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Flag of Ionia Ionian heritage

Happiness for wrong culture group modifier.png +3% Unintegrated culture group happiness
Research points.png +10% Research Points
Pop slaves output.png −5% National Slave Output

Flag of Ionia Ionia is a local power on the western coast of Asia and one of the many free Greek city-states and leagues owing allegiance to the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom. Settled by Ionians during the Greek Dark Ages from places like Flag of Megara Megara and Flag of Athens Athens, the Ionian League of 304 BCE is a revival of the old Panionian League. Sponsored by the Antigonids, along with the neighbouring Flag of Aeolia Aeolian League, the restored Ionian League is centered at Priene but lacks the historical territories of Flag of Miletos Miletos and Flag of Halikarnassos Halikarnassos. Despite its vassal status, Ionia is one of the more powerful states in the area.

Historically, Ionia would remain under the control of stronger powers and follow the political fortunes of the rest of Asia Minor, conquered from Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid control first to Flag of Thrace Thrace and then the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire, after that coming under the influence of Flag of Pergamon Pergamon and finally passing with the rest of the region to Flag of Rome Rome.

Background[edit | edit source]

Centuries ago, the most important Greek cities of the region were united in the Panionian League. Among them, Flag of Miletos Miletos held economic and political supremacy for centuries. To maintain this position, Flag of Miletos Miletos was the first city to voluntarily join the Flag of Achaemenid Empire Persian side and sign a treaty of submission. Another city, Ephesos, which had enriched itself on trade with the east, embraced eastern cultural characteristics and increasingly diverged from its origin culture, at least from the point of view of the Greek mainland. It was one of the few Ionic cities to never join the Flag of Delian League Delian League. Local autonomy and free trade were the paramount interests of Ionian greeks. In principle, therefore, belonging to a multi-ethnic empire like the Flag of Achaemenid Empire Achaemenid Empire was not a contradiction as long as sufficient economic, political and religious freedom remained and was protected by the suzerainty. "Ionism" was the unifying bond here and the Ionian League its most powerful manifestation.

Unfortunately, history does not provide a detailed account for how long the league persisted. By the time of Alexander the Great's conquest, the league had been superseded by several different authorities and alliances and was likely a cultural affiliation and not much more.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Greek missions#The Hospitable Sea

As a Hellenistic culture group country in the region of Asia, Ionia has access to the Euxine Sea Hellenistic cultural mission tree The Hospitable Sea if it can be come independent and grow to own at least 25 territories, directing it to expand its influence in the region and dominate the coasts of the Euxine Sea. Like most other Hellenistic group countries, if Ionia conquers territory in Greece it can also get the Greek cultural mission tree Pan-Hellenic Government and attempt to unite the Greek city-states into a new Flag of Hellenic League Hellenic League.

Like all other countries, Ionia also has access to the generic missions.

Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Antigonid Cause Wavers

When Antigonos I Monophthalmos, the starting ruler of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom, dies, their empire will disintegrate if they have not managed to conquer Korinthos (418) from Flag of Macedon Macedon or have failed to maintained control over a number of key cities scattered across their vast Asian territories. Although, many territories and subjects will change hands, Ionia itself will remain a subject of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom after the event triggers.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

As a Hellenistic culture group country, Ionia has access to the decision to form the Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire. Note that this requires reforming into a monarchy.


Reunite Alexander's Empire

For too long parasites and scavengers have made a feast of the Great Empire that Alexander spent a lifetime building. It is time we do away with all claimants, usurpers and delusional provincial strongmen. There can be only one authority within the empire of Alexander the Great, one upholder of the great Hellenistic legacy that this great man founded.

That one power could not possibly come from any dynasty but our own. Only a family that respects the Argead traditions can legitimately claim its legacy.

Potential requirements
  • Has not previously formed the Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Hellenistic culture group
  • Is a monarchy
  • Is not Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • Is not AI-controlled or has more than 40 territories
  • Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire does not current exist
  • Is a monarchy
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns or has a subject that owns the following territories:
    • Pella (379)
    • Korinthos (418)
    • Athenai (416)
    • Lysimacheia (350)
    • Sardeis (292)
    • Alexandreia (516)
    • Memphis (500)
    • Gaza (659)
    • Tyros (743)
    • Antigoneia (790)
    • Ammoneion (5537)
    • Babylon (918)
    • Seleukeia Megale (911)
    • Persepolis (4799)
    • Ekbatana (1595)
    • Taxila (7314)
    • Alexandrou Limen (6821)

  • If the country is tribal, add the modifier Civilizing Tribe for 10 years, giving:
    • Civilization.png +0.10% Monthly Civilization Change
    • Local pop promotion speed.png +2 Pop Promotion Speed
    • Integrated culture happiness +10% Integrated Culture Happiness
  • If the government type is not Empire or Imperial Cult, set the country's government to Empire
  • If the country was originally a republic:
    • If the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Provisioning Act or Enact law cost modifier.png Punic Reforms law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Guard law
    • Otherwise, if the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Military Modernization or Enact law cost modifier.png Marian Reform law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Army law
  • Get the modifier Argead Unification until the end of the game, giving:
    • Unintegrated culture group happiness +6% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness
    • Land morale recovery.png +5% Morale of Armies
    • Diplomatic reputation.png +2 Diplomatic Reputation
    • Freeman happiness +8% National Freeman Happiness
  • Get Province investment 5 free province investments
  • Current country becomes Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • If the current ruler has the Blood of the Argeads Blood of the Argeads trait, set the country's name to Flag of Argead Empire Argead Empire
  • Get the event Capital of an Empire
  • Get claims on all unowned provinces in the regions of Parthia, Syria, Ariana, Bactriana, Media, Persis, Gedrosia, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Bithynia et Paphlagonia, Cappadocia Taurica, Phrygia, Cilicia, Asia, Greece, Palestine, Gandhara, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Macedonia, and Thrace
  • If the country is Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom, Flag of Macedon Macedon, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire, Flag of Egypt Egypt, or Flag of Thrace Thrace and is not AI-controlled, award the achievement No More Worlds Left to Conquer

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Ionia starts the game as a Vassalized.png feudatory of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom. As such, Ionia is automatically called to war in the scripted Diadochi wars.

Population[edit | edit source]

Ionia has a Population.png population of 113 at the beginning of the game. Culturally, the population is very diverse with 9 different cultures, the top three being Ionian, Aegean and Lydian. Having only 30 integrated Ionian pops and a very large proportion of wrong culture pops means that cultural unity and Levy.pnglevy size is low at start and will remain so unless the country integrates some minority cultures or acquires more Ionian pops by conquest. By religion, the country is more unified with 76% Hellenic pops, making population happiness less of an issue for the small state.

The population type breakdown is listed below:

  • Pop noble.png 4 Nobles
  • Citizens 27 Citizens
  • Freemen 40 Freemen
  • Tribesmen 11 Tribesmen
  • Slaves 31 Slaves

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Achievements[edit | edit source]

Pan-Hellenic League icon
Pan-Hellenic League
As any Greek Republic, own the entire region of Greece.
On the Measure of the Earth icon
On the Measure of the Earth
As any Greek nation, build Towers in Omboi and Alexandria.
Proclamation of Tyre icon
Proclamation of Tyre
As a Greek Republic, have Macedon, Egypt, the Seleucid Empire, Thrace or the Antigonid Empire as a subject.