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Highland heritage

Notes: For countries with a starting Country capital.png capital in a Hills hills terrain territory.

Fortress building cost.png -10% Fortress Building Cost
Price state investment civic cost modifier.png -5% Civic Provincial Investment Cost
Naval damage taken.png +5% Ship damage taken

Flag of Lucania Lucania is a local power in Magna Graecia.


Lucania begins in an Alliance.png alliance with Flag of Samnium Samnium, and has one Vassalized.png tributary: Flag of Elea Elea.

To the south lies Flag of Bruttia Bruttia and its tributary Flag of Thuria Thuria. To the north lies Flag of Samnium Samnium and Flag of Apulia Apulia. It shares its eastern coastline with the city-states of Flag of Herakleia Herakleia and Flag of Metapontum Metapontum.


Lucania begins with a Population.png population of 128 pops divided across its Local.png 9 territories. Most of the population is Lucanian, though there are some Messapian pops in the northern settlements and a minority of Italiotes in the coastal areas. All of Lucania's pops are Hellenic.