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Great powerKushan


Yuezhi (Bactrian)

Military traditions

Kushan is a formable nation that can be created by Yuezhi-cultured states in Central Asia. Historically, the Kushan Empire rose to power from the unification of the 20px Yuezhi tribes that had migrated into Bactria and Sogdiana in the wake of the declining Saka and Flag of Bactria Greco-Bactrian kingdoms, forming a vast empire from the Tarim Basin through to Bactria and much of northern India that would go on to that would be reckoned among the great powers of the world, growing rich from the trade of the Silk Road and renowned for their rich culture and patronage of Buddhism.

No Yuezhi-cultured countries or pops exist at start, but Yuezhi migration events will begin to trigger around 580 AUC, adding Yuezhi pops to territories in northern Sogdiana and the Tarim Basin and eventually allowing a country that has significant Yuezhi culture penetration to embrace it as their primary culture, allowing them to form Kushan. Tags in the region such as 20px Khotan, 20px Shule, or 20px Sogdia, as well as somewhat further countries that can nonetheless easily conquer the region such as Flag of Bactria Bactria, are prime candidates for forming Kushan; 20px Yuezhi is a common intermediate tag, as its territorial requirements are smaller and it gives claims on all provinces needed to form Kushan. Notably for an endgame tier 3 tag, it only requires controlling a few provinces in a generally divided and easy to unite area, but gives claims to territories far beyond its requirements from Sogdiana all the way to northern India, representing the heartland of the historical Kushan Empire and providing a basis for a powerful empire should the emergent Kushan be able to conquer these areas.

Formation requirements[edit]


Form Kushan

The mighty Yuezhi people are known by different names to many. In the far, misted east, we are known as the Guishuang. Our foes in these greener pastures know us know as Kushan. Let us adopt this identity, and forge an empire the likes of which this region has never before seen!

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country has Yuezhi culture
  • Is not 20px Kushan
  • Is not a Tier 3 formable
  • Country has Yuezhi culture
  • Controls all of the following provinces:
    • Ferghana
    • Shule
    • Talas
    • Kyreschata

  • Current country becomes 20px Kushan
  • Add Citizens 4 citizen pops and Freemen 4 freemen pops to the capital
  • If the capital has the modifier Emergent Center of Civilization, remove it
  • Capital gets the modifier Emergent Capital until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth
    • Freeman happiness +8% Local Freeman Happiness
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
  • Get claims on all territories in the regions of Bactriana, Sogdiana, and Gandhara
Formation requirements for Kushan. Fully coloured territories are required, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.