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Below is a template for country pages. All instances of "timeless" for "Version" and "SVersion" templates should be replaced with the version at the time of writing. Follow any instructions in comments (<!-- They look like this on the editing page -->).

Local powerStyle/Country
Primary culture
Culture (group)

Capital province
Province name (prov ID)

Government type

State religion
Military traditions

Country name is a SIZE country in REGION. Short (at most two paragraphs) description of situation in 450 A.U.C. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In id metus et nulla semper tempus ac id enim. In nec nunc nisl. Donec consectetur sem at sodales gravida. Duis non ante quis eros scelerisque posuere. Sed malesuada diam a arcu egestas, sed molestie magna lacinia. Sed erat nibh, faucibus ac augue id, vulputate viverra magna.


If the country has no events, leave out this section. If they've got 5 or more, put the events on a separate page named "country adjective events" and link it using {{main|Country adjective events}} and write a short description of what the events are about. Example event:

Formation requirements

If the country is a formable country, their formation requirements go here. Otherwise, leave out the section.


If the country has no decisions, leave out this section. This section simply lists the decisions a country has.


Have a good strategy for Style/Country?
+ Add it to this article and help other players!
Please note the style guidelines and the example page.

If you don't have a strategy for the country, simply put "{{add|Strategy}}<!-- If writing a guide, please use 3rd person language (the player/Rome) rather than 1st (I/we) or 2nd (you) person language. " in this section.

Other than following the style guidelines, write anything you feel might be useful in the guide.

Finally, leave the following at the end of the page, replacing "Europe" with the continent the country is on (your strategy will only be added to this box if it is at least B-ranked):

Template:Country navbox