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Local powerHelvetia


Helvetian (Gallic)

Federated Tribe

Military traditions

Helvetia is a formable nation in Central Europe, representing a unification of the Helvetian tribes of the Swiss plateau. It can be formed by any Helvetian cultured country that can unite the core provinces of the area, in 450 AUC divided between a number of different tribes such as Flag of Tigurinia Tigurinia, Flag of Verbigenia Verbigenia, and Flag of Allobrogia Allobrogia. A united Helvetia would have a strong and strategic position straddling the border between Gaul, Italia, and Germania, ready to resist any enroaching empires that may come.

Historically, Helvetia was united by the 2nd century BC as a tribal confederation including Flag of Tigurinia Tigurinia, Flag of Tougenia Tougenia, and Flag of Verbigenia Verbigenia. Coming under pressure from Germanic tribes, the Helvetians would make an attempt to migrate to from their Alpine homes to the west of Gaul in 58 BC, sparking conflicts with the Flag of Aeduia Aeduia and its allies in Flag of Rome Rome that would mark the beginning of the Gallic Wars and the Flag of Rome Roman conquest of the rest of Flag of Gaul Gaul. Subjugated and firmly annexed after the rising of Flag of Arvernia Arvernia under Vercingetorix, the Helvetians would form a civitas as part of Flag of Rome Roman Gaul until disappearing with the fall of the Roman empire, though the memory of this alpine state would eventually be revived by the Swiss.

Formation requirements[edit]


Unite Helvetia

The clans of the Helveti have built a strong civilization in the hills of Transalpine Gaul, yet in order to combat the growing threat of empire, a strong leader must emerge to challenge the status quo between constituent tribes. Only in this way, will we avoid the extinction of ways.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Primary culture is Helvetian
  • Is tribal
  • Is not 20px Helvetia
  • Is not AI-controlled or has at least 8 territories
  • Is not a Tier 2 or Tier 3 formable
  • 20px Helvetia does not current exist
  • Is tribal
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns or has a subject that owns the province of Verbigenia
  • Owns or has a subject that owns the following territories:
    • Petinesca (3631)
    • Salodurum (3632)
    • Vindonissa (3633)
    • Tenedo (3731)
    • Vitudurum (3634)
    • Constantia (3635)
    • Aquae Helveticae (3732)

  • Current country becomes 20px Helvetia
  • If the country is tribal, adopt the Federated Tribe government form
  • Otherwise, gain Political influence.png 150 political influence
  • Annex all unowned territories in the provinces of Verbigenia and Helvetia, except for Vernania (3637), Vemania (3739), and Arbor Felix (3639)
  • Add Tribesmen 4 tribesmen pops to the capital
  • Capital gets the modifier Emergent Center of Civilization until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.10% Local Population Growth
    • Fort defense +20% Local Fort Defense
    • Civilization.png +5% Local Civilization Level
  • Get Province investment 3 free province investments
Formation requirements for Helvetia. All fully coloured territories must be owned or vassalized and will be annexed on formation, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.