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Essentially a hybrid polytheistic religion, Iberian religious practices involve the veneration of animal spirits, as well as ancestor worship. Various Hellenic and Phoenician gods were worshiped by the Iberians, as well as local deities such as Betatun or Ataecina.
— In-game description

The Iberic religion is a polytheistic faith present in some areas of Hispania. This article documents the deities associated with the religion. All values are for Omen.png+100% Omen Power.

Many Iberic deities can be accessed by any polytheistic nation that controls their holy site or has a specific percentage of Iberic pops: 5% for Very Common deities, 10% for Common deities, 20% for Rare deities, and 40% for Very Rare deities.

Every Iberic nation benefits from Commerce value.png+10% Import Value.

General deities[edit]

These deities are available to all Iberic nations, and all polytheistic nations that have enough Iberic pops or control the deity's holy site:

Deity Category Rarity Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Candamius War Rare Reinforcement speed.png+5% Reinforcement Speed Morale.png+8% Morale of Armies Manpower.png1,000 Manpower, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, and an extra 1,000 if the deity’s Military power.png Martial is at least 11, if manpower is below 80%
Military experience.png2.00 Military Experience, otherwise
Semnocosus War Rare Starting experience−0.50% Experience Decay Discipline.png+4% Discipline Military experience.png0.50 Military Experience, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial 1287, Salaria, 20px Oretania
Ataecina Culture Rare Pop happy.png+5% State Religion Happiness Pop happy.png+12% Wrong Culture-Group Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory will convert to the deity’s faith 1332, Myrtilis, 20px Cempsia
Eacus Culture Rare Diplomatic reputation.png+3 Diplomatic Reputation Policy religious conversion.png+10% Pop Conversion Speed Up to 5 pops in a random territory will assimilate to the deity’s culture 1102, Bravum, 20px Morecania
Dercetius Economy Rare +0.50 Claim Fabrication Speed Local output+10% National Slave Output 1 Free Province Investment; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 11 1236, EdetaniaOrientalis, 20px Saguntinia
Endouellicus Fertility Rare Monthly food.png+10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Pop happy.png+15% State Religion Happiness Global food capacity.png50 Food in every province, multiplied by the deity’s Oratory power.png Charisma 1163, Zoelarum, 20px Zoelia
The Duillae Fertility Rare Local output+10% National Tribesman Output Monthly food.png+15% Global Monthly Food Modifier A Slaves Slave appears in the capital; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 6; four if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 9 1068, Aeso, 20px Ausetania