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The Persian traditions cover the tactics of the peoples of the Scythian steppe and satellites of the former Achaemenid empire. Life on and around the steppe has forged these peoples into exquisite horsemen who, armed with a bow, can harry and surround their opponents from beyond their reach, while their infantry concentrates on whittling down the worn out formation.

Availability and focus[edit]


The Persian traditions are available for Flag of Bactria Bactria or for countries with the following culture groups:

  • Aramaic
  • Bactrian
  • Persian
  • Scythian

The traditions focus on strengthening the below unit types and possibly unlock some new abilities:

  • Cost −15% Horse archers cost
  • Unit focus:
    • Strong Unit horse archers.png Horse archers
    • Good Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy infantry
    • Good Unit light cavalry.png Light cavalry
  • Possible ability unlocks:
    • Military Colonies
    • Raise Levies
    • Cavalry skirmish Cavalry Skirmish


Starting bonus
Scythian Horse Archers icon
Scythian Horse Archers

  • Cost −15% Horse archers cost
Strong-backed Scythian horses have been used by the nomadic tribes of the steppe for generations. Unparalleled as skirmishing troops, the chaos they could incur was a major advantage to thsoe lucky enough to be able to raise or hire them.
Parthian path
Persian scythian path 1.png
  • The Parthian Shot
  • Offense +10% Horse archers offense
Persian scythian path 2.png
  • Nomadic Lifestyle
  • Local cohort recruit speed.png +25% Cohort recruit speed
  • Monthly war exhaustion −0.01 Monthly war exhaustion
Persian scythian path 3.png
  • Hit and Run
  • Morale.png +10% Horse archers morale
Persian scythian path 4.png
  • Cavalry Skirmish
  • Cavalry skirmish Enable "Cavalry Skirmish" tactic
Persian scythian path 5.png
  • Cataphracts
  • Cost −20% Heavy cavalry cost
Persian scythian path 6.png
  • Steppe Mastery
  • Attrition.png −20% Army weight modifier
Persian scythian path 7.png
  • Footsloggers
  • Defense +10% Light infantry defense
Persian scythian path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Born to Ride
  • Offense +10% Heavy cavalry offense
  • Discipline.png +10% Horse archers discipline
Resurgent Achaemenid path
Persian achaemenid path 1.png
  • Legacy of Cyrus
  • Manpower.png +10% National manpower
Persian achaemenid path 2.png
  • The Immortals
  • Defense +10% Heavy infantry defense
Persian achaemenid path 3.png
  • Reform of the Navy
  • Yes Allows "Octere" units
  • Morale.png +10% Morale Navies
Persian achaemenid path 4.png
  • Reactive Recruitment
  • Yes Enable "Raise Levies" ability
Persian achaemenid path 5.png
  • Royal Line
  • Morale.png +5% Morale of armies
  • Popularity +0.05 Ruler popularity gain
Persian achaemenid path 6.png
  • To Blot Out the Sun
  • Offense +10% Archers offense
Persian achaemenid path 7.png
  • Kardakes
  • Cost −15% Heavy infantry cost
Persian achaemenid path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Massed Assault
  • Siege ability +10% Siege ability
Bactrian path
Persian bactrian path 1.png
  • Bactrian Horsemen
  • Offense +10% Light cavalry offense
Persian bactrian path 2.png
  • Greco-Bactria
  • Fort defense.png +15% Fort defense
Persian bactrian path 3.png
  • Perfect Storm
  • Offense +10% Heavy infantry offense
Persian bactrian path 4.png
  • Kleruchoi
  • Yes Enable "Military Colonies" ability
Persian bactrian path 5.png
  • Titans of Battle
  • Defense +10% War elephant defense
Persian bactrian path 6.png
  • Hippotoxotai
  • Defense +10% Horse archers defense
Persian bactrian path 7.png
  • Heartland
  • Attrition.png −15% Army Attrition
Persian bactrian path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Disillusioned Masses
  • Maintenance.png −15% Mercenary maintenance


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