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Modding Prices[edit]

Prices are values named in the game files for easy access. They can be fixed values or scaled to something. They can be for more things than gold, including aggressive expansion, stability, political influence, manpower, tyranny, and perhaps other currency types. It should be noted that while paying some currency types means losing it like gold, manpower, political influence, and stability, other types means gaining it like tyranny and aggressive expansion. Prices can be paid once or repeated monthly depending on the circumstance. Below is an example of a price that uses all known effects.

pay_everything = {
	scaled_gold = 5.0 # lose gold equal 500% of monthly income
	gold = 10.0 # lose 10 gold

	manpower = 5 # lose 5k manpower
        scaled_manpower = 0.5 #lose manpower equal to 50% of monthly manpower recovery
        tyranny = 5 # gain 5 tyranny
        aggressive expansion = 5 # gain 5 aggressive expansion

        political_influence = 25 # lose 25 political influence
        stability = 5 # lose 5 stability
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