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A country's political influence on the top bar

Political influence.png Political influence represents how much power and political capital a country and its ruler has throughout its government and administration. As the main currency for a wide variety of government and realm actions, from changing governor policies and increasing Stability.png stability to fabricating Fabricate claim cost modifier.png claims and creating Province investment province investments, political influence is one of the most important currencies in the game. A strong ruler with a wide base of support will be able to reorganize the government at will and punch well above its weight, while a weak an unpopular government will find itself starved of influence and almost unable to do anything at all.


Some of the more common uses of Political influence.png political influence are listed below. Apart from these main actions, many events, decisions, and mission tasks also require spending certain amounts of political influence.

Category Action Political influence.png Base Cost
Realm Idea empty.png Select National idea 20
 Enact law cost modifier.png Enacting Laws 35
 Sacrifice pig.png Divine Sacrifice 50
 Legitimacy.png Increase Legitimacy 10
 Policy cultural assimilation.png Change Culture Civic Right 5
 Deify ruler cost modifier.png Deify Ruler 200
 Religious power.png Change Religion 200
Diplomacy Fabricate claim cost modifier.png Fabricate Claim 20
 Opinion improvement active.png Improve Relation 10
 Neutral stance Change Diplomatic Stance 30
Government interactions Demand oaths of allegience.png Demand Oaths of Allegiance 100
 Patronize arts.png Patronize the Arts 100
 Support Republic Faction 25
 Raiding parties.png Assemble Raiding Parties 100
Province Province investment Provincial Investment 80
 Office Change Governor Policy 10
Territory Territory city.png Found City 50
 Territory metropolis.png Found Metropolis 100
 Coordinate urban development.png Urban Development 25
 Holy Site.png Dedicate Holy Site 100
 Country capital.png Relocate Capital
  • 50 + 5 times the difference in Population.png population
  • Minimum of 80 and a maximum of 250
Character interactions Bribe character cost.png Bribe/Persuade 5
 Bribe character cost.png Scheme: Political Marriage 10
 Persuade to drop scheme.png Persuade to Drop Scheme 10
Unit abilities Anabasis Anabasis 15


Political influence is generated monthly based on the country's Political influence.png Monthly Political Influence modifier, which is primarily given by the country's Office office holders based on their Loyalty.png character loyalty values. Loyal characters will produce much more political influence than disloyal ones, which means the loyalty of office holders can be just as important, if not more, as their actual skill in their positions, even if office holders do not otherwise have a significant Power base power base. Other factors, such as ruler Corruption.png corruption, co-ruler/consort Loyalty.png loyalty, country rank, and high Aggressive expansion.png aggressive expansion can also have a significant effect on political influence generation. A table of the most important modifiers is listed below:

Type Modifier Political influence.png Monthly Political Influence
Base Aggressive expansion.png Aggressive Expansion -0.1% per point above 50
 Bankruptcy.png Deficit -50%
Positions Leader.png Ruler corruption -0.5% per Corruption.png corruption
 Office All government offices +0.0025 per office holder Loyalty.png loyalty
 Office Consort loyalty -1% per Loyalty.png loyalty below 50
 Office Co-ruler loyalty -1% per Loyalty.png loyalty below 50
Laws Enact law cost modifier.png Abolish Assemblies (Republic) +5%
 Enact law cost modifier.png Senatorial Endorsement (Flag of Rome Roman Republic) +5%
 Enact law cost modifier.png Tribal Representatives (Tribal) +10%
Country rank Country rank 4.png Regional Power +25%
 Country rank 5.png Major Power +50%
 Country rank 6.png Great Power +75%
Diplomacy Diplomatic relations.png Diplomatic relations -10% per Diplomatic relations.png relation over limit
Deities State religion.png Gekhö (Bon deity)
 State religion.png Athena (Hellenic deity)
 State religion.png Tinia (Etruscan Hellenic deity)
 State religion.png Paryushana Festival (Jain deity)
 State religion.png Daniel (Jewish deity)
Ruler Traits Arrogant Arrogant -25%