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This article is about the DLC. For the nation, see Flag of Epirus Epirus.
Epirus (DLC)

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Release date / Patch
2020-08-11 / 1.5

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Epirus, or the Epirus Content Pack, is a DLC and the third Content pack for Imperator: Rome. It was announced on 2020-08-10 and released on 2020-08-11, coinciding with patch 1.5. The Epirus Flavor Pack was also included as the part of the Pre-Order bonus.

DLC features[edit | edit source]

  • 3 Mission Trees for Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Unique Army Model for Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Unique Ship Model for Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Special Epirote Monument: the Oracle complex of Dodona
  • 6 Event Chains related to the life of Pyrrhus of Epirus each with new art
  • 3 Additional Epirus Event chains, new to Imperator: Rome
  • One new music track

Patch features[edit | edit source]

  • Cultural Integration: grant or withhold rights up to full citizenship on a per-culture basis within your nation. Carefully balance the desires of new members of your empire against the traditional prerogatives of the old.
  • Noble Pop: the new noble Pops produce a great deal of research and trade routes, but be wary, for they are notoriously challenging to keep happy, and fickle in the exercise of their considerable political influence.
  • Rebellion Rework: rebellions can now form on a provincial level when loyalty drops, and can grow if there is unrest in neighboring provinces.
  • And more: Updated mechanics for the Senate, trade, and seeking spouses eligible for marriage to ensure the continuance of your dynasty. Also, a fully crossplay-compatible MP solution has been added, meaning that all players of Imperator can now seamlessly play MP together regardless of where they bought the game.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the re-release of the Epirus content pack and patch 1.5 (aka Menander).

Patch 1.5 (Menander)
No. Title and Link Description Date
14 1.5.3 Hotfix Released Patchnotes for the 1.5.3 Hotfix patch 2020-09-03
13 Summary of patch Summary and reflection on 1.5 Menander and moving forwards 2020-08-24
12 1.5.2 Patch Released Patchnotes for the 1.5.2 patch 2020-08-20
11 1.5.1 Hotfix Released Patchnotes for the 1.5.1 Hotfix patch 2020-08-13
10 Menander Patch Notes Day! Patchnotes for the Menander update 2020-08-10
9 More Revelations about the Menander Update Diadochi Wars: New War Goal, Antigonid Kingdom, Cappadocian Revolt & Thracian War Entry; Pop Happiness; Changes to Integration; Stability, Tyranny, & Aggressive Expansion; Senate Support; Unrest & Forts 2020-06-15
8 Epirus Pre-Order Pack Expanded Overview of the new events and missions being added to the Epirus Flavor Pack 2020-06-08
7 Cultural Integration and Some Good News Pop rights, cultural decisions, and improvements to the culture mapmode as part of the culture overhaul 2020-06-01
6 The Upcoming Rework of Republic Government Mechanics A detailed look at the Republic government overhaul, including new parties, support, and approval mechanics 2020-05-25
5 Feature Reveal and a Glimpse into Production A note on the realities of Game Production and a look at the Trade Rework 2020-05-18
4 Changes to Rebellion System Rework of Rebellions and Unrest tweaks 2020-05-11
3 Changes to Cultures and New Pop Type Find out more about the culture changes and the new Pop Type that the Menander update will bring. 2020-05-04
2 Menander Reveal Introduction to cultural integration, Reworked Rebellions, Senate and Factions Rework and Subjects. 2020-04-27
1 Changes Coming! Change in frequency of developer diaries and patch 1.5 Menander teasers. 2020-04-20