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Flag of Judea Judean heritage

Fort defense.png +10% Fort defense
Religious tech investment.png +10% Religious Tech Investment
Pop assimilation.png −25% Pop Conversion Speed

Flag of Judea Judea is a landlocked local power in Palestine, an autonomous and highly contested province of the Diadochi Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom under the rule of the hereditary High Priests of Israel. Historically coming under the rule of the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire as the wars of the Diadochi came to a close, Judea would regain its independence under the Hasmonean dynasty during the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BC as the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukids declined, re-establishing an independent Jewish kingdom that would come to control much of Palestine until the establishment of a Flag of Rome Roman client state under the Herodian dynasty. As the first Jewish state since the fall of Judah several centuries before, the memory of Jewish independence would drive the many Jewish revolts until the final destruction of Judea and the dispersal of the Jews across the empire.

Ingame, Judea begins as a Vassalized.png tributary of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom on the border with Flag of Egypt Egypt and Flag of Nabatea Nabatea, protected against invasions but highly vulnerable should it decide to go its own way. Even so, Judea's position as the strongest Jewish nation in the game makes it the best option for the Kingdom of David and the Holy Pilgrim Achievements; with sufficient patience and guile Judea may be able to take advantage of the ongoing Wars of the Diadochi or another period of instability to carve its own kingdom in the area, perhaps even seizing control of Syria or Egypt to finally emerge as a major power strong enough to take the destiny of the Jewish peoples into its own hands.


Main article: Judean events

Judea has a number of unique events for the historical Maccabean Revolt which will trigger if it does not exist and the Judean areas are controlled by a non-Jewish country. The country can either choose to release Judea as a client state to appease the Jews, attempt to maintain the status quo, or try to force conversion on the Jews, though the last option especially is likely to lead to considerable unrest and perhaps even a revolt if not handled correctly.


Judea begins as a Vassalized.png tributary of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom.


Judea starts with the following Jewish pantheon:

  • War: Moses
  • Economy: David
  • Culture: Samuel
  • Fertility: Esther


Judea starts with a Population.png population of 124 across Local.png 20 territories. Almost all of the population is Hebrew Jewish, with small minorities of Phoenician Jewish and Aramaic Jewish pops near its borders.

The population type breakdown is listed below:

  • Pop noble.png 1 (0.81%) Noble
  • Citizens 18 (14.52%) Citizens
  • Freemen 47 (37.90%) Freemen
  • Tribesmen 24 (19.35%) Tribesmen
  • Slaves 34 (27.42%) Slaves


The strategy described here will be geared towards the beginning of the campaign, breaking away from the Antigonids, allying Egypt, and gathering some land to begin the process of unlocking the Kingdom of David and Holy Pilgrim Achievements. This strategy requires a little RNG luck at the beginning so restarts may be necessary.

Immediately before un-pausing the game, cancel tribute to the Antigonids, arrange a marriage for your ruler, set ideas (forOratory power.png increased loyalty is recommended), import iron if possible, assign the army to become a regional army and set them to drill. It is possible that immediately after un-pausing, Egypt will offer you an alliance. Accept the alliance and start preparing for war. Also embrace any inventions that might seem useful, such as an additional import route or increased siege ability. When choosing import routes, try not to import from the Antigonids, since Judea and the Antigonids will be at war very soon. Also make sure to take the matter of Palestine mission to give claims.

Un-pause and recruit some heavy infantry and other preferred cohorts to your drilling army. Once everything is set up and an alliance with Egypt is secured, fabricate a claim on Nabatea. It is important to fabricate a claim after Egypt offers an alliance otherwise they will not send an offer. Note: If Egypt doesn't offer an alliance by the time they go to war with the Antigonids then it would be advised to restart. Around March of 451, you should receive a message regarding Egypt wanting to provoke war with the Antigonids. Egypt might insult Judea and consider leaving the alliance, if this happens, improve their opinion. In the case that they do break the alliance, a restart would be advised. In 452 (or earlier), Egypt and the Antigonids should start a war from an event. Once Egypt calls Judea into the war, occupy as much territory as you can in the provinces of Decapolis, Philista, and Galilee. If Judea is the occupier, when Egypt sues for peace, Judea should get some land in the peace deal. During the Antigonid war, Samaria will be vulnerable as you can declare war on them without calling in the Antigonids as you're already at war.

Good early allies are Liyhan, Thamund and Cyrenaica, Egypt will usually ally these nations so they can only declare war on you at the cost of all their alliances.

Additionally, in general Judea is a good defensive nation early on due to the Levantine Traditions which give options to increase hostile attrition while decreasing your own. The Judean Heritage also give's Judea a 10% bonus to fort defense.


Kingdom of David icon
Kingdom of David
Starting as a Jewish nation, own the regions of Palestine and Syria, as well as the areas of Sinai, Eastern Delta, Central Delta, Memphis, Euphrates, Niniveh, Mesopotamia Superior, Apolloniatis, Babylonia, Cittacine, and Sumer
Holy Pilgrim icon
Holy Pilgrim
As a Jewish country own and control all original Jewish Holy Sites: Ekbatana, Oros Chorib, Apologos, Jerusalem, Ephraim, Sousa, Kadasa and Aqola.