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Localisation modding[edit]

Localization modding is very simple, all localization is handled by .yml files in the localization folders which can be edited by advanced text editors like notepad++, if you want to mod existing localization, you have to search through .yml files however you can to find the game code whose localization you want to edit, but if you made new game code and want to include that's even easier. Just make a new .yml file while keeping the text syntax the same.

 wonder_lighthouse_of_pharos:0 "Lighthouse of Alexandria"
 wonder_giza:0 "Giza Pyramid Complex"
 wonder_halicarnassus:0 "Mausoleum at Halicarnassus"
 wonder_tomb_of_alexander:0 "Mausoleum of Alexander"
 wonder_tomb_of_alexander_entity:0 "Mausoleum of Alexander"
 wonder_colossus:0 "Colossus of Rhodes"
 wonder_dodona_oracle:0 "Oracle of Dodona"
 wonder_library_of_alexandria:0 "Library of Alexandria"

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