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Gaul is a formable nation in Europe, representing a unification of the disparate Gallic tribes from Armorica to Rhaetia, and can be formed by any country in the Gallic or Belgae culture groups with a capital in one of the main Gallic regions. The larger Gallic tribes such as Flag of Arvernia Arvernia, Flag of Pictonia Pictonia, or Flag of Aeduia Aeduia are particularly well-positioned to unite the Gauls, though in principle any Gallic or Belgae-cultured nation could - even more distant tribes like Flag of Insubria Insubria or Flag of Latobrigia Latobrigia, if they conquer into the area and move their capital. As a tier 3 endgame tag, forming Gaul requires control over all the major cities of Gaul as well as reforming into a monarchy or republic and grants claims over all of the traditional Gallic lands, from the tip of Armorica to the Rhine frontier and the heart of Cisalpine Gaul. Historically no state ever came close to unifying the Gallic tribes before the Flag of Rome Roman conquest, though elements of Gallic unity could be seen in the uprising of the Flag of Arvernia Arvernian king Vercingetorix and the later Roman breakaway state of the Gallic Empire.

Formation requirements[edit]

A country's capital must be in one of the hatched territories in order to see the decision to Form Gaul.

Form Gaul

The fertile land of Gaul contains many tribes and peoples, living in a prosperous, if tense, relationship. For some, this fractious existence is a sign of the old ways - instead, new methods are needed if our people are to survive in the era of civilization and empire. The task is not light, but perhaps we might be the driving force behind the unification of the Gallic people?

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Gallic or Belgae culture group
  • The capital is in the regions of Celtica, Belgica, Armorica, Aquitania (except for Biggeronia), Transalpine Gaul, or Rhaetia
  • Is not Flag of Gaul Gaul
  • Is not a Tier 3 formable
  • Is not AI-controlled or owns at least 100 territories
  • Flag of Gaul Gaul does not exist
  • Is a monarchy or republic
  • Owns at least 150 territories
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns the following territories:
    • Avaricum (2347)
    • Cenabum (2350)
    • Autricum (2441)
    • Bibracte (2438)
    • Massalia (2325)
    • Divona (2269)
    • Lapurdum (2240)
    • Burdigala (2236)
    • Coriosolitum (2156)
    • Coriallum (2134)
    • Lutetia (2475)
    • Becciacum (2226)
    • Gesoriacum (3026)
    • Bagacum (3042)
    • Vosolvia (3722)
    • Divodurum (2454)
    • Vicus Alsinensium (3738)
    • Vindonissa (3633)
    • Genava (3624)
    • Murissa (3533)
    • Alesia (2440)

  • Current country becomes Flag of Gaul Gaul
  • Add Citizens 4 citizen pops, Freemen 4 freemen pops, and Slaves 4 slave pops to the capital
  • Capital gets the modifier Center of Civilization until the end of the game, giving:
    • Local population growth.png +0.20% Local Population Growth
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
    • Pop assimilation.png +10% Pop Assimilation Speed
    • Freeman happiness +8% Local Freeman Happiness
  • Get the modifier National Spirit for 7600 days (about 21 years), giving:
    • Character loyalty +10 Loyalty of Characters
    • Citizen happiness +12% National Citizen Happiness
    • Freeman happiness +12% National Freeman Happiness
  • Get claims on all unowned provinces in the regions of Aquitania, Armorica, Belgica, Celtica, Transalpine Gaul, and Germania Superior, as well as the provinces of Helvetia, Verbigenia, Alpes Graiae, Transpadana, and Insubria
  • If the current government form is a monarchy and not Empire or Imperial Cult, set the government form to Empire
  • Otherwise, gain Political influence.png 300 political influence
  • If the country is not AI-controlled and the game is ironman, award the achievement The Romans are Crazy
  • Get Province investment 5 free province investments
Formation requirements for Gaul. Fully coloured territories are required, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.


  • Never ignore Flag of Rome Rome; her might as an enemy could be crippling to your ambitions of forming Gaul. In particular, nations starting in the west might want to quickly expand eastwards and grab the required territories before Flag of Rome Rome gets her hands on them.


The Romans are Crazy icon
The Romans are Crazy
Form Gaul.