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The italic traditions represent the focus on heavily armored and disciplined infantry found in the Etruscan, Roman and other Latin states. They came to favor the sword over the spear, and relied on quickly closing ground with and dispersing less well equipped infantry using strict formations, such as the Triplex Acies, with supporting light cavalry and skirmishers.

Availability and focus[edit]


The italic traditions are available for countries with the following culture groups:

  • Latin

The traditions focus on strengthening the below unit types and possibly unlock some new abilities:


Starting bonus
The Walled City icon
The Walled City

  • Fort defense.png +15% Fort defense
Heavily fortified cities dotted the landscape of the Italian peninsula for generations. In Rome, the Servian wall looms high, built after the catastrophic sacking at the hands of Brennus the Gaul, and affording the inhabitants a small measure of peace from the strife to come.
Tribal path
Latin tribal path 1.png
  • Artisanal Bronzework
  • Defense +10% Light infantry defense
Latin tribal path 2.png
  • The Equestrian Order
  • Offense +15% Light cavalry offense
Latin tribal path 3.png
  • Pietas
  • Omen.png +15% Omen power
Latin tribal path 4.png
  • The Acquisition of Wealth
  • Enslavement efficiency.png +10% Enslavement efficiency
  • National output +10% National slave output
Latin tribal path 5.png
  • The Aulos
  • Morale.png +10% Light infantry morale

Latin tribal path 6.png
  • Mare Nostrum
  • Maintenance.png −10% Navy maintenance cost
Latin tribal path 7.png
  • Rousing Oratory
  • Manpower.png +10% National manpower
Latin tribal path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Hill Dwellers
  • Combat bonus +15% Archers combat bonus in hills
  • Combat bonus +15% Light infantry combat bonus in hills
Support path
Latin support path 1.png
  • State Navy
  • Morale.png +10% Morale of Navies
Latin support path 2.png
  • The Fabri
  • Siege engineers +1 Siege engineers
Latin support path 3.png
  • Scale the Walls
  • Siege ability +10% Siege ability
Latin support path 4.png
  • Castra
  • Yes Enable "Construct Border Fort" ability
Latin support path 5.png
  • Logistics of State
  • Cost −10% Archers cost
  • Cost −10% Heavy infantry cost
  • Cost −10% Light infantry cost
Latin support path 6.png
  • Scutum
  • Defense +15% Heavy infantry defense
Latin support path 7.png
  • Foederati
  • Defense +10% Horse archers defense
  • Defense +10% Light cavalry defense
Latin support path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Rome, Ascendant
  • Cost −50% Hold triumph cost
  • Loyalty.png +5 General loyalty
Roman path
Latin roman path 1.png
  • Principes
  • Discipline.png +10% Heavy infantry Offense
Latin roman path 2.png
  • Triplex Acies
  • Triplex acies Enable "Triplex Acies" tactic
Latin roman path 3.png
  • Triarii
  • Discipline.png +10% Heavy infantry discipline
Latin roman path 4.png
  • Roman Roads
  • Yes Enable "Build Military Road" ability
Latin roman path 5.png
  • Professional Soldiers
  • Monthly war exhaustion −0.01 Monthly war exhaustion

Latin roman path 6.png
  • Velites
  • Offense +10% Light infantry offense
Latin roman path 7.png
  • The Honor of Service
  • Manpower recovery speed.png +5% Manpower recovery speed
Latin roman path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: March of the Eagles
  • Morale.png +10% Morale of Armies


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