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Local powerItaliote League

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Italiote (Hellenistic)

Military traditions

The Flag of Italiote League Italiote League is a formable nation in southern Europe, representing a unification of the Italiote cities of mainland Magna Graecia and a restoration and federalization of the league led by Flag of Tarentum Tarentum that once allied together many of the Greek cities of the region. It can be formed by countries of Italiote culture with their capital in the regions of Magna Graecia and Italia such as Flag of Tarentum Tarentum, Flag of Croton Croton, Flag of Rhegium Rhegium, or Flag of Ancona Ancona, and requires the conquest or subjugation of enough of the many Italiote cities along the Italian coast to be recognized as the leader and hegemon of all Italiotes. In addition to fighting the other Italiote city states, creating the league may also involve coming into conflict with some of the Italic tribes, particularly Flag of Lucania Lucania and Flag of Bruttia Bruttia, as well as the nearby powers of Flag of Rome Rome and Flag of Syracusae Syracusae who that have expanded their power into the region.

Unlike most formable nations, the Italiote League can only be formed by mission task, not decision, and is not a formal part of the formable nation tier system, and so for the most part can form and be formed by any other formable nation, so long as the country meets all of the other requirements. In particular, the Italiote League is typically formed as a stepping stone towards the unification of Flag of Magna Graecia Magna Graecia.

Formation requirements[edit]

Main article: Greater Greece

The Italiote League is formed as a reward partway through the Greater Greece Greek cultural mission available to the Italiote culture countries of Italy.

Mission Potential Requirements Effects Time Description
Task diplomatic.png Italiote League
  • Always

  • Owns or has Italiote culture subjects that own at least 5 territories with dominant Italiote culture

When the task is started:

When the task is complete:

  • Tooltip:
    • Italiote subjects will be annexed.
    • If they exist, Italiote city-states may join our league voluntarily.
    • [gm_3_greek_scope.GetName] gains claims on all Italiote cities.
    • Current country becomes Flag of Italiote League Italiote League
  • Get the event Italiote League: A New Dawn

180 days

In the past the Italiote cities banded together in a league, defending each other from Italic invaders and brazen neighbors. We should revive this federation as a means of claiming Italiote leadership.


Italiote League: A New Dawn

We have succeeded in establishing the Italiote League, though in a far more unified version than has ever existed.

With this step, we lay claim to the leadership of all Italiote Greeks, and thus all Magna Graecia.

Trigger conditions
  • The current country exists
Is triggered only by

the Italiote League mission task

Immediate effects
  • Current country becomes Flag of Italiote League Italiote League
  • The current ruler gets the nickname "Omagyrios"
  • Get claims on all territories in the region of Magna Graecia that have Policy cultural assimilation.png Italiote dominant culture
  • Annex all Vassalized.png subjects with Policy cultural assimilation.png Italiote primary culture
  • For all AI-controlled Policy cultural assimilation.png Italiote primary culture countries that own Local.png 1 territory:
    • 25% chance that the country is annexed by the current country

Event button.png
We will unite all.
  • Tooltip: The mission task Italiote League has now been Completed
All Italiote territories at the beginning of the game. At least 5 such territories must be owned or vassalized to form the Italiote League and any remaining unowned territories in the Magna Graecia region will be claimed, though note that it is possible for the cultural makeup of territories to change throughout the game.