the support and aid of the god. +20% National Tax Income
Omen Description Effect
Viriya Parami The people of our nation will find their vigor, strength and diligence in battle. Though battle in itself is inadvisable, some times one must fight for the common good, and it is important that one does so with honor and discipline.

Viriya Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be dutiful, observant and show effort in their work.

+0.05 Monthly General Loyalty
Adhitthana Parami Though it is normal to be worried in the face of adversity, we inspire determination in our young men in these times of need. It is important for the community to come together and unite their efforts to reach their goals, be it war or other community projects.

Adhitthana Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be resolute and determined in their actions.

+0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty
Pañña Parami Our academics and scholars, as well as our people as a whole, will find wisdom and insight in their lives. With this knowledge, we will be better advised to make decisions that will benefit and support our people.

Pañña Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be wise and have insight into things greater than themselves.

+0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Dana Parami It is important that all parts of our society contribute for everyone's sake. Together we can create something beyond ourselves, if everyone is willing to part with some of their wealth. Charity is an important concept to find real inner value, by letting go of material wealth.

Dana Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be generous and give of themselves both physically and spiritually.

-0.1 Monthly Corruption
Upekkha Parami We need to be calm and serene as the chaos of war rages around us, finding the right path for our people to take. Even during hardships of war and fatigue, it is important that the society manages to come to an agreement about the paths you will take as a collective, be it to continue the warfare or not.

Upekkha Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be serene and to purify their mental states.

+0.05 Provincial Loyalty
Khanti Parami Our people need to endure hardships, and have forberance and patience with those coming from afar. Only then can we come to learn their secrets and accept their difference, rather than meeting them with affront or judgment. By coming to understand them, we can find value in their company, and bring affluence to all of us.

Khanti Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be patient, tolerant and have acceptance for others.

-2 Unrest
Sila Parami We will inspire in our people the right path forward, with virtue and the proper conduct in the way of things. By acting with virtue, our people will be able to come together into larger collectives that can cooperate and work together.

Sila Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be virtuous, harmonious and act with self-restraint.

+10% State Religion Happiness
Metta Parami It is a goal for our nation to be known for their caring, kind ways. It is one way for our people and culture to grow and expand beyond our current limitations.

Metta Parami is one of our Buddhist perfections, with a focus on teaching people to be kind and friendly to one another.

+0.05% Monthly Aggressive Expansion Decay
Omen Description Effect
Prayer to Shiva We will offer up our prayers to Shiva in the hopes he will guide our men in battle and strengthen their morale. With our soldiers' discipline and resolve bolstered, we are sure to achieve many victories in the coming years. +5% Discipline
Prayer to Prajapati We hope Prajapati will inspire and take care of our young men as they prepare to give their lives for our people. With our army reinforced by so many new recruits, we are unlikely to see any issues with a lack of manpower anytime soon. +20% Freemen Output
Prayer to Saraswati Our scholars, academics and artists have a lot to learn from Saraswati. We hope she will look to our people with favor, and gift us with her knowledge. With this gift, we will make sure to spread new technological wonders across our society, for all our people to benefit. +20% Citizen Output
Prayer to Kubera We ask Kubera for aid in gathering as much wealth for our nation as possible. After all, what other god could help us in such an endeavor? +20% Slave Output
Prayer to Brahma The universal truths of Brahma guides our people as they expand across the lands. With Brahma at our side, our adversaries are sure to relent in the face of their opposition, letting our men prepare for war once more. +10% Army Morale
Prayer to Samudra We look to the great deity for aid in protecting our merchants and traders as they sail across distant oceans in pursuit of wealth. With these newfound riches, they are sure to build up the trade network needed to increase our affluence substantially. +20% National Commerce Income
Prayer to Vishnu Prayers will be offered up to Vishnu in the knowledge that he will look out for our people, guiding those who are lost and protecting those in times of hardship and need. With his aid, our society is sure to be safer and more loyal than ever, letting us focus some of our resources out towards foreign enemies rather than inwards. +0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty
Prayer to Indra We look to Indra for the rain and water needed to bring life to our harvests. As our crops grow more safely and robustly than ever, our people are sure to flourish as well. + 20% Global Monthly Food
Omen Description Effect
Infusion of War The spirits will infuse our warriors and soldiers with strength and discipline. We are certain to see many victories in our near future, with the aid of the spirits. +20% Freemen Happiness
Rites to Adulthood Our many young men and boys will undertake rites to become adults, and join the ranks of our soldiers. With our ranks bolstered, our armies are ready for any enemy that might challenge our nation. +10% Army Morale
Guidance of the Moon Mother of the Moon will guide our scholars, academics and wise-men into greater insights and gift them with hidden knowledge. With our newfound wisdom, we are sure to bring greater purpose to all our people. +0.1% Monthly Civilization Change
Wealth of the Earth We ask the many spirits of the earth to reveal the rich minerals buried below our feet. With the blessing of the spirits, we will grow rich beyond imagining, preparing our society for any challenge that might arise in the near future. +20% Slave Output
War Ceremony We will hold a grand ceremony to prepare our people for war, and for them to understand and accept the necessities of our current conflicts. With the ceremony, we are sure to convince some of the nay-sayers and bring them to our side, and our allies will share our convictions even more than they already do. +0.05 Provincial Loyalty
Guidance of the Wind Our merchants and traders will be guided by the winds to distant lands. With the spirits at their side, they will seek out greater riches to bring back home. +10% Wrong Culture Group Happinness
Guidance of the Sun All of our people will bask in knowledge of our safety in the world, guided by the sun itself. Conflicts will be quelled and disagreements will be put aside, as our society seeks stronger unity in the face of adversity. +10% State Religion Happiness
Blessing of Life We offer up sacrifices to the spirits of the earth, asking for them to provide growth and harvest for many years to come. With our crops safe from weather, devastation and bad harvest years, our people will be able to grow more comfortably than we have in a while. +20% Manpower Recovery
Omen Description Effect
Spirits of Battle We call upon the spirits to aid and inspire our tribesmen and soldiers in battle, to strengthen and harden their discipline and morale. With the spirits at our side, we are sure to stand fast and win against our enemies. +10% Army Morale
Spirits of Endurance Our young men and boys beseech the spirits of endurance for aid as they flock to our banners for the first time. With our young men strengthened and our ranks bolstered, our armies will be ready to meet any enemy safe with the knowledge we have the men to take on any opponent. +20% Manpower Recovery
Spirits of Insight We look to the spirits for aid in obtaining greater insight for our scholars, academics and wise-men. With this wisdom shared with us from the spirits of old, we will be able to reach new technological wonders that will benefit our society and community as a whole. +10% Research Points
Spirits of Wealth We implore the spirits to infuse our people with charity and wealth. As our people get richer and more generous, we are sure to be able to collect greater taxes, for the benefit of the collective community. +20% National Tax Income
Spirits of Inspiration At times our people have to turn to war to justify our reason for existence, and we hope the spirits will help us inspire our society to greatness when we do. Though some of our adversaries will oppose us in our actions, it is important to convince both foes and friends that it is for the best of all. -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Spirits of Protection We look to the spirits for protection for our merchants, traders and caravans as they leave home in pursuit of wealth. As our merchants find treasures and riches in foreign lands, they are sure to bring more back home to our nation as well. +20% National Commerce Income
Spirits of Virtue We submit to the spirits to invigorate and motivate our people to come together as a community. With the spirits at our side, even the worst foes, rivals and dissenters will have to rethink standing up to our rule. -0.1 Monthly Corruption
Spirits of Life Offerings will be made to the ancient spirits to convince them to aid our people with life and fertility. With the blessing of the spirits, our crops and young ones are sure to grow robust and strong for many years to come. +10% Primary Culture Happiness
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Medeiné Medeiné is known as the patron goddess of all things related to hunting, forests and wild-life. Our warriors often call upon her aid when they leave home, be it for simple foraging purposes, her protection while they stay in her domain to aid them in battle. +10% Army Morale
Blessing of Perkunas Bravery, the skies, and fire, they all belong to the realm of Perkunas. He is an inspiration to our heroes and soldiers, with the many tales of his deeds. The other deities of our pantheon looks to him as a judge and arbiter, and trust in his decisions. +20% Manpower Recovery
Favor of the Mother Goddess The Mother Goddess is the quintessential deity of our pantheon, being the earth we live on, as well as the progenitor of our tribes. Our people look to her for guidance, as well as protection and sustenance, hoping for bountiful harvests and help. -0.005 Monthly Aggressive Expansion Decay
Blessing of the Divine Twins The Divine Twins pulls Saulia across the sky as morning turns to day, and day turns to night. They play an important part of our cosmology, and protect our homes and people. +20% National Commerca Income
Blessing of Deivas Deivas is one of the supreme gods of our pantheon, the skyfather who passed down his tasks to those that came after him. Progenitor of all, we still pray to him for guidance and help, as the strongest being of our pantheon. -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Governing Goddesses' Favor It is said the seven Governing Goddesses craft fate itself. Spinning the threads of life, weaving together wars and peace, as well the destiny of our people. We look to them to know the future, and know what it will be well. +0.05 Monthly Provincial Loyalty
Blessing of Televelis Televelis is a patron of smiths and craftsmen, crafting the most beautiful objects and most destructive weapons one could ever imagine. The stories say he once crafted the sun itself, and threw it into the sky to light up the world. +20% Slave Output
Blessing of Saulia Saulia lights up the world as she pass across the sky. Once married to the moon, the two have long split apart to create the day as we know it. Every day she is helped by the Divine Twins to pass across the sky, and visit her daughter. +10% State Religion Happiness
Omen Description Effect
Diwali Festival There will be a grand festival of light to inspire our troops and soldiers as they move to war. Though it is unfavorable to be forced into war and violence, it is a necessary evil to protect our way of life. +10% Army Morale
Satya Truth is an important vow in Jainism, and we will be honest and truthful as we recruit the young men of the nation to support our struggles at war. As they flock to our banners, we will have a greater potential manpower than we have had in a long time. -0.05 War Exhaustion
Paryushana Festival We will hold a grand paryushana festival, inspiring our people to take vows of study so our whole society can gain greater insight and wisdom. Our nation and community is sure to come to breakthroughs as we move forward with new focus. +20% Citizen Output
Aparigraha Non-possession is an important vow in Jainism, and we will convey the importance of the vow to our people. As our people grow more accustomed to letting go off their material wealth, we will be able to collect greater taxes for the good of our nation. +20% Global Tax Income
Ahimsa Non-violence is an important vow in Jainism, and we will make a grand ceremony to commemorate the end of violence for our nation. It is time for our people to find peace, and leave behind the struggles of war. +0.5% Monthly Aggressive Expansion Decay
Roth Teej A grand Roth Teej ceremony will be held to convey the importance of non-possession among our followers. The gold will flow between the different parties as they leave the greed for material value behind and care about what is good for our people. +20% National Commerce Income
Arghya Ritual The Arghya ritual is one where we have our followers worship with different items to break free from the cycle of rebirth. Our people will live safely with the knowledge they are growing ever closer to nirvana, and freedom from samsara. +10% State Religion Happiness
Mahavir Jayanti We will hold a great ceremony to celebrate the birth of the final Tirthankara, Mahavira. We hope that by celebrating and telling the legends of his birth, we will see the same prosperity and growths that Vajji saw at the time. -0.05 Monthly Tyranny
Hellenistic PonticEdit
Omen Description Effect
Blessing of Heracles He is the son of the god of the heavens, and a patron of strength and heroes in his own right. After killing his wife and children in a bout of insanity, the hero had to go through several difficult challenges to make amends. These twelve tests have become known as the Twelve Labors of Heracles, popular myths across the Hellenic world. The deity is particularly well liked by atheletes and those who partake in the Olympic Games, who want to pick up his legacy as they do their utmost to win. In later years, his popularity among the fringes of Hellenic society has become noteworthy as well, as he has been picked up by colonies as a protector, and in turn by the foreign people who have interacted with them.He has often been equated with the Canaanite Melqart, particularly in Sicily where the two faiths both have played an important role in their respective parts of the island. +6% Discipline
Blessing of Zeus Stratios Among the Pontics he is known as Zeus Stratios, a kind of Hellenistic syncretic mix between the Hellenic Zeus and the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda. +10% Manpower Recovery
Blessing of Selene Selene is the goddess of the moon, and the sister of the sun god Helios. Every day he travels across the skies, and every night she follows suit. It is said she felt so strongly for her lover Endymion, that she had her father Zeus grant him immortality, eternal youth and everlasting sleep, so she could visit him every night. Though she might not be worshiped quite like most other deities, she has a devoted cult around the region of Messenia. +10% Research Points
Blessing of Cybele The mother of our people approves of our plans to expand our empire and bring more people into the fold. Under the guiding eyes of Cybele, only the most fatigued of our people will oppose more wars. -25% No Casus Belli War Cost
Blessing of Mithra Mithra is a Zoroastrian Divinity embraced by certain elements of Hellenistic society, and he is associated with truth, harvest, and plays a role in the ceremonies for the strengthening of the water. Spreading far beyond his Persian homeland, the worship of Mithra specifically has been picked up by those outside of the faith. Though never mentioned by Zoroaster, the divinity plays an important role in the Zoroastrian faith. -0.1 Monthly Corruption
Blessing of Men We ask the lunar god to bless our people with safety and protection. Under his watchful eye, the dissenters will be quelled. +20% Monthly Provincial Loyalty
Blessing of Aphrodite She is the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. It is said she was born by Uranus' severed genitals, as Cronus tossed them into the sea, coming out of the foam that formed in the water. It is said she is supposedly the wife of Hephaestus, the crippled god of the forge, but had an affair with the god of war. Caught by her husband, she and her partner were mocked and laughed at by the other gods. There are several large temples to her, one in Athens that celebrates her in a more heavenly form under the name Aphrodite Urania. Another notable example is at the acropolis of Corinth. +0.05 Monthly Governor Loyalty
Blessing of Dionysus The Thracian deity has become popular across the Mediterranean as an important patron god of wine and fertility. He is known among the Greeks as Dionysus, among the Latins as Bacchus, and among the Thracians as Bassareus. Despite his multifaceted visage, young or old, bearded or clean-shaven, he is known for blessing his followers with wine and liberation from meaningless inhibitions. Supposedly chaos follows in his wake, as the maenads and satyrs destroy everything they pass by. Though some see the danger of invoking the god, rumors say a mystery cult called the Bacchanalia has sprung up in his honor. +10 State Religion Happiness
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