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Province setup refers to defining the basic properties of each territory - terrain, pops, trade goods, etc. Note that territory ownership is not defined in province setup, but rather under the entry for the country, while ports and adjacencies are defined in the map folder.

Province Setup[edit]

The basic properties of each territory is handled in the game\setup\provinces folder. By convention, all territories in each region are grouped together in one file. Each territory is listed by its ID, along with its culture, religion, trade good, number of each pop class (nobles, citizens, freedmen, slaves, tribesmen), a civilization value, a barbarian power value, a the territory rank.

1={ #Roma
	culture="roman"			# The default culture of the pops. Note that this is not necessarily the dominant culture, although doing so is preferred
	religion="roman_pantheon"	# The default religion of the pops. Note that this is not necessarily the dominant religion, although doing so is preferred
	citizen={			# Minority pops should have their culture and/or religion defined if different from what is defined for the territory as a whole
	nobles={			# These pops have the default culture/religion defined above
	holy_site = omen_jupiter	# Holy sites are defined by their omen entries, not their deity entries. Treasures are defined in the main setup.

Main setup[edit]

More auxiliary setup, such as buildings, modifiers, and treasures (in holy sites) are handled in the provinces block of any file in the game\setup\main folder.

# Note that there is no actual reason why treasures, buildings, and modifiers have to be split up, though it does make it easier to read
provinces = {
	### TREASURES ###
	1 = { # Roma
		treasure_slots = { treasures = { 16 198 } }	# Must have a holy site in the province for this to work
	# ...

	1 = { #Rome
		commerce_building = 1		
		court_building = 1
		town_hall_building = 1
		military_building = 2
	# ...

	6615 = { # Alexandreia Opiane
		modifier = { modifier = alexandria always = yes }

Road networks are defined in their own section as the pairs of territories that they connect.

road_network = {
	1 = 15		#Roma - Ostia
	#Via Appia:
	1 = 2		#Roma - Tibur
	2 = 4		#Tibur - Apii
	4 = 5		#Apii - Fundi
	5 = 6		#Fundi - Volternum
	6 = 8		#Volternum - Telesia
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