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Unusually amongst contemporary faiths, Judaism is a monotheistic religion. Following a series of prophets and teachers, the Jewish holy book, the Torah, contains the details of a covenant created between God and the children of Israel.
— In-game-description

The Jewish religion is a monotheistic faith found in Palestine, with pockets in Arabia. This article documents the prophets associated with the religion. All values are for Omen.png+100% Omen Power.

As it is a monotheistic religion, Jewish nations are unable to deify rulers, but all of the available prophets are already deified characters. Jewish omens last for 7.5 years (Omen.png +50% omen duration), rather than the usual 5, and Jewish nations benefit from Omen.png+15% Omen Power. Jewish countries cannot worship deities of other religions in their pantheon and all Jewish deities are likewise unavailable to non-Jewish countries, even if they control Jewish Holy Site.png holy sites or have a large proportion of Jewish pops.

Every Jewish nation benefits from Omen.png +15% omen power and Pop assimilation.png +20% Pop Assimilation Speed.

General prophets[edit | edit source]

These prophets are available to all Jewish nations:

Prophet Category Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Deborah War Starting experience −0.50% Experience Decay Morale.png +5% Morale of Armies Manpower.png 1,500 Manpower, if manpower is below 80%
Military experience.png 2.00 Military Experience, otherwise
742, Kadasa, Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom
Ezekiel War Reinforcement speed.png +5% Reinforcement Speed Fort defense.png +12% Fort Defense Supply limit.png +5.00 Supply Limit and Fort defense.png+15% Local Fort Defense in the capital province for five years 922, Aqola, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire
Moses War Starting experience +5% Starting Experience Manpower recovery speed.png +8% Manpower Recovery Speed Gain Province investment 1 Free Province Investment 1693, Oros Chorib, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Ezra Culture Province loyalty +0.025 Provincial Loyalty Slave happiness +6% National Slave Happiness Stability.png 10 Stability 942, Apologos, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire
Samuel Culture Aggressive expansion.png −0.025 Aggressive Expansion Change State religion happiness +12% State Religion Happiness Religious tech investment.png +10.00 Religious Advances progress 687, Jerusalem, Flag of Judea Judea
Solomon Culture Stability.png +0.025 Monthly Stability Change Popularity.png +0.10 Monthly Ruler Popularity Gain Get National tax +2% Local Tax, Population capacity +1.00 Population Capacity, and Citizen happiness +8% Local Citizen Happiness in Jerusalem (687) until the end of the game
Caleb Economy Global capital trade routes.png +2.00 Capital Import Routes Tyranny−0.04 Monthly Tyranny Two Citizens Citizens appear in the capital 683, Ephraim, Flag of Judea Judea
Daniel Economy Political influence.png +10% Monthly Political Influence Stability.png +0.04 Monthly Stability Change Up to 2 employed characters will convert to the Jewish faith 946, Sousa, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire
David Economy Citizen output+10% National Citizen Output National tax +10% National Tax Two Freemen Freemen appear in the capital
Abraham Fertility Global population growth.png +0.10% National Population Growth Monthly food.png +15% Global Monthly Food Modifier Up to 5 pops in a random territory will convert to the Jewish faith 691, Hebron, Flag of Judea Judea
Esther Fertility Policy religious conversion.png +5% Pop Conversion Speed Unintegrated culture group happiness +4% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory will assimilate to Hebrew culture 1595, Ekbatana, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire
Joseph Fertility Monthly food.png +10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Freeman happiness +6% National Freeman Happiness Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth in the capital province for five years 680, Shekhem, Flag of Samaria Samaria

Events[edit | edit source]