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Rural heritage

Notes: For countries with a starting Country capital.png capital in a Terrain farmland.png farmland or Terrain plains.png plains terrain territory.

Price found city cost modifier.png −20% Found city cost modifier
Price state investment military cost modifier.png -10% Military Provincial Investment Cost
Pop tribesmen happiness.png -5% National Tribesman Happiness

Getia is located at the center of moesia region and to the south by venedia. With a strategic position at Pontus Euxinus, Getia is a relatively large country compared to its neighbors, which gives it an advantage over the other tribes around it. Colonies with a higher level of civilization from northern Euxine can allow Getia to evolve rapidly and the barrier to become a threat to the Greek world.


Getia at 450 AUC (Ab Urbe Condita) is a great tribe that is inhabited by: 10 citizens, 26 freeman, 96 tribesman and 10 slaves. Due to this demographic structure Getia is a flexible tribe, the number of tribal people helps to populate the country, because Getia is a large nation but the population density is small and tribal people are evenly distributed in the territory. The number of freemans and citizens ensure the possibility of civilization in the long run by increasing centralization and thus reducing the armies of clan leaders. Slave, albeit in small numbers, can provide a subsistence economy in the first 10 years of consolidation. From the beginning Getia begins with an extremely large army for settled tribal status. A first enemy is Tyrgetae, a Dacian tribe in the eastern less developed and easily conquered. At first, even if the nation has a small population by occupying cities, slaves will appear in Comidava, the capital of the country, which will lead to rapid economic growth. In order to become strong, the nation needs the population to get the Greeks back on the scientific plane because after the first 25 years the contact with the Greek world will begin and the advances will remain behind. Once the population reaches an established number, preferably at least 500 people, and the Centralization Law (Bureaucratic Focus) has been adopted, it is absolutely necessary to convert tribesman to citizens and freemans. This must happen only after Getia conquers Moesia or Bosporan Kingdom. Note that in order to save Oratory Power, Getia can take advantage of Religious Power to rebuild the country's stability and to deplore the fact that it can declare war using the "Show Superiority" CB.