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Game modification: Imperator Invictus
Imperator Invictus.png Imperator Invictus

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Imperator: Invictus Team

Steam workshop

Imperator: Invictus is a collaborative effort by the Imperator modding community. The primary aim of this mod is to enhance the flavour of the game adding content and balance challenges to enrich the immersive experience.

Description[edit | edit source]

Invictus is Latin for unconquered, undefeated.

Given the unfortunate news concerning the game status, having been discontinued from new updates and DLC releases by Paradox, this mod is our effort to prevent this great game from going gently into that dark night.

Within the lifespan of the current game, there have been various attempts to develop features for the game by the modding community, but these efforts have not yet been consolidated into a single grand work. By creating one grand modpack, Imperator Invictus can ensure all smaller flavour mods included are compatible with one another and can be enjoyed as one full experience developed by all I:R modders. This modpack merges many existing flavour mods, greatly expanding vanilla content while also adding brand new content developed by the Invictus team, without being a total rework. To allow as many players to enjoy this mod with only vanilla game experience, it is not intended to completely overhaul the game and its mechanics.

Integrated mods[edit | edit source]

Mod Description Author
2 Spartans mod Makes it so that Sparta has 2 kings. Paulus
Bloodlines Adds various bloodlines to the map. MAX
Commander kings mod Adds a regency mechanic allowing rulers to lead legions. Paulus
Great Wonders Refined Adds more variation to Wonder building. Julianos
Hibernia Invicta (partially) Adds new government types and a new formable for Irish nations. Rextoret
Iberian Flavor mod Reworks the Iberian map and adds various Treasures and Deities. Tudhaliya
Interesting Histories Adds short historical introductions to 44 nations, including new visuals as to how life might have looked like. Pureon
Interesting Treasures Adds 68 treasures to nations throughout the world. Pureon
Legacy of Menander A gameplay expansion for Bactria/Indo-Greek Kingdom adding tons of flavor events and missions. Protodeus
Rosetta Adds hundreds of new dynamic province names. Protodeus
Sell Provinces Adds a diplomatic action to sell whole provinces or regions. Agamidae
The Forgotten Adds two new military traditions, 20 heritages, new models and splits of the Thracian culture group. Doldenberg
Unofficial patch Fixes various scripting bugs in vanilla. Umgssda
Diadochi Flavour Pack Adds dynamic naming to Diadochi. gmb360

Original content[edit | edit source]

Development includes mission trees, events, decisions, heritages, new tags, deities, traits. The best way to find out about the new content is to search the table below and read the Dev Diaries.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Missions


Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Events

Galatian Invasion (Invictus) Take part in or defend from the armies of the north: Imperator Invictus dindaria.png Dindaria, Imperator Invictus scordiscia.png Scordiscia, Imperator Invictus celegeria.png Celegeria, Imperator Invictus tolistobogia.png Tolistobogia, Imperator Invictus tectosagia.png Tectosagia, Imperator Invictus trocmia.png Trocmia invade in a chaotic dynamic event chain, bringing the Hellenic world to its knees. Can the Gauls conquer new lands? Will the Hellenes stand strong?

Wonders[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Wonders


  • 7 new starting wonders across the ancient world, from the Ziggurat of Ur to the Palace of Knossos.
  • Rebalancing of wonder buffs. All ancient wonders, including the base game wonders, receive a unique level-4 buff.
  • 3 new wonders that can be built by event or mission task.

Religions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Religion


  • Brand-new religions have been added: such as Marite, as well as Natic.
  • Many new deities/paradigms have been added across multiple religions.
  • Every religions' modifier has been expanded to add more character to each religion.
  • New unique flavor gods for specific country tags, like Melosocus for Istria.png Istria and Aphrodite Areia for Imperator Invictus sparta.png Sparta.
  • An entire unique pantheon for the Illyrian culture group, except for the Messapian culture which does have its own altered spelling for Zeus (Zis), Demeter (Damater) and Aphrodite (Aprodita Lahona).
  • Special syncretic deities are also available to be unlocked by select cultures.
  • Additionally, new art has been added for many deities.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Traits


  • New bloodline heritages have been added to the ruling dynasties and families of several starting countries including Imperator Invictus sparta.png Sparta, Maurya.png Maurya, Rome.png Rome and more.
  • To give flavor to the birth order of a ruler's children, each child is given a unique trait.
  • New traits for Hindu rulers, patron deities can now be chosen by decision once per ruler giving unique buffs for that ruler's life to your nation.
  • New traits for Buddhist characters have been added to represent the four stages of awakening, a Buddhist spiritual process spoken about in Early Buddhism. These traits are a progression with increasing buffs.

Inventions[edit | edit source]

Many inventions have been added, mostly for culture groups. While not all cultures have received such inventions, most have. The following Culture groups have received new inventions that can be compared to the vanilla ones (Greek, Italian, Indian and Gallic). They can be unlocked via a cultural decision, "Patronise Culture Adjective Literature and Art" once enough pops are integrated. Some of them also unlock new decisions or character interactions or event chains, some of which might have additional, hidden requirements. Some nations have also received unique inventions, such as Tylos who has gained "Cotton Trade" that gives a whopping Commerce value.png +20% Commerce Income.

Name Modifier On activate Requirements Description

Territories[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator Invictus/Territories


  • New territories in Nubia have been added to highlight the strategic importance of desert trade and travel.
  • Two new regions, Fezzan (modern Libya) and Atlas (modern Morocco/Algeria), have been added with many new tags to fill their borders, including the powerful Imperator Invictus garamantia.png Garamantes people.
  • The Maldives have been added to the map and Lanka (Ceylon) has gained a few more territories.
  • Three new terrain types have been added for desert regions, giving them more variety and tactical considerations.

Background art[edit | edit source]

Northern India City Background

Imperator Invictus.png Imperator Invictus features various new character backgrounds throughout the world, such as in Rome, Alexandria, Memphis, Babylon, Carthage, India, Stonehenge and The Seven Wonders of the World.

Balance changes[edit | edit source]

Trade Goods Production[edit | edit source]

The Invictus Mod changes the game so the player no longer get an extra free resource from Cities. This is both done to balance the City Meta and to be a general nerf to commerce income as fewer goods are available on the map.

Governor Policies[edit | edit source]

The Invictus Mod strengthens the effects of the governor’s policies devoted to centralization and decentralization, these tweaks will help moving the population. Harsh treatment has also been changed now providing slave unhappiness. Finally, the mod changes the Governor priorities a bit so it will be better at selecting governor policies.

Food[edit | edit source]

Buildings rework[edit | edit source]

The overall goals of the building rework are: to make each building better achieve their intended effect, make the production of trade goods more accessible through buildings, reduce the amount of pop movement micromanagement, and to reprice buildings at a more logical way.

General changes: It may be helpful to first speak about changes to base cost for each of the buildings. To streamline this process, consider each of the city buildings into tiers 1, 2, and 3 based on the build cost. Since the mod has also changed the base costs of settlement buildings as well, It may be helpful to also think of them as Tier 2 (with one exception). Moving forward, Tier 1 buildings will have a base cost of 80 gold (down from 100 gold). This should help smaller nations who have less money available to them to more easily build them and make the choice of building multiples of these buildings more appealing. Tier 1 buildings include the granary, library, marketplace, training camp, tax office, AND the tribal settlement. Regarding the last building, It was noticed that very few tribes had the funds to build multiple tribal settlements and their use was limited (even for tribal nations). With the smaller cost, the mod helps players to develop their tribal lands a bit.

Tier 2 buildings will have a base cost double that of tier 1, which is 160 gold (up from 150 gold for cities, down from 200 gold). Most tier 2 city buildings have received some slight effect boosts to help compensate for the increased cost while the settlement buildings have received a 20% reduction in their base cost. This price reduction will help speed up the development of territories which, among other things, speeds up trade good production. Tier 2 buildings include Fortresses, Ports, Academies, Courts of Law, Forums, Mills, Barracks, Mines, Slave Estates, Farming Settlements, and Provincial Legations.

Tier 3 buildings will have a base cost double that of tier 2, which is 320 gold (up from 320 gold except for Earthworks, which goes up to the Tier 2 cost of 160 gold). Tier 3 buildings are the most powerful, locked behind tech, and are typically some of the most spammed buildings in wider empires. The price increase is small but will help to curb the speed with which they are spammed. Note, most Tier 3 buildings haven’t changed much except for the Foundry, which is arguably the most significant change in rework. Tier 3 buildings include Earthworks, Foundries, Great Temples, and Grand Theaters.

All new buildings effects are listed in the following page: Buildings Rework (Invictus)

Culture[edit | edit source]

The 3 Indian culture groups: Aryan, Dravidian, and Pracyan have been drastically changed. 21 new cultures have been made and spread throughout India to bring better balance to India.

In Invictus, the Nubian culture group has been split in two with Kerman in the north and Meroitic in the south. Additionally, a new culture group: Nilotic has been made to represent the vast ethno linguistic differences between Nubian peoples and their southern neighbors down the Nile. Lastly, the Blemmyan culture has been moved to the Aksumite culture group, in vanilla it is in the Nubian group although there are vast cultural and linguistic differences between the two peoples.

Another culture group that has been added is the Fezzani culture in North Africa between Egypt and Carthage for Garamantes and it's surrounding tags.

Land units[edit | edit source]

List of unit types[edit | edit source]

Unit type Cost Time Cost Monthly
Build requirements Siege
Maneuver Morale
Unit archers.png Archers 8 45 0.24 none, always available 2.5 2 +20% −10% 5% 2.4 0.1
Unit camel cavalry.png Camel Cavalry 15 40 0.54 Camels Camels 3.5 4 2.5% 3.6 0.2
Unit chariots.png Chariots 8 45 0.24 Military tradition: Barbarian or Indian 2.5 1 5% 2.4 0.2
Unit heavy cavalry.png Heavy Cavalry 18 120 0.58 Horses Horses 3.5 2 +100% 5% 2.4 0.25
Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy Infantry 16 60 0.58 Iron Iron 2.5 1 −10% +50% 5% 2.4 0.2
Unit horse archers.png Horse Archers 16 60 0.58 Steppe horses Steppe Horses 4 5 +30% +50% 5% 3 0.25
Unit light cavalry.png Light Cavalry 10 45 0.29 Horses Horses 4 3 +15% +50% 5% 2.4 0.25
Unit light infantry.png Light Infantry 8 30 0.24 none, always available 2.5 1 +15% −50% 2.5% 2.4 0.1
Unit spearmen.png Spearmen 8 30 0.24 none, always available 2.5 1 5% 3.2 0.2
Unit war elephants.png War Elephants 28 365 1.08 Elephants Elephants 2.5 0 +10% −50% +200% 10% 1 0.3
Unit supply train.png Supply Train 20 120 0.66 none, always available 2.5 1 +100% 10% 50 0.05
Engineer cohort.png Engineer 40 120 0.66 none, always available 2.5 1 +100% 10% 5 0.05

Unit type combat effectiveness[edit | edit source]

Unit type combat effectiveness (rows attacking vs. columns defending)
Unit type Unit archers.png Unit camel cavalry.png Unit chariots.png Unit heavy cavalry.png Unit heavy infantry.png Unit horse archers.png Unit light cavalry.png Unit light infantry.png Unit spearmen.png Unit war elephants.png Unit supply train.png Engineer cohort.png
Unit archers.png Archers −10% +15% −10% +25% +20% +10% +100%
Unit camel cavalry.png Camel Cavalry +10% +10% +15% +10% +25% +15% −30% −50% +100%
Unit chariots.png Chariots +20% −10% −50% −10% −50% +10% +35% −25% −50% +100%
Unit heavy cavalry.png Heavy Cavalry +30% +20% +25% +10% +20% +25% −20% −50% +100%
Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy Infantry −20% −20% +20% −25% −25% −25% +20% +10% −20% +100%
Unit horse archers.png Horse Archers +25% −15% +25% +25% −5% +25% +25% −20% +100%
Unit light cavalry.png Light Cavalry +40% +25% −20% −20% +25% +25% −30% −50% +100%
Unit light infantry.png Light Infantry −10% −10% −25% −15% −50% −10% −20% +100%
Unit spearmen.png Spearmen −25% +25% +10% +20% −20% −30% +25% −10% +100%
Unit war elephants.png War Elephants +25% +50% +40% −10% −10% +25% +10% +100%
Unit supply train.png Supply Train −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90%
Engineer cohort.png Engineer −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90% −90%

Mod history[edit | edit source]

Main article: Imperator_Invictus/Patches

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Imperator Invictus.png Imperator: Invictus overhaul mod.

Imperator Invictus
No. Title and Link Description Date
71 Nhialic and Swanco religions ..... 2023-05-22
-- 1.6 - Pantheion release ..... 2023-05-05
70 Largest Dev Diary in PDX history + 1.6 Release date ..... 2023-05-01
69 Illyric, Agamic, Vedic and Ajivik ..... 2023-04-10
68 100+ New Events ..... 2023-03-27
67 Nabatea ..... 2023-03-20
66 The Tribal Menace ..... 2023-03-13
65 Illyrian Pirates + Personality Traits ..... 2023-02-20
64 Iberia, Atropatene, Translations and More! ..... 2023-01-26
63 Dies Natalis Update + new Mauretanian Map Setup ..... 2022-12-25
62 Burma/Jain/Balto-Slavic additions, Persis mission and Christmas Update patch notes ..... 2022-12-22
61 Atropatene, Samaritan missions and Generic Events ..... 2022-12-12
60 Tons of Minor Changes ..... 2022-12-05
59 Sogdia & Zhanzhung Missions ..... 2022-11-28
58 Crete and Korkyra mission trees ..... 2022-11-14
57 Sardinian/Nuragic missions ..... 2022-11-07
56 Bugfixing/AI optimisations + Tarim Basin Update ..... 2022-10-11
55 Amrygia, Modcon and Heritages ..... 2022-09-26
54 Balearic Islands + Rebellion Rework ..... 2022-09-12
-- Ptolemaios 1.4 patch notes ..... 2022-07-11
53 Numidian missions ..... 2022-07-04
52 Aremorica, Cisalpine Gaul and Treveria ..... 2022-06-27
51 CoA's + new Heritages ..... 2022-06-20
50 Aksum Flavour, 1.4 Release Date Announcement ..... 2022-06-13
49 Kemetic & Trade Good flavour ..... 2022-06-06
48 Eastern Africa Overhaul - Part 2 ..... 2022-05-30
47 Eastern Africa Overhaul - Part 1 ..... 2022-05-23
46 Character interactions, expanded revolts and more! ..... 2022-05-16
45 Bithynia and Important news ..... 2022-05-09
44 Ukrainian map expansion ..... 2022-04-25
43 Disasters ..... 2022-03-28
42 Military traditions, QOL changes and maintenance ..... 2022-03-21
41 Gaul Rework ..... 2022-03-14
40 Duel system and Tagswitching ..... 2022-03-07
39 Thebes and Argos missions ..... 2022-02-28
38 Galatian Rework ..... 2022-02-21
37 Ashoka update (patch notes) ..... 2022-02-07
36 Moroccan/Algerian extension, Punic content and update announcement ..... 2022-01-31
35 Fezzan, Wonders rebalance + Spanish update ..... 2022-01-24
34 Rhodes, Central-Asia and Invasions rework ..... 2022-01-17
33 Punic Laws/Government, Achean/Aetolian League ..... 2022-01-10
-- Summary of Saturnalia updates ..... 2021-12-28
32 Ceylon + Mauryan trees + Saturnalia update ..... 2021-12-20
31 MacOS change and Balancing ..... 2021-12-14
30 Open-Source, Panionian League and Scythia updates ..... 2021-12-06
29 Custom Achievement system & Pax Romana & More Art ..... 2021-11-29
28 Mauryan (collapse) Rework ..... 2021-11-22
27 New menu + amazing art + patchnotes New main menu by Agamidae, new background art by Aquizar, and more patch notes up to version 1.1.1 2021-11-15
26 Patch notes for 1.1 update Announcement of the 1.1 update and a summary of its content; post-launch patch notes. 2021-11-08
25 Development problems + Unique wonders + Tweaks Dev problem summary by Snowlet; new lakes and roads for expansion; new Buddhist and Hindu specific decisions, plus more Indian content; new Kemetic decisions. 2021-11-01
24 Character Backgrounds + Spearmen Character backgrounds performance fix, new backgrounds; update about spearmen unit development. 2021-10-25
23 Arabian Rework + more flags Reworked Arabic setup, new Marib Dam wonder, and new unique inventions; many new custom flags have been added. 2021-10-18
22 Libyan Map Extension + Release date 1.1 A physical map extension of the Libya region to include the Garamantes and numerous other tribes. Official release date announced for next update. 2021-10-11
21 Bharatvarsha, Spearmen and Anatolia New mission tree for Bharatvarsha; monsoons; new heritages for many tags; announcement of spearmen unit type. 2021-10-04
20 Unit/Religion reworks + Germanic content part 2 Eastern Germanic content, including new tags like Haria and unique mission trees; new religious modifiers; unit balancing. 2021-09-27
19 Kushite map extension + AI rework + new art Introducing map extensions to around Egypt and Kush, improvements to the AI and some new flag artwork. 2021-09-20
18 Scythia part 2 + Anatolian heritages New mission tree for Scythia; new heritages for Pontic, Mariandynian, and Paphlagonian nations. 2021-09-13
17 India Rework + Tamil Kings + story contest New cultures across India; new content for Chola, Chera, and Panyda, including a shared mission tree; plus new flavor events. 2021-09-06
16 Kush + Tribal raiding Mission tree for Kush and new random raiding event for tribes to gain innovation points. 2021-08-30
15 Cyrenaica part 3 + Philosophy More content for Cyrenaica, including a new mission tree and new philosophic schools to choose from. 2021-08-23
14 Germania rework Reworked Germanic setup and new mission trees for Germanics. 2021-08-16
13 Building Rework + New cultural inventions + Patch notes Explanation surrounding the Building rework, various new Cultural inventions and the newly enabled Slave Revolts ported over from old Imperator. 2021-08-09
12 Scythia and Sardinia (Part 1) Setup changes to Scythia and Sardinia, new Steppe heritages, Levy templates and Deities. 2021-08-02
11 Cyrenaica part 2/4 + Hotfix More content for Cyrenaica, including Silphium mechanic and the initial mission tree to decide your path. 2021-07-26
10 Cyrenaica part 1 + latest hotfix New content for Cyrenaica, including mission trees for the independence path and a new setup. 2021-07-19
9 Generic Independence missions + Judea missions + Patch notes A mission tree for Subjects to go independent through 3 paths, new mission tree/content for Judea and newly tweaked Heritages. 2021-07-12
8 Pyrrhic wars, Hotfixes and a Dev Clash Explanation of the new railroading to have Epirus invade Italy and fight the Pyrrhic wars, a new Coat of Arms set and a new icon. 2021-07-05
7 Food rework + Bankruptcy + Iberia + new Cultural Inventions + Tribal/Assimilation tweaks + patch notes Explanation of the new Seasonal Food mechanic, newly added Bankruptcy buttons, a tweak to how Assimilation is tied to unrest, Tribal tech spread mechanic, Tribal buff, various new cultural inventions and a lot more content for Iberia. 2021-06-28
6 Q&A + Iberian setup + Punic puppet missions + Balance New Iberian setup and content, a new mission tree for Punic puppets, settlement tweaks and a Q&A. 2021-06-21
5 Black Sea missions + Translations + Diadochi CB A new mission tree for Black Sea Republics, Translations being done and a rework to the Diadochi CB. 2021-06-14
4 Galatian invasion+ release date Explanation of the Galatian Invasion mechanics and the release date announcement. 2021-06-07
3 Macedonian Missions + Background art A new dynamic background system, new missions for Macedon and new Illyrian deities. 2021-05-31
2 Mundus Poenicus and Tweaks The integration of the Mundus Poenicus mod, a rework to how Military traditions are unlocked and various flavor pieces around the world. 2021-05-24
1 Diadochi Flavor, Heritages and Deity Art The integration of the Diadochi Flavor Pack, various new heritages around the world and new art for Hellenic Deities. 2021-05-17
0 Imperator Invictus The announcement of the mod and the design philosophy. 2021-05-10