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Basic inventions[edit | edit source]

Left tree[edit | edit source]

Military Tech Base Left.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
Military Artisans
  • Military province investment -10% Military Provincial Investment Cost

Get Province investment 1 free province investment

Guilds of artisans, employed by the military, ensure that innovation is passed down to those deserving, and provide a hotbed of scholarly thought by which our progress flourishes.
Learning on the Job
  • Starting experience +5% Starting Experience
  • Military Artisans
It is said that the best way to learn, is by doing. We expect that our recruits will learn swiftly, with a sword in their hands. Or they will die.
Basic Training
  • Starting experience +2.5% Starting Experience
  • Military Artisans
Providing new recruits with the most basic of training may at least let them survive the first few swings.
Logistics Division
  • Supply limit.png +10% Supply Limit
  • Military Artisans
Our flourishing army requires a dedicated supply and logistics division to ensure that we always maintain peak efficiency.
  • Discipline.png +5% Heavy Infantry Discipline
  • Recruitment Standards
There is nothing that inspires a soldier as much as the fear of a shameful death.
Recruitment Standards
  • Starting experience +2.5% Starting Experience
  • Learning on the Job
We should aim to populate our armies with those capable of holding their own in battle.
Active Drill
  • Discipline.png +5% Discipline
  • Basic Training
Armies in the field would benefit from continued drill, even up to the very eve of battle.
Standardized Provisioning
  • Fort maintenance cost.png -10% Fort Maintenance
  • Fighting Season
Ensuring our fortifications and their garrisons are well stocked, repaired, and manned with only the most necessary personnel will keep maintenance costs down.
  • Supply limit.png +10% Supply Limit
  • Military Sponsors
An auxiliary group of enlisted men, the supernumerarii acted as reinforcements, orderlies, and performed other non-specific duties.
Military Sponsors
  • General loyalty +5 Loyalty of Generals
  • Logistics Division
Ensuring that every general we recruit has the backing of a certain number of loyal and upstanding peers, guarantees that we will weed out any that are likely to misuse their office.
Fighting Season
  • Supply limit.png +5% Supply Limit
  • Logistics Division
Knowledge of the weather, clime, and seasonal patterns, is vital when raising armies and waging war. By paying attention to these signs, we can better prepare our forces.
Promotion Through Valor
  • Discipline.png +5% Discipline
  • Loyalty gain chance.png -5% Cohort Loyalty Gain Chance

Successful sieges genarate Experience +10% military experience

  • Veteran Enticements
Promoting troops based on their actions provides every man a reason to perform the best of their ability.
Retirement Opportunities
  • Army maintenance cost.png -5% Legion Maintenance Cost
  • Professional Training
By splitting the expected pay of soldiers into salary and retirement opportunities such as farmland, we profit off the fact that many will simply not live long enough to claim it.
Enhanced Training Grounds
  • Reinforcement speed.png +5% Reinforcement Speed
  • Active Drill
With designated training grounds set aside for our recruits, we have significantly reduced the amount of time needed to prepare our men to become a part of the military.
Professional Training
  • Discipline.png +5% Discipline
  • Experience decay -0.50% Experience Decay

Unlock the republic's law for raising legion in capital region

  • Active Drill
By relying only on the most skilled tutors, we cut down on the time it takes to produce adequately informed fighting men.
Manipular Legion
  • Discipline.png +2.5% Discipline
  • Enhanced Training Grounds
Originating somewhere in the south of Italy, this logistic fighting force was a collection of 'maniples'. Each maniple consisted of 120 men organized as a cohesive unit, fighting in concert with any number of additional maniples.
Quick March
  • Army movement speed.png +5% Army Movement Speed

Unlock the Force march forced march units ability

One of:

  • Praefectus Fabrum
  • Delayed Baggage Train
Gone are the days of rag-tag bands of soldiers wandering from place to place. By marching in regimented columns, we are sure to avoid wasted time.
Praefectus Fabrum
  • Army movement speed.png +5% Army Movement Speed
  • Supernumerarii
The military logistics and research arm of the Roman military oversaw various innovations, and their dissemination throughout the standing army.
Delayed Baggage Train
  • Supply limit.png +5% Supply Limit
  • Standardized Provisioning
The capture of the baggage train proved to be the downfall of many famous generals. By requiring a sizable delay between supplies, families, and our armies during active military operations, we might avoid an embarrassing incident.
Veteran Enticements
  • Land morale recovery.png +4% Army Morale Recovery
  • Elite Recruitment Standards
Encouraging retired soldiers to sign up to serve once again, will greatly increase the fighting experience of our armies.
Elite Recruitment Standards
  • Starting experience +5% Starting Experience
  • Discipline.png +5% Heavy Infantry Discipline

Create a character with high Military power.png martial skill

  • Retirement Opportunities
The availability of veteran soldiers is at a level where we can devote at least a portion of recruitment to them alone.
Multi-Discipline Training
  • Starting experience +2.5% Starting Experience
  • Manipular Legion
By teaching recruits the basics of all possible martial disciplines, they will have much better knowledge of how to fit in to a functioning military force.
  • Discipline.png +5% Discipline

Unlock the law for raising legions in all regions

  • Multi-Discipline Training
  • Veteran Reassignment
The Cohort developed after the Marian reforms were enacted in Rome. Each sub-unit of a legion was enlarged to consist of 480 fighting men, alongside various logistics specialists.
Scorched Earth
  • Attrition.png +1% Hostile Attrition
  • Tactical Withdrawal
Knowing that enemy forces will soon be crossing our lands, we can ensure that any potential supplies are moved, or simply destroyed.
Central Reserve
  • Supply limit.png +10% Supply Limit
  • Quick March
Maintaining a centralized store of vital military equipment will ensure that we always have the ability to keep our fighting forces supplied.
  • Army maintenance cost.png -5% Legion Maintenance Cost
  • Delayed Baggage Train
Placing the oversight of army pay in the hands of shrewd and incorruptible men, we might find that we save a surprising amount of gold.
Veteran Reassignment
  • Experience decay -0.50% Experience Decay
  • Elite Recruitment Standards
By taking an active role in ensuring that more experienced veterans are placed alongside newer recruits, we will ensure that valuable skills and knnowledge retain their value for much longer.
Tactical Withdrawal
  • Shattered retreat.png -2 Retreat Delay
  • Quick March
At times it is imperative to prepare your men for a tactical withdrawal, so you can return from a stronger position later on.
Army Surgeons
  • Attrition.png -10% Army Attrition
  • Supply limit.png +15% Supply Limit

Add Civic power.png 3 finesse to the character holding the Physician (Apothecary) office

One of:

  • Central Reserve
  • Paymasters
Attaching a small medical division to active armies, we can reduce the amount of avoidable casualties assoiacted with simply maintaining a large force.

Central tree[edit | edit source]

Military Tech Base Center.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
Material Science
  • Army weight modifier.png -10% Army Weight Modifier
Concrete, carburization, bronzework, and even the working of wood, contribute directly to the development of military technology. Harder steel in particular, allows numerous innovations previously thought impossible. In Rome, the Praefectus Fabrum oversaw the dissemination of various military innovations directly.
Boeotian Helmet
  • Discipline.png +2.5% Discipline
  • Material Science
The Boeotian helmet, favored by Alexander himself, allowed good vantage of one's surroundings, while still providing protection to the cranium.
  • Fort defense.png +5% Fort Defense
  • Material Science
The Pentaspastos was an innovative Greek crane, ideal for constructing defensive walls, buildings, and fortresses.
  • Siege engineers +1 Siege Engineers

Unlock the Gw effect siege doctrine.png Siege Traditions Gw map icon.png Great Wonder effect

  • Material Science
Purportedly used during the siege of Veii, long tunnels could be built underneath the fortifications of enemies, allowing access, or even the chance to damage enemy walls.
Scythian Saddles
  • Discipline.png +10% Heavy Cavalry Discipline
  • Boeotian Helmet
With better saddles, our cavalry are sure to be more comfortable riding their horses and have more control of their mounts while engaged in combat.
Vault and Dome
  • Fort defense.png +5% Fort Defense
  • Pentaspastos
Rome pioneered the usage of arches for bridge building, allowing for huge tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time.
  • Fort defense.png +10% Fort Defense
  • Garrison +10% Garrison Size
  • Garrison +10% Garrison Growth

One of:

  • Pentaspastos
  • Sapping
When our armies are deployed in one location for a significant period of time, they could better use their time by constructing trenches to slow the advance of potential enemies.
Siege Ladders
  • Assault ability.png +5% Assault Ability
  • Sapping
Storming a fortified position, whilst sometimes utilizing great siege engines, could often be achieved through more conventional means. Enough men and ladders, and any fort will fall, casualties notwithstanding.
  • Siege.png +2.5% Siege Ability
  • Siege Ladders
A small, anti-personnel variant of the siege ballista, the scorpion was deployed to deadly effect during prolonged sieges.
Blacksmith Apprentices
  • Cost -10% Heavy Infantry Cost

Unlock the Foundry Foundry building

  • Scythian Saddles
With more hands at their disposal our blacksmiths are sure to be more effective than ever before.
Fortified Camps
  • Fort defense.png +5% Fort Defense

Unlock the Earthworks Earthworks building

  • Vault and Dome
We shall teach our armies the skills required to build fortified camps, using only the materials available around them.
  • Siege.png +2.5% Siege Ability
  • Entrenchment
The process of surrounding a fortified location with secondary fortifications, served as a means of entirely dissociating them from the outside world.
Siege Towers
  • Siege.png +2.5% Siege Ability
  • Siege Ladders
During the siege of Rhodes, Demetrios employed towering siege engines to attempt to scale the walls of the Rhodian city.
  • Siege.png +2.5% Siege Ability
  • Fortified Camps

One of:

  • Blacksmith Apprentices
  • Investment
An extension of circumvallation, this tactic involved constructing a further ring of outward facing away from the encircled fort, preventing any enemy armies from breaking the siege.
Siege Ramps
  • Cost -10% Engineer Cost
  • Siege.png +5% Siege Ability
  • Attrition.png -5% Army Attrition
  • Scorpio

One of:

  • Siege Towers
  • Investment
The use of siege towers and battering rams was often rendered ineffective due to adverse terrain. The practice of constructing great ramps of earth or rubble, towards enemy fortifications, allowed siege engines to pass unhindered.
  • Siege.png +2.5% Siege Ability
  • Siege Ramps
Resembling huge crossbows, ballistae could fire vast kinetic payloads, capable of breaking walls, bodies, and morale.
  • Fort defense.png +20% Fort Defense
  • Contravallation
A variant of the earlier Greek model, this crane lifted even greater weights, making huge fortifications much more viable.
  • Siege engineers +1 Siege Engineers
  • Siege Ramps
All manner of siege engines fit into the category of 'tormenta', often firing kinetic or incendiary projectiles intended to cause devastation and panic.
Extraordinary Ordnance
  • Maintenance.png -10% Engineer Maintenance Cost
  • Tormenta
Throughout Antiquity, examples of unusual siege ammunition can be found. Snakes, severed body parts, and incendiary substances were used to demoralize or enrage opponents.
  • Siege engineers +1 Siege Engineers
  • Cost -10% Engineer Cost
  • Army movement speed.png -5% Army Movement Speed
  • Polyspaston

One of:

  • Extraordinary Ordnance
  • Ballistae
The mangonel is said to have originated in China, and spread westwards over the next several centuries. Capable of hurling a projectile vastly further than any previous siege engine, it was sure to strike fear into any potential defenders.

Right tree[edit | edit source]

Military Tech Base Right.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
Astral Navigation
  • Naval range.png +5% Naval Range

Build Port icon.png 1 port building in a random costal territory without a port or in a random territory with a port

The stars have long guided sailors safely to their destinations. The advent of basic charts cemented this into common practice, leading ultimately to advanced mechanisms designed to track and predict the movement of celestial bodies.
Dière Configuration
  • Morale.png +5% Liburnian Morale
  • Astral Navigation
Arranging the benches of a ship's rowers at alternating heights was a simple way to save space, allowing for a larger number of oarsmen, and thus speed, even on smaller vessels.
Kataphract Decks
  • Defence.png +5% Tetrere Defense
  • Defence.png +5% Hexareme Defense
  • Astral Navigation
Covered decks became possible with increased ship sizes, giving some protection to the rowers.
Lemboi Scouts
  • Offense.png +5% Liburnian Offense
  • Kuklos Tactic
The crew of the light Lemboi ships were both rowers and fighters, and their vessels light enough to be hauled onto the beaches at night, making them deadly scouting and ambush units.
  • Discipline.png +5% Tetrere Discipline
  • Piracy Amnesty
Establishing a command cadre on board each vessel, delineates between the common oarsmen, and the tactical elite.
  • Naval range.png +5% Naval Range

One of:

  • Lemboi Scouts
  • Wooden Rostra
The use of lateen sails allowed development of new naval maneuvering known as 'coming about', or tacking. This technique allowed ships to sail, albeit inefficiently, into the oncoming wind.
Reinforced Rostra
  • Discipline.png +5% Hexareme Discipline
  • Discipline.png +5% Tetrere Discipline
  • Naval range.png +10% Naval Range
  • Naval damage taken.png -5% Ship Damage Taken

One of:

  • Wooden Rostra
  • Catapult Platform
Developments in metalworking allow us to better brace our ships when constructing the ram.
Professional Sailors
  • Naval damage taken.png -5% Ship Damage Taken
  • Starting experience +10% Ship Starting Experience
  • Recruit mercenary cost modifier.png +1 Maximum Mercenary Armies

Unlock Enact law cost modifier.png monarchy's maritime laws

  • Centuria
Relying on career sailors, we can be assured that our navies will be crewed by the very best.
  • Discipline.png +10% Trireme Discipline
  • Tacking
Assigning every ship to a squadron will allow them to fight together as a cohesive unit, in the heat of battle.
Double Bow
  • Defence.png +5% Tetrere Defense
  • Defence.png +5% Hexareme Defense
  • Professional Sailors
By building ships with a double bow, their ability to take a beating improved significantly.
Experienced Seafarers
  • Blockade +20% Blockade Efficiency
  • Double Bow
If we want to be respected for our naval prowess, we are forced to invite and recruit the most experienced sailors at sea no matter their background.
Naval Supply Lines
  • Siege engineers +1 Siege Engineers
  • Lateen Sails
Coastal sieges were particularly harsh, as often, enemy cities could resupply by sea. By establishing our own system of patrol and resupply, we cut off all our foes' hope.
  • Naval damage done.png +5% Ship Damage Done
  • Rostra Casting
These ship-board catapults fired grappling hooks, providing ample opportunities for boarding, and the nullification of enemy vessels.
Counterbalanced Oars
  • Naval morale.png +5% Navy Morale Recovery
  • Experienced Seafarers
By placing lead weights at the end of an oar, they became evenly balanced and easier to handle for the rowers.
Patterned Construction
  • Local ship recruit speed.png -25% Ship Recruit Speed

Create a navy unit with Unit tetrere.png 4 tetreres and Unit hexere.png 4 hexeres in a random territory with a port

One of:

  • Advanced Rostra Design
  • Ship's Surgeon
Maintaining specified construction standards for our vessels is a sure way to increase the speed at which our shipyards can produce them.
Double Stern
  • Defence.png +5% Octareme Defense
  • Defence.png +5% Mega-Polyreme Defense
  • Patterned Construction
Adding a double stern further increased the ships defensive capability.
Catamaran Bow
  • Blockade +10% Blockade Efficiency
  • Patterned Construction
The catamaran bow created great stability and a larger deck where more and larger catapults could be mounted, turning the vessel into a literal fortress.

Unique inventions[edit | edit source]

Gallic tree[edit | edit source]

These inventions are available to all countries with a primary or an integrated culture belonging to the Belgae, Gallic or Pannonian culture group.

Martial Tech Galls.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
  • Fort defense.png +10% Fort Defense
  • Fortification.png +1 National Fort Infrastructure Capacity
  • Commerce value.png +1% Commerce Value
  • Fortified Camps
The oppida were large, fortified settlements, often built on hilltops which made them easy to defend. Oppida became important economic sites and trade hubs, and also political centres from which the authorities of the Gallic society made their decisions.
Noric Steel
  • Offense.png +5% Light Infantry Offense
  • Offense.png +5% Heavy Infantry Offense
  • Oppidum
Noric steel was mined from regions located around modern days Austria and Slovenia, and offered a natural chemical composition which made it harder than iron.
Celtic Calendar
  • Tribesman output +10% National Tribesman Output
  • Oppidum
Celtic calendars were aligned with the lunar cycle, starting each month at the same phase, and were used to keep track of the length of days, weeks, and months, as well as when to hold important seasonal festivals.
Celtic Plough
  • Tribesman output +10% National Tribesman Output
  • Global population growth.png +0.01 National Population Growth
  • Noric Steel
The Celts improved the less efficient ard plough with iron coulters, which had the ability to cut deeper and turn the soil, making ploughing more efficient as a field could be prepared in one pass, instead of several as was required with the older wooden ploughs.
  • Defence.png +5% Light Infantry Defense
  • Defence.png +5% Heavy Infantry Defense
  • Defence.png +5% Heavy Cavalry Defense
  • Noric Steel
The Celts were known to use chainmail armor as early as the 4th century BC, an armor that gave great protection against most weapons used during that era.
Four-Horned Saddle
  • Offense.png +10% Light Cavalry Offense
  • Offense.png +10% Heavy Cavalry Offense
  • Offense.png +10% Horse Archer Offense
  • Celtic Calendar
The four-horned saddle was an early solid-treed saddle which better distributed the rider's weight over the horse's back, relieving it of stress, which allowed prolonged use and better manoeuvrability, and served as a basis for the development of the true stirrup centuries later.
Montefortino Helmet
  • Discipline.png +10% Light Infantry Discipline
  • Discipline.png +10% Heavy Infantry Discipline
  • Celtic Plough
  • Chainmail
The Montefortino helmets had a simple round shape with a neck guard and hinged plates covering the cheeks. This offered good protection while not compromising visibility. The Romans later adopted this model and continued to create modified versions of it for centuries.
  • Morale.png +10% Light Cavalry Morale
  • Morale.png +10% Heavy Cavalry Morale
  • Morale.png +10% Horse Archers Morale
  • Four-Horned Saddle
The Trimarcisia was a cavalry tactic used by the Celts, were fallen horses or riders where quickly replaced by waiting backup units, which allowed them to hold their ranks and operate at full capacity during battles.
Timbered Roads
  • Army maintenance cost.png -10% Legion Maintenance Cost
  • Army movement speed.png +10% Army Movement Speed
  • Montefortino Helmet
  • Trimarcisia
The Gallic cultures preceded the Romans in connecting their settlements with roads, usually paved with logs to make them durable and suitable for travel with chariots and heavy wagons.

Syracuse invention[edit | edit source]

This invention is only available to Flag of Syracusae Syracusae.

Martial Tech Syracuse.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
Archimedes Principle
  • Starting experience +10% Ship Starting Experience
  • Astral Navigation
The seminal law of displacement was presented by Archimedes, a Greek polymath, who posited that an object immersed in water was subject to an upward force equal to the weight of the water displaced by the object.

Rome invention[edit | edit source]

This invention is only available to Flag of Rome Rome or (provided it completed a specific mission task) Flag of Carthage Carthage.

Martial Tech Rome.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
  • Ship capture chance.png +1% Ship Capture Chance
  • Harpax
Thought to be a unique manner of boarding device consisting of winch and bridge, the Corvus allowed soldiers to board enemy vessels with consummate ease.

Heirs of Alexander invention[edit | edit source]

This invention is only available if the Heirs of Alexander DLC is active.

Martial Tech HoA.png
Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description
Strategic Academy

Unlock the Gw effect military education.png Military Education Gw map icon.png Great Wonder effect

  • Professional Training
Our youth must be inducted into the most noble profession of warfare in a manner befitting our ancestors. The construction of great halls devoted to such an education must be forever in the mind's eye of our people.