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Every governor will when he is assigned to a province, select a policy he wants to pursue for his reign. The policy picked depend on the personality of the governor, but also on the setup of the province. Not all policies are necessarily beneficial to you as a player, so you can always overrule what policy the governor should have, but that comes at a cost in loyalty of the governor.

You can of course change policy as many times as you want in a province, as long as the governor is loyal enough before changing it, but a disloyal governor will change it to benefit himself.

Governor Policies[edit]

Here are the current policies we have in the game.

Acquisition of Wealth Reduces tax and commerce income by about 10% of the province, while enriching the governor.
Religious Conversion Adds some minor unrest, but the governor have a chance to convert the religion of a pop each month, depending on his zeal.
Cultural Assimilation Adds some minor unrest, but the governor have a chance to convert the culture of a pop each month, depending on his finesse.
Bleed Them Dry Increases unrest and reduces population growth dramatically, while increasing income from the province, and also give some to the governor.
Borderlands Increases Manpower and Defensiveness of the province.
Encourage Trade Allows another import route to the province and increases commerce income, for a small decrease in loyalty.
Social Mobility Reduces output of citizens by 20%, while there is a chance for the governor to change the type of a pop towards a balance of citizens, slaves & freemen, depending on the governors charisma.
Local Autonomy Increases Happiness of pops, while reducing their output.
Civilization Effort Increase civilization in the province.

Sea Zones[edit]

Seazones General Location Notes
Mare Erythraeum east asia