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Patch 1.1, aka "Pompey", was released on 2019-06-26[1].

New features

  • Civil Wars have been reworked to be based upon the disloyal power base versus the total power base of a country. Each character have a power base that depends on their holdings,commanded units, wealth, titles, governorship importance etc. This value is displayed in overview, character listings, character and family views.
  • Stability has been reworked to no longer be on a scale of -3 to +3, instead it ranges from 0 to 100, and gravitates naturally towards 50. Stability below 50 will give penalties to unrest, happiness and loyalty, as well as lowering the thresholds for civil wars and rebellions. Stability above 50 will benefit research, commerce, population growth, and will make the thresholds for civil war and rebellion higher.
  • Increasing stability is no longer instant. Instead sacrifices to the gods will give an increase of Stability over time, and multiple sacrifices in short time will increase the rate of this increase.
  • Added Coastal and River Terrain types for naval combat.
  • Population Capacity now dictates how many pops can live in each city. Population capacity is primarily increased by things like climate, rivers, ports, but is also possible to increase through building granaries in a city. A city over capacity will get penalties from overpopulation but no city will grow over its cap naturally. Most things that previously affected population growth will now instead affect capacity.
  • All countries can now convert religion if their high priest is of the new religion and a majority of the free pops in their capital also follow it. Republics require the approval of their Senate, Monarchies must have 70 Legitimacy and Tribes must have the approval of the Clan Chiefs.
  • Seleucid bloodline trait now gives a bit of ticking province loyalty to better allow them to control a far flung empire.
  • All Religions now come with their own associated Omens, with their own effects.
  • Added country specific Omens to a number of countries and some culture specific ones. More context specific Omens will keep being added in future patches.
  • Added Specific Omens for Hellenic countries following the Serapis Cult.
  • Every country in the world now has a “Heritage” providing it with passive benefits and a penalty. Heritages are dependent on the capital of the country but can also be specific to other circumstances.
  • Added Country specific Heritages to: Rome, Sparta, Carthage, Phrygia, Macedon, Egypt, Seleucid Empire, Mauryan Empire, Judea, Tartessos, Byblos, Armenia, Epirus, Thrace, Rhodes, Athens, Etruria, Syracuse, Icenia, Arvernia, Atropatene, Tarentum, Argos, and Thebes.
  • Added the possibility of on map eruptions for the following volcanoes: Vesuvius, Aetna, Ararat, Methana, Aragats, Argaeus Mons, Argaios Mons, Ausara, Bamni, Qarqar, Caucasus Mons and Iberia Mons. A volcano eruption will cause considerable damage to the local economy until cleaned up.
  • Added storms that can strike at sea, in deserts or during winter. Storms will cover a number of sea zones, or cities and will deal heavy attrition to present units. While a storm is ongoing it will be visible on the 3D Map.
  • Added Navigable Rivers. A navigable river can be forded at specific locations, which can be blocked like straits by a navy. Light ships will perform better than others in a river.
  • Legitimacy is no longer instantly increased from a button press, but a stackable over time ticking improvement.
  • War Exhaustion is no longer a button to magically decrease it instantly, but instead works like the changed stability.
  • You can now embark & disembark armies while in a port, and you have a big enough navy.
  • You can now view foreign characters from the diplomatic view.
  • Reworked the province view, adding more information, including pierchats of population.
  • You can now tell units to start building roads, and they will continue doing it as long as you have power, instead of stopping in each new location to await new orders.
  • Monarchies now have access to an Anabasis unit ability, which lets the ruler boost province loyalty in a province capital where he or she is present.

Dual rulers

  • Aristocratic Republics now have Co-Consuls. Co-Consuls provide power in attributes where they are better than the current ruler, and their ruling traits are applied to the country along with those of the primary ruler. Popularity of ruler is average of both of the Consuls, while corruption is the sum of their corruption.
  • Consorts: In Monarchies the consort of the ruler will now count as a co-ruler and give benefits to the country in the form of their stats supplanting the ruler’s if they are better. A consort with living children will get a ticking reduction of loyalty if the primary heir is not their child.

Province & City improvements

  • Urban development interaction added for cities. Using the interaction increases local Civilization Capacity, as well as Civilization growth rate.
  • You can now set what unit types your clan retinues should be. Changing will update retinues as well but strength is dropped to 0.
  • Added four Province-level investments, corresponding to each of the Power types: Population Output and Province Loyalty for Military Power, Building Slots for Civic Power, Local Import Routes for Oratory Power, Same Religion Pop Happiness for Religious Power

Naval rework

  • Reworked Navies to form lines of battle and split Galleys into 6 classes with different roles, ranging from Light (Highly maneuverable and with a high chance to attempt to board) to Medium (all around balanced) and Heavy (Can only target ships directly opposed, withstand more damage and very hard to board). Heavy Ships are unlocked in some Military Tradition Trees (Persian, Indian and Greek) and can perform special unit abilities to help project power overseas. Navies now also make use of their own Combat Tactics and can shattered retreat to a friendly port.
  • Added Liburnian ship type in the Light Ship Category.
  • Triremes now belong to the Light Ship Category.
  • Added Tetrere and Hexere Ship types in the Medium Ship Category.
  • Added Octere and Mega-Polyreme Ship types in the Heavy Ship Category.
  • Added Capture Port Naval Unit Ability allowing Heavy ships to capture unguarded adjacent ports.
  • Added Port Raid Naval Unit Ability allowing Heavy Ships to create a breach in an ongoing adjacent port with an ongoing siege.
  • Added Port Assault Naval Unit Ability Allowing Mega-Polyremes to remove 1 fort level from an adjacent enemy port.
  • Added Naval Range: Naval Range is calculated from your closest owned port and any ship that goes out of range will take Attrition damage. Heavy Ships will take increased Attrition damage when out of range.
  • Ships can now be captured in Naval combat: A capture attempt will happen if a ship takes enough morale damage to retreat from the battle. Since Light ships primarily deal morale damage this means that they will get more chances to capture opposing ships. Success chances are however also based on chance: Light ships have -20% chance to successfully capture heavy ships, while heavy ships have a +20% chance to capture lights. Medium is +/-10% vs the other. Capture chance is further impacted by admiral Martial skill and national modifiers. Captured ships joins their new owner’s navy but will not take part in the ongoing battle. Number of captured ships will be shown in the combat report.
  • Pirates Reworked: Pirates can now be hired to supplement your navy in the Mercenary Tab. Unemployed pirates will eventually go on a raid, harming the economy of an unfortified target city before returning to their old home port. Any country can root out a pirate nest using a unit ability in enemy territory when at war, or in their own territory if they have banned piracy.
  • Province Capitals are now fixed, and will never relocate naturally unless the city is lost in a war. Province capital can be moved by the player to another city in the same Province for a cost.
  • Added the capability to release a subject country out of any owned Province, from the country overview screen.
  • Country capital can now be moved for a power cost that is dependent on the difference in population between your current capital and the desired new location.

Holdings rework

  • Characters can now hold multiple holdings, limited by their capabilities (mainly finesse). A city can also have multiple holdings, one for each 10 slaves present. Unowned Holdings can be granted to characters by the state or purchased by them over time. Holdings can also be confiscated by the state, lost to starvation, or lost if a city change hands, causing a loss of loyalty for their old owner (this loyalty modifier will last 5 years per lost holding).
  • A holding will provide its owner with income, boosting their personal wealth over time.
  • If more than half of the Holdings in a city belong to a character on the Rebel side in a Civil War then that city will defect at the start of the conflict.
  • It is no longer possible to move or promote slaves if it would mean the loss of a holding for a character.


  • Ledger: Added a ledger with a sortable overview of data about the player country as well as other countries in the world. Pages include:
  • Countries: Lists all countries in the world, together with relevant statistics, army sizes, military traditions, heritages, stances, etc.
  • Rulers: Lists all current rulers in the world, and lets you interact with them.
  • Provinces: All Provinces in the currently played country, listed with pops, trade routes, loyalty as well as tax and commerce income.
  • Inventions: Lists all currently bought inventions in the current country.
  • Our Rulers: lists all former rulers of the current country.

Government interactions

  • Government Interactions: Added the concept of Government Interactions. Actions you can take in the government view that are dependent on your current government type:

Monarchy Government Interaction: Summon War Council, usable once every 10 years, allowing you to choose a free claim on neighboring territory at the cost of the loyalty of one or more officers.

  • Monarchy Government Interaction: Demand Oaths of Allegiance, costing 200 Oratory and Religious Power, and yielding +25 Primary Heir Attraction for 5 years.
  • Monarchy Government Interaction: Hold Games has been converted to a Government interaction for monarchies and tribes, allowing your ruler to participate in the games.
  • Monarchy Government Interaction: Patronize the Arts, costing 300 Civic power, and yielding 5% Primary Culture Happiness and 0.01% Global Civilization Gain per month, for 5 years
  • Republic Government Interaction: Empower Civic Faction decreases build cost by 15%, but increases populist influence by 0.25 per month for 5 years. Costs Civic Power and is cheaper to perform if the Civic Party is in power.
  • Republic Government Interaction: Empower Military Faction increases discipline by 2.5%, but increases populist influence by 0.25 per month for 5 years. Costs Military Power and is cheaper to perform if the Military Party is in power.
  • Republic Government Interaction: Empower Mercantile Faction decreases Create Trade Route Cost by 25%, but increases populist influence by 0.25 per month for 5 years. Costs Oratory Power and is cheaper to perform if the Mercantile Party is in power.
  • Republic Government Interaction: Empower Religious Faction decreases Convert Pop Cost by 25%, but increases populist influence by 0.25 per month for 5 years. Costs Religious Power and is cheaper to perform if the Religious Party is in power.
  • Republic Government Interaction: Empower Populist Faction decreases monthly corruption of all characters by 0.05 per month, and reduces Populist Faction Influence by 0.5 per month for 5 years. Costs gold, and requires a Populist Consul.
  • Tribal Government Interaction: Assembles Raiding Parties costs 200 military and 200 oratory power, increasing Enslavement Efficiency by 10% for 5 years.
  • Tribal Government Interaction: Encourage Tribal Migration which will decrease the Centralization of a Tribal Nation, but cause 5 pops to move out of your realm, into a nearby province (preferring empty provinces).
  • Tribal Government Interaction: Tribes can also make use of the Hold Games and “Hold War Council” interactions.


  • Macrobuilder Improvements: The Macrobuilder to promote, assimilate or convert Pops, as well as constructing buildings will now show the expected return of each action to give you providing better information to decide what action to take. You can also sort your available target cities on these numbers to find the most ideal spot for performing the chosen action.



  • Removed the free Capital Trade Route for all countries, instead the mid setting for Trade taxation will now provide 1 extra capital Trade Route.
  • Lax Taxation is now -50% tax
  • Reworked how commerce work, so it primarily a province income.
  • Commerce Economic Policies now impact how much you get from imports vs exports.


  • Non Scripted rulers at start of the game now have 50 popularity, no longer tanking starting legitimacy
  • Electable Governments can now be set to have an minimum age for its elections.
  • Health now impacts electability in republics.
  • Endorse Party cost up to 50 from 25, and Tyranny down from 5 to 2.
  • Republics now only have 1 law reducing unrest like other government forms.
  • Disloyal Co-Rulers and Consorts now increase power costs by up to 25% at 0 loyalty up from 0% at 50 loyalty.
  • Friends of the ruler in a Monarchy will now have a strong preference for Primary Heir.
  • A family married to ruler or heir in a monarchy will have a strong preference for primary heir.
  • Characters preferring other heirs now has less of an impact on Legitimacy.


  • Inspire Disloyalty now reduces loyalty of target by 0.5 per month.
  • Increased base amount children per couple by +1.
  • Tweaked some traits
  • Governor finesse skill now impact the output in a province.
  • Loyalty now impacts effect of office holders.
  • Loyalty now impacts how well researchers perform!
  • Loyalty of generals, admirals and governors is now dropping slowly by default for Major Powers & Great Powers.
  • Disloyal employed characters can no longer be dismissed or imprisoned. Instead they need to be brought to trial, potentially sparking a civil war.
  • Random Characters now gain 2 traits instead of 3 traits.
  • At least one other family member that is not head of family will now always marry.


  • Boarding Tactics is now +10% Ship Capture Chance.
  • Changed lots of trireme_cost to ship_cost
  • Changed some attrition modifiers to impact weights of units instead.
  • Clan leaders that get regular cohorts loyal to them will make them into retinues.
  • Enslaved Efficiency from unit modifiers are now considered as well when enslaving.
  • Exiled retinues at strength 0 will now disband.
  • Reduced impact from troops on unrest from -5 to -4.
  • Reduced size of clan retinues a fair bit, and they are now less likely to grow beyond average supply limit in home areas.
  • Reward Veterans: removed oratory cost, increased gold cost to 6x monthly income
  • Attrition reduction modifiers is now applied AFTER cap is applied.
  • Chariots are now more efficient against Archers and Light Infantry.

War & Peace

  • AE reduction from high AE is -3 instead of -5
  • Tweaked combat prediction to be more accurate
  • Battle Result can now have a larger impact on wars, and not always +1/-1.
  • Some war declarations like truce breaking and/or no-cb wars will now also incur some Aggresive Expansion


  • Tweaked technology ahead of time to be MULTIPLIED on speed.
  • There is now a behind on tech speed multiplier that increases your tech speed.
  • Technology is now 33% more costly to get.
  • Reduced a few loyalty increases from inventions.
  • Reduced benefits on happiness from inventions.


  • Agema Military Tradition now reduces Heavy Cavalry Cost.
  • Greek Tradition bonuses to mountains now instead apply to hills.
  • Levantine traditions now give 10% Naval morale instead of 5% (so in line with other traditions).
  • March of the Eagles (+10% Land Morale) is now a finisher for latin tradition countries.
  • North African Traditions now reduce War Elephant Cost.
  • Triplex Acies Tactic now available as second tradition for latin countries.

Cities & Provinces

  • Your own Forts and Friendly Zone of Control now saves you from attrition due to winter and terrain.
  • Country Capital now has one extra building slot.
  • Rome and its surroundings now has more Farmlands.
  • Marketplaces no longer boost commerce income, but instead gives +10% tax income.
  • Provinces that are isolated and not adjacent to other provinces in your country now get a small loyalty hit.
  • Each road in a city now gives a minor boost to civilization growth
  • Each port in a province now adds +1 trade route to that province.


  • Tweaked Mercenaries to be less numerous and a bit more spread out.
  • Can no longer recruit mercenaries that have not recovered their strength.
  • mercenaries marching home to their home position will not reinforce.
  • mercenary maintainance increased by 50%
  • Mercenary Captain is now a status that gives +5 martial while they have a mercenary company
  • Mercenaries that would have been stackwiped now charge their disband fee from employer, and leaves his employment.


  • Assimilation and Conversion of pops now cost 30 Monarch Power.
  • Unrest no longer causes negative population growth. (no spiral of doom)
  • Colonization can now be done over two seazones.
  • Slaves are now far more distributed over your empire, and looks at holdings of general as well.

Trade goods

  • Glass now increases local civilization.
  • Precious Metals is now city loyalty.
  • Spices are now for citizen output, while dye is for citizen happiness.
  • Surplus of wood in capital is now +50% ship building speed, and export is +20% in ship building speed.


  • Barbarian Hordes have no attrition in unowned provinces.
  • Barbarians are no longer clever enough to use zone of control propagation.
  • Barbarians now use the cultural graphics type of their commander
  • Barbarians reinforce twice as quick when not sieging.
  • Barbarians that have not fought in a battle will never accept surrender.
  • Barbarians will now grow in size as they take over provinces containing tribesmen.
  • Removed potential strength from barbarian negotiations.
  • Reworked the size of barbarian spawns to take population, and particularly tribal population into account, instead of always being 1 cohort per barbarian power.


  • Tweaked lots of trireme_* modifiers to use common naval modifiers
  • countries now get +50 loyalty in all current loyal states when they end up in a civil war OR a rebellion.
  • Reduced wrong culture happiness for outlawing Judaism to -10% from -25%
  • Integration speed is now boosted by 0.05 per parent nation Rank
  • Selling a city now removes your claim from it.



  • AI less likely to pick the low wages option.
  • Made AI relinquish certain economic policies when in a deficit.
  • Constrained AI overspending during distress a bit (it led to a much shorter deficit period than DEFICIT_YEARS).
  • AI will no longer run at low maintenance if neighbor with player and not allied.


  • Upped AI's tendency to negotiate for military access.
  • War balance acceptance can now not go below -40. (Added define PEACE_ACCEPTANCE_WAR_BALANCE_CAP).
  • AI will use shorter paths if not worried about safety of army/navy.
  • Substantial Land Lost - If demanding 20% or more of a country's cities in a peace deal, they have an extra -10 acceptance.
  • Fixed bug in AI military access calculation that made it take longest rather than shortest path of countries negotiated with.
  • AI may now prefer to plan/declare wars adjacent to countries already declared on so it doesn't have to move its troops as much.
  • AI no longer accepts all vassalization offers. (Buggy diplo action serialization.)
  • AI now improves relations with nations they want to trade with.
  • AI now knows how long time integration takes and that it's probably not worth waiting for it prior to declaring war.
  • AI pays off barbarians if they get out of control.
  • AI settles barbarians whenever possible.
  • AI uses Enforce White Peace
  • AI will no longer insult or support rebellion on you unless they have an extremely untrustworthy personality.
  • AI will no longer insult or support rebels on an ally unless they have an untrustworthy personality.
  • AI will only integrate subjects they have a border with.
  • The largest most recent land battle (with weight decaying over time) will if won by a nation increase their War Enthusiasm by 10.


  • Tweaked AI in a number of cases that should result in fewer suicides (fingers crossed).
  • Tweaked AI tactic selection to be a bit more likely to use the best choices.
  • More accurate war length prediction with ML and incentive to choose shorter wars in planning.
  • Fixed AI detach from unit.
  • Fixed a reason for AI forgetting that it's about to go to war, thus messing up its preparations.
  • AI handling of barbarians tweaked to avoid excessive treasury draining. Also fixed up strike teams to work more as intended instead of constantly running around as huge blobs of troops. Which should also help with handling Barbarians.
  • AI builds fewer regular troops when manpower pool is being drained. (Added define ARMY_BUDGET_MANPOWER_REDUCTION.)
  • AI doesn't try to merge units into those with disloyal generals.
  • AI evaluation of units now take damage taken/done factors into account as well.
  • AI now ignores barbarians they have paid off.
  • AI now uses Recruit To to gather up newly recruited regiments a bit more effectively.
  • AI should be faster in starting to attack into a city a friend is attacking into in some cases.
  • AI should no longer immediately go for a respawned enemy retinue.
  • AI troops will now attempt to move closer to war target before declaring if they have a land path. This should save some time for them.


  • Improved AI Legitimacy handling.
  • AI can use scripted GUIs if ai_is_valid evaluates to true and ai_chance is above 1 for actions requiring a price to be paid (for which it is the plan value), or above 0 (specifying probability of happening) for other actions.
  • AI demands surrender of barbarians whenever possible.
  • AI now checks if the omen can actually be called.



  • Clicking the "unassigned titles" notification will now open the offices tab
  • Added an alert for when you can enact a decision.
  • Barbarian alert will now ignore paid off barbarians.
  • You now get an alert if you have free idea slots


  • Simple Terrain Map Mode now displays terrain types in Ocean, Lake and River Zones when zoomed out.
  • The on-map widgets should now elide long names, rather than let them overflow.
  • Added a new mapmode widget when zoomed in, for the population mapmode.
  • Added in red striped in the population mapmode for provinces that are above capacity.
  • Sea gulls will now appear around ports as well as potential ports in uncolonized land, signifying the potential for a port in that location.


  • Reworked colonisation to not be a UI, but an automatic sending of a pop.
  • Clicking the top bar resources will now open the corresponding interface
  • When moving pops, the target provinces are now sorted by amount of pops in them.
  • The "+" and "-" characters outside of the keypad can now be used to alter game speed.
  • Pressing Enter will now save the game in the save menu.
  • changed minimum resolution to 1080p
  • Wage tooltip in economy screen is now sorted.
  • Separated land & navy building menus
  • Split Army & Navy stats into two seperate tabs in the military view.
  • Show changes in province values when building buildings and when promoting/converting/assimilating pops in tooltips and in macrobuilder
  • Added more details to revolt & civil war tooltips to explain why.
  • Added the generals wages to the unitview maintenance info
  • Added tooltips for when a country is too small for a civil war.
  • Clarified governor policy tooltip to include mention of it being useful to purge barbarian strongholds.
  • War Exhaustion is now displayed in the top bar!
  • Added mouse panning & focus on combat to settings menu
  • Replaced the work 'Rank' with rank icon in diplomacy interface nation list (SUL-4107)
  • Add shortcurs for mercenary view and macro builder
  • Added font icon for hotkey 'Z', and added both space and pausbreak as hotkeys for pause. It'll now show the spacebar font icon in the tooltip.


  • Improved Map Tooltips for building buildings through the macrobuilder.
  • Show breakdown of cost in price tooltip in the macro builder

User modding

New functionality

  • Character-Interactions can now have province and country select targets.
  • TimedModifiers now keep track of how long they have been active, to be used for progress bars.
  • Omens can now have triggers, so different countries can have different omens.
  • Tyranny, Warexhaustion and Aggresive Expansion can now be set in prices (together with power, manpower, gold & stability.)


  • added 'add_breach' siege effect.
  • added 'divorce_character = char' character effect.
  • added 'set_state_capital = <provscope>' state-effect
  • added 'show_animated_text = <locstring>' effect for provinces.
  • Added 'remove_building_level = building' effect to province
  • Added 'remove_holding' effect for character effect
  • Added a 'start_civil_war = <char>' effect to countryeffects.
  • Added an 'add_holding=<prov>' to character scope.


  • added 'add_and_extend' to modifier modes.
  • added a scaled holding modifier for characters.
  • added available_holdings modifier for provinces
  • added civil_war_threshold & rebellion_threshold modifiers for countries.
  • added power_base modifier for characters.
  • added holding_income_modifier modifier for characters.
  • added holdings_possible_for_character modifier for characters.
  • Separated population growth and population capacity into two separate modifiers.
  • Added unique modifier to use for army/navy weight modifiers. (as original tooltip claimed attrition did)
  • Added 'naval_damage_done' modifier for country/commander/unit.
  • Added 'naval_damage_taken' modifier for country/commander/unit
  • Added in adjacent-to-major river and contains minor river modifiers for cities.
  • Added 'ship_capture_chance' modifier.
  • Added 'ship_cost' and 'cohort_cost' modifiers.
  • Added 'non_retinue_morale_modifier' modifier.


  • Made strength_percentage & morale_percentage consistent with other percentages
  • added 'has_co_ruler_government' country scope trigger
  • added 'has_holding_in = <prov> trigger for characters.
  • added 'has_minor_river' province scope trigger
  • added 'is_adjacent_to_major_river' trigger to provicne scope
  • added 'is_co_ruler' trigger to char scope.
  • added 'is_isolated' trigger to state scope.
  • added 'max_amount_of_holdings ' trigger for province.
  • added 'max_holdings_owned' character trigger.
  • added 'non_loyal_power_base' country trigger.
  • added 'num_holdings_owned' trigger for characters
  • added 'is_state_capital' trigger for province-scope.
  • added 'current_amount_of_holdings' trigger for province.
  • added ' power_base' trigger for character scope.
  • Added a 'ship_category = light/medium/heavy' trigger for subunits.
  • Added 'has_breach' siege trigger
  • Added 'heritage = xyz' trigger for country scope.
  • Added 'possible_holdings' trigger to country scope.
  • Added percentage_characters_below_max_loyalty.
  • Removed num_characters_below_max_loyalty

Scopes & Lists

  • added 'XXX_neighbor_area' lists.
  • added 'XXX_neighbor_region' list.
  • added '_holdings' lists from character to province list.
  • added 'current_co_ruler' link
  • added '_holding_owners' list from province to characters.
  • added 'siege_controller' scope switch from siege to country.
  • added 'sub_unit_type = heavy_infantry/trireme/etc..' subunit-trigger.
  • added 'subunit_strength_percentage' and 'subunit_morale_percentage' subunit triggers.
  • added 'total_holdings' trigger to country scope.
  • added 'total_power_base' country scope trigger
  • added primary_heir, secondary_heir & consort event-target links from country to character.
  • added siege scope switch from unit/province
  • added location switch from siege to province


  • added GetTimedModifier('NAME') promote from country/states/unit/province/character.
  • added HasTimedModifier('NAME') promote from country/states/unit/province/character.
  • added a "GetBuildingProgress" to the UI in "Province"-scope.
  • added functions for getsecondaryheir
  • Added 'GetInverseProgress' for timedmodifiers, so they go from 100 to 0 as well.
  • Added a debug mapmode for climate


  • Added support for morale_damage_done & strength_damage_done attributes on sub unit types.
  • Different heritages can have different opinions of other heritages.
  • Moved a few more hardcoded defines to prices.
  • Moved all the logic of getting stability hits from declaring war at various states to be using prices.
  • You can now define co_ruler in the setup file.
  • Added some more defines to use for battle impact on warscore.
  • Added support for _co_ruler and _consort titles per covernment.
  • Added support for historical regnal number from start as well.
  • Areas now know if they are adjacent to another area.
  • Less likely to crash game while editing omens/military traditions etc.
  • Hooked in on_action for holding lost.

Setup & Script


  • Form Arcadia can now only be formed by someone with an Arcadian tag or Arcadian Capital City.
  • Form Arcadia and Form Achaea are now mutually exclusive from one another.
  • Seleucids can now found Antioch and not only Seleucia Pieria.
  • Forming a nation now grants between 2 and 5 Free Province Improvements, based on the size/difficulty of the formable.


  • More events now make use of portraits for involved characters.
  • Added more Dynamic Historical Events for Carthage.
  • Added more Dynamic Historical Events for Italic Minors.
  • Added more Dynamic Historical Events for Rome.
  • Added events relating to Slavery.
  • Added events relating to Dual Rulers in Monarchies and in Aristocratic Republics.
  • Characters are now less likely to suffer lunacy


  • Added Regnal Numbers to Macedon, Odryssia, Dardania, Sparta, Armenia, Bosporan Kingdom and Epirus
  • Fixed Turdetania and Edetania, so they are Iberic rather than Druidic.
  • Fixed Albania, Pontus, and Gutonia country cultures and Gutonian starting capital
  • Fixed Scythia, Maeotia and Kharesmia being the wrong primary culture.
  • Changed the religion of some Aestuian pops to be Matrist rather than Tuistic
  • Changed three tags in the eastern Alps to be Hellenic rather than Druidic, to fit the population under their rule.
  • Corrected a Barbarian Spawn Point in Eastern Arabia.
  • A number of starting rulers with a military past now have more impressive character statistics.
  • Made horses more prevalent in Southern Italy and Greece while reducing their numbers slightly in Western Europe and Britain.


  • Fixed units not having the correct rotation when stationary
  • Added more greek cities in the Seleucid Empire.
  • Added Navigable River Zones in the Nile Delta, the lower Rhine, Euphrates, Tigris, Indus, Ganges and Echedoros.
  • Added new cities in Cappadocia, Egypt, Babylonia, the Rhineland and Cyprus.
  • All volcanoes are now named. Volcanoes can now be searched for in the province finder by typing “Volcano”.
  • Volcanoes are now more clearly visible on the map, with a big caldera as a sign of volcanic presence.
  • Changed names of cities east of Carthage to better fit reality.
  • Fixed all the single pixels in areas being incorrect
  • Atmospheric fog has been tweaked to be less opaque and adapt more with zoom level and camera tilt. (edited)


Stablity & Performance

  • prevent crash when trying to play sfx without event info, log and error instead
  • Fixed crash from older saves
  • Fixed potential crash when doing peace treaties
  • Fixed potential crash when returning to lobby in multiplayer
  • Fixed potential crash when unit constructions finish
  • Fixed CTD in ownable_provinces list.
  • Fixed CTD when dismissing governor in non-capital province
  • Optimized script events & country score calculation
  • Fixed issue where game sometimes hangs for a very long time
  • Fix for random deadlock when saving game

Multiplayer & Out of Syncs

  • Fixed Potential Out os Syncs related to Combat.
  • Fixed out of sync related to AI.
  • Fix objectives oos in ai threat map caused by only deleting first matching entry in an unordered map
  • Fix oos caused by checksumming ironman manager
  • Fix oos caused by incorrect reading of scripted gui ai power estimations
  • Fix oos caused by province isolation being recalculated on client when loading save from host
  • Fix oos caused by setting NeverGiveUpTradeSurplus from unsyncrhonized code
  • Fix oos caused by unsynced parts of ai being included in ai checksum
  • Fix oos caused by battle names being saved localized
  • Fix oos caused by wrong kind of random in ai pop promotion planning
  • Fix oos when switching language while playing in a multiplayer session
  • Fix potential oos caused by imprisoning dead characters
  • Fixed OOS caused by localized family names being used in synchronized code
  • Don't break alliances on hotjoin
  • Fix an issue where a player hotjoining back in after dying would instantly game over
  • Remove combat location post-read fix since that could cause OOS

Game mechanic bugs

  • recruitment cancelled by lack of resource now is properly refunded.
  • ships can no longer become loyal.
  • zero strength barbarians will now disappear.
  • religious unity is recalculated when you convert the religion of a pop.
  • Capital bonus is now only shown when you actually get it from a trade.
  • You now get new inventions when you get new technology from events, unit abilities and other effects.
  • Removed hardcoded wealth stealing of banished characters (wealth still stolen through script).
  • Can no longer remove disloyal commanders from their armies
  • Fixed bug where in some cases a 'zero' navy or army could exist
  • Fix has_law trigger returning true for inactive law groups, causing Princeps event to fire too often
  • Fix owns_or_subject_owns trigger problem causing subjects being able to snatch some decisions from their overlord
  • Fix party conviction being several magnitudes too large when loading an ironman save
  • Fix to Intervene War failing.
  • Fixed an issue where the paid off barbarian would just stand still.
  • Flanksize on units are now saved and loaded properly.
  • Fixed the oldest child not always inheriting the throne for relevant succession types
  • The game will no longer resend all diplomatic messages to the player thats been saved, each time the game is loaded.
  • The last pop can now die!
  • Characters now consider all titles they have, so party leaders will no longer cause their family to be scorned.
  • Battle Prediction is no longer shown for when paid off barbarians would be in same province as you.
  • Can no longer settle the same barbarian tribe endless amount.
  • Dismiss from Office now works again.
  • Don't allow clan retinues on ships to gain new cohorts past the transport capacity
  • Overrun will now give proper combat ends.
  • Prevent migrant units from moving into water
  • Removed auto-divorce when someone goes abroad.
  • Make sure transferred subjects join revolter in civil war

Text & UX

  • Improved Disreputable Dalliance tooltip and fixed scope issues with banish and child scopes
  • corrected tense for death message!
  • Header for outliner should now be properly centered in all languages
  • When having no siege progress, the text will no longer be all upper case.
  • Attrition in unit window now only has 1 decimal and a percentage sign.
  • Fixed the word 'equilibrium' being misspelt in the stability tooltip.
  • Increased width of textfield in account creation interface to fit non-English localization
  • Fixed message about traderoute giving bonus to entire province when it should just be the capital.
  • Fixed some values showing too many decimals.
  • Fixed top-right corner of topbar visually overlapping score indicator
  • The fourth trait displayed in the Characters & Families tab should now properly show a tooltip when hovered.
  • Added dynamic culture name for PROV123 "Iguvium / Icuvium"
  • Fixed spelling error in alert for scorned family.
  • Fixed spelling error in Spanish localization, Caño (sprout) to Daño (damage)
  • Fixed spelling error of 'Inventos' in TECHNOLOGY_MENU
  • Fixed type in PROVINCE_TOOLTIP_players, "Treasurey" -> "Treasury"
  • Minor loc fix to a Hellenic Flavor event
  • Modifier icons in province interface should no longer overflow, instead they overlap when more than 7
  • The "No Deficit!" text should be properly centered now, and deficit modifiers should elide when too long.
  • Tooltip for Economy interface button in topbar no longer references converting power to gold
  • Fixed unit morale damage/strength damage done shown in red instead of green in macro builder.
  • Entries in the message log will now elide if longer than two rows
  • Fixed missing localization for DECISIONOTHER_* strings
  • Fixed missing string for PEACEACCEPTOTHER_ALLY_LOG for all languages
  • Fixed "sexy" Russian province names into something less sexy.
  • Fixed outdated description of inventions in tutorial.
  • Fixed tooltip when no corruption progress
  • Fixed case where country name would contain unlocalized text
  • Fixed spelling error of "Deceanglia"
  • Fixed a few spelling errors "lead by" is now consistently "led by".
  • Fixed issue with the “Man of Action” event triggering.
  • Fixed broken scopes in English, Chinese and Spanish loc for dip_friends_rivals.11.desc
  • Fixed bug where provinces couldn't be searched for when playing with Russian or Chinese language
  • Fixed incorrect promote scopes in German/Spanish governor policy tooltips
  • Fixed scope issue with Man of Action
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in an invention.
  • Fixed various minor errors in the Pyrrhus events.
  • Improved localization for military alliance acceptance message
  • Added some missing Russian Localization.
  • Description for Punic Ascendance now correctly mentions requiring to play as Carthage


  • Updated a number of events that had triggers that were very hard to meet, they should now trigger more regularly.
  • Fixed ships sometimes flickering in ports
  • After losing, observing is no longer seen as playing an ironman game
  • Enabling debug mode will now recalculate the version checksum
  • Fixed the Colossus of Rhodes fire being visible on the flat map
  • Fix cultural clothing gene modifiers always overwriting random factor with 0
  • The port of Appolonia is now linked to the proper sea-zone
  • Stopped Etruria selling themselves to Carthage.
  • Fixed world conquer achievement not possible
  • Forming Cyprus now requires you to be suitably small.
  • Added check that both involved characters can get friends and rivals when adding friends or rivals.
  • Added missing age check to ip_monarchy.15
  • Prevent subject nations from having civil wars
  • The 'Bottleneck' tactic should now play a sound when chosen
  • Achievement checking for the Alexandria Lighthouse now functions even if the most ambitious version of the lighthouse was built.
  • Fixed Lofty Notions not giving office if target already had one
  • Fixed bug which made Media unable to form.

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