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Political influence.png Political Influence is one of the most important currencies in the game and is used by a vast number of government actions. It is spent by the state to obtain various bonuses and perform actions affecting it.


Usage Cost Particularities
Selecting Idea 20 Some ideas also require certain Tech levels
Enacting Laws 35 Also costs 15 Stability
Sacrifice to the Gods 50 Every Sacrifice increases the price of the next one by +65% until the end of the effect 5 years later
Assemble Raiding Parties 100 Only usable once until the end of the effect 5 years later
Urban Development 25 Requires the local Civilization Level to be less than 60
Provincial Investment 80 Usable only every 2 years


Political influence is generated by the officials in the government based on their loyalty to the state. Every 4 points of loyalty generate +0.01 point of political influence up to a maximum of +0.25 at 100 loyalty. It is thus important to keep your officials happy.

Country rank also affects political influence generation. Being a regional power increases your generation by +25%, each rank above increasing by 25% in turn, up to +75% as a great power.

On the other hand, the rulers' corruption reduces the generation of political influence at a rate of -1% per 2% corruption, up to a maximum of -50%.

High agressive expansion (above 50) also reduces its gain by -1% per each 10 AE over 50. (So 100 AE will reduce it by -5%).

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