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Patch 1.0.X are all patches beginning with 1.0.


1.0 (aka Sulla) was the release version and as such there is no changelog. The game was released on 2019-04-25.


1.0.1 (aka Demetrius) is a hotfix released on 2019-05-02[1] with the checksum 4a73.


  • Tweaked Mercenaries to be less numerous and a bit more spread out.
  • Country Capital now has one extra building slot.
  • Fortifications in capitals are now normal buildings, and not something that magically appear. First level is still free.


  • Fixed disloyal generals being overly helpful and attacking enemy armies.
  • Fixed AI not attacking rebels/barbarians.
  • Fixed reserve objective behaving rather offensively.
  • Reworked AI reconnaissance objective to patrol on borders rather than around a point.
  • Army and fort maintenance is auto set to normal maintenance on outbreak of war.


  • Fix to naval combat interface martial skill icon overlap.
  • Fixed top-right corner of topbar visually overlapping score indicator.
  • Added truces to diplomatic mapmode.
  • Tweaked Combat Prediction Indicator to be more accurate.
  • Adjusted default UI scaling.
  • Tactics view is now scrollable when it needs to be.


  • Optimized daily tick to reduce stuttering.
  • Added option to run a benchmark. Use the launch options with ‘-benchmark’ to run a ~4 minute benchmark, testing GPU & CPU.


  • The game will no longer resend all diplomatic messages to the player that has been saved, each time the game is loaded.
  • You now get new inventions when you get new technology from events, unit abilities and other effects.
  • Fixed Out of Syncs related to siege & combat.
  • Fixed wrong type of apostrophe being used in English version.
  • Barbarians no longer have "TRIBE" in their name.
  • Fixed issue where mapicons were showing invalid state (such as ended combat or sieges) after a peace deal.
  • Fixed rare crash if province was no longer owned while trying to build a fort.
  • Fixed rare crash related to events.
  • Saving now happens on a background thread, shows a message and will pause the game in multiplayer.
  • Disabled pause menu interaction when saving.
  • Fixed bug where in some cases a 'zero' navy or army could exist
  • Game will now calculate surplus before removing extra trade routes, to prevent incorrectly removing a trade route.
  • Can no longer remove disloyal commanders from their armies
  • Combat dice rolls are between 1 and 6 now instead of 0 and 5
  • Fixed bug where in some cases a 'zero' navy or army could exist.
  • Fixed case where country name would contain unlocalized text.
  • Fixed potential crash when returning to lobby in multiplayer.
  • Fixed potential crash when unit constructions finishes.
  • Permanent province Modifiers will no longer be removed on conquest.
  • Stopped the Pharos Lighthouse event chain from occasionally concluding prematurely.
  • Updated localization in French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.
  • Fixed party conviction being several magnitudes too large when loading an ironman save.
  • Fixed incorrect popup when guarantee is upgraded to alliance.
  • Fixed bug where clan chiefs could sometimes have count for more than one.
  • Fixed bug where provinces couldn't be searched for when playing with Russian or Chinese language.
  • Various fixes to the Paradox account creation interface.
  • Fixed searching for lobbies in lobby browser menu
  • Fixed ‘november’ crash due to not enough threads available for processing
  • Fixed startup crash on windows 7
  • Mare Nostrum achievement no longer requires a small part of the northern Spanish coast.
  • Fixed bug with barbarian removal in impassables for minor and major spawn points.
  • Fix potential oos caused by imprisoning dead characters.
  • Fixed bug where the decision to form Kushan did not properly check the current tier of a country
  • Forming Cyprus now requires you to be suitably small.
  • Fixed ironman permitting different mods when loading save.
  • Corrected monthly manpower gain calculations. (Thanks to /u/Flaxx17 on Reddit)


1.0.2 (aka Cunctator) is a hotfix released on 2019-05-09[2] with the checksum 0aed.


  • Fixed not being able to take adjacent provinces in peace deals
  • Fixed crash relating to reloading active combats in Ironman save
  • Fixed achievements not unlocking properly. This affects "Cincinnatus", "The Besieger", "Pax Aeterna", "Antipater's Dream", "To the End of the World" and "The Man who would be King"


1.0.3 (aka Varus) is a hotfix released on 2019-05-16[3] with the checksum 2e44.


  • After losing, observing is no longer seen as playing an ironman game
  • Disabled console in lobby
  • Can now always override UI scale between 0.5 and 2.0