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Pirate heritage

Notes: For countries with a starting Country capital.png capital in a Pirate haven.png Pirate Haven.

Mercenary naval maintenance cost.png −10% Pirate Fleet Maintenance
Naval range.png +10% Naval Range
Army maintenance cost.png +5% Legion Maintenance Cost
Opinion improvement active.png -15 Opinion of non-Pirate Heritage Countries

Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia is a Regional Power holding lands in North Africa split between the Mauretania and Numidia provinces. Both Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia and its historic rival, Flag of Massylia Massylia, played influential roles in the conflicts between Rome and Carthage, with their proficiency in cavalry proving invaluable battlefield advantages to the side they backed. Historically, after siding with the defeated Flag of Carthage Carthage in the Second Punic War, Massaesylia was annexed by Flag of Massylia Massylia into the united kingdom of Flag of Numidia Numidia.


Being a part of the Numidian culture group gives Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia access to the decision to form Flag of Numidia Numidia.


Form Numidia

A conglomeration of tribal states, the Kingdom of Numidia was united as a result of the fall of Carthage, directly caused by Rome. Later allying themselves with this new Italian power, Numidia continued to enjoy autonomy until a breakdown in relations drew the ire of Rome.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Numidian culture group
  • Is not Flag of Numidia Numidia
  • Is not AI-controlled or has at least 30 territories
  • Is not a Tier 2 or Tier 3 formable
  • Flag of Numidia Numidia does not currently exist
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns the following territories:
    • Kirta (3163)
    • Mina (3102)
    • Thala Musulamia (3209)
  • Owns one of the following territories:
    • Rushikad (3227)
    • Gunugu (3113)

  • Current country becomes Flag of Numidia Numidia
  • Move the capital to Kirta (3163) and make it a city if it is currently a territory
  • Add Citizens 4 citizen pops and Freemen 4 freemen pops of the state culture and religion to Kirta (3163)
  • Kirta (3163) gets the modifier Emergent Capital until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth
    • Freeman happiness +8% Local Freeman Happiness
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
  • Get claims on all territories in the region of Numidia and the provinces of Massaesylia, Thabracania, Musulamia, and Maxyesia
  • Get Province investment 3 free province investments


Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia begins as an independent nation with no allies or subjects.


Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia has a Population.png population of 200 at the beginning of the game. Culturally and religiously the population is very unified, being completely of Massaesylian culture Megalithic religion.

Population Types:

  • 0 Pop noble.png Nobles (0.00%)
  • 26 Citizens Citizens (13.00%)
  • 58 Freemen Freemen (29.00%)
  • 67 Tribesmen Tribesmen (33.50%)
  • 49 Slaves Slaves (24.50%)


Flag of Massaesylia Massaesylia starts the game in a very precarious situation, surrounded by Flag of Carthage Carthage and its many subjects. Securing an Alliance.png alliance with Flag of Rome Rome will help dissuade early aggression from Flag of Carthage Carthage. This alliance will also be vital for when war eventually does break out. Flag of Carthage Carthage has more population, cohorts, and military tech so utilizing Flag of Rome Rome and any other allies you can gather will be necessary for defeating them. Your Pirate Heritage allows you to perform Slave raid slave raids to bring slaves back to your capital. To perform a Slave raid slave raids you will need a navy with at least Naval combat.png 10 ships to be adjacent to a Port icon.png port with at least Population.png 5 population and no Fortification.png forts. Slave Raiding will cause 1 Aggressive expansion.png Aggressive Expansion point and an additional 1 point per raided port (up to 1). Your Capital starts with only 4 Population.png population so it is important to immediately build your initial navy to 10 ships and begin raiding ports across the Western Mediterranean in order to rapidly boost its population.

As Massaesylia it can be a good idea to use the entice governor interaction to steal provinces from Flag of Carthage Carthage, helping to equalize your power. Be mindful that this costs 20 Aggressive expansion.png aggressive expansion, so be wary of taking too much territory too quickly.


Mystery Solved icon
Mystery Solved
As a Megalithic country, own at least 20 cities producing Stone, and the territory of Cunetio.