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Mechanics are aspects of the game which require detailed discussion. Herein is a brief about each mechanic and a link to a more detailed page.

Domestic Policy[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Political influence.png State 2.0 The state itself is the fundamental unit of Imperator and will rise or fall based on your choices.
Civilization.png Government 2.0 Your government type and country rank affect how you manage your country and relations with other countries.
Stability.png Laws 2.0 With the approval of the court, Senate, or clans, various laws can be passed that affect your country.
Leader.png Characters 2.0 Characters perform roles in government and military.
Invention.png Technology 2.0 Technology is how a nation advances through the game and acquires new abilities or options.
Pop happy.png Culture 2.0 Pops of a different culture will resent foreign rule, forcing countries to choose how to deal with subjugated populations.
Religious power.png Religion 2.0 Religion is an important part of the ancient world and what deities are honoured have a great effect on the state and population.
Office.png Positions 2.0 Positions consist of the major jobs and offices involved in the command and administration of a country and its military.

Economic Policy[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Cost.png Economy 2.0 Nations need to manage their economies to keep the population happy and to gain money.
Population.png Population 2.0 Population units reside in territories and are the basis of virtually all production and output.
Trade.png Trade 2.0 Trading with other nations is an important source of income and sourcing exotic trade goods.
Goods spices.png Trade goods 2.0 Every territory produces a certain trade good that can give various bonuses and can be traded away.
Monthly food.png Food 2.0 Food is one of the most fundamental human needs, driving the fate of large cities and hungry armies.
Building temple.png Infrastructure 2.0 Buildings and other infrastructure can be built in territories to improve them.
Gw map icon.png Great wonders 2.0 The wonders of the ancient world can be a great boon to those who build or conquer them.

Provinces[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Global.png Region 2.0 The world is divided into large regions which can be governed by individual governors.
Goods leather.png Province 2.0 Provinces group territories together for the purposes of loyalty, food, trade, and more.
Territory city.png Territory 2.0 Territories are the basic geographical unit where pops live, armies move, buildings are built, and trade goods produced.
Centralization.png Colonization 2.0 Uncontrolled territories at the fringes of the map can be colonized by more organized states.

Military[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Unit heavy cavalry.png Land units 2.0 An army is made up of different types of units, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Unit heavy infantry.png Army 2.0 Armies are used to occupy and conquer new territories.
Unit trireme.png Navy 1.3 Control of the seas can make or break a campaign.
Military power.png Military traditions 2.0 Military traditions are unique to certain cultures and unlock unique abilities and special bonuses to units.
Unrest.png Rebellion 2.0 Unhappiness and unrest in an empire's provinces can lead to local rebellions for independence.
Civil war.png Civil war 2.0 If enough characters become disloyal, they may revolt against the government and start a civil war.

Foreign Policy[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Stance neutral.png Diplomacy 2.0 Diplomacy is the set of actions a nation can use to manage its relations, agreements, and warfare with other countries.
Oratory power.png Treaties 2.0 Nations can sign treaties with each other to agree to help each other in wars.
War.png Warfare 2.0 Countries can go to war to seize territory, subjugate other nations, or even simply to collect slaves for the homeland.
Diplomatic relations.png Subject nations 2.0 Subjects can be a great source of allied armies, manpower, and income, but might have pretensions and ambitions of their own.
Barbarian power.png Barbarians 2.0 The most unruly and uncivilized peoples of the world can still wreak great havoc if not kept in check.

Script[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Ver. Notes
Chance.png Events 2.0 Events present opportunities, challenges, and more benign happenings that describe the goings on of the country and the wider world.
Oratory power.png Decisions 2.0 Decisions can be taken by countries to convert reform the government, convert religion, form a new country, and more.
Political parties.png Missions 2.0 Missions provide a variety of goals, tasks, and rewards for the development and expansion of the nation.