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This article is about the country in Greece. For the DLC, see Epirus (DLC).
Flag of Epirus Epirote heritage

Levy.png +2.5% Levy Size Multiplier
Unit light infantry.png +10% Light Infantry Discipline
Commerce value.png −5% National Commerce Income

Flag of Epirus Epirus is a local power in northwestern Greece, a federation of tribes on the fringes of the Greek world united under the Aiakid dynasty of the Molossions. With dynastic ties to the Argeads of Flag of Macedon Macedon, Epirus has risen to become a significant power in the region, intervening in the affairs of the Italiotes just across the sea at the invitation of Flag of Tarentum Tarentum and briefly bringing several of those cities under its control in the campaigns of Alexandros I, though by the beginning of the game its influence has largely dissipated as a result of various internal and dynastic struggles. Ingame, Epirus begins as one of the larger powers in the area with a strategic position bridging Italy with the Greek city states, close and strong enough to easily extend its influence to both while sufficiently isolated to avoid the immediate attention of the Diadochi, under the rule of the young but brilliant Pyrrhos I; if it can consolidate its power and bring the many small states of the area under its control, Epirus will be in an excellent position to challenge to the Antipatrids for the throne of Flag of Macedon Macedon and unite all of Greater Greece for the glory of the Aiakid dynasty.

Historically Epirus would briefly rise to greatness under Pyrrhos I, a brilliant general who defeated the Flag of Rome Romans and Flag of Carthage Carthaginians to take control of much of Magna Graecia before Italiote discontent forced him to withdraw, following which he took control of Flag of Macedon Macedon and launched invasions of Flag of Sparta Sparta and Flag of Argos Argos where he was killed in battle. Epirus would persist as a local power in contention in the Illyrians, becoming a republic in 231 BC and eventually annexed by Flag of Rome Rome after the Macedonian Wars in 167 BC.

If Epirus is destroyed, it can be reformed by an Epirote-cultured country that has conquered all of its main cities.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Epirote missions

With the Epirus Flavor Pack DLC, Epirus has a unique set of 3 missions centered around the life and ambitions of its most famous king, Pyrrhos I, focusing on developing the kingdom and centralizing power away from the restive nobility, pursuing the ambitions of Alexandros I to unite the Italiotes under Epirote rule, and pressing the Aiakid claims on Macedon to gain control of all of Greece. As part of these missions, Epirus can attempt to form Flag of Macedon (Epirus Formable) Macedon under Aiakid rule and release special Vassalized.png client states out of the the oppressed cities of Flag of Thessaly Thessaly as well as from potential Italian conquests in Flag of Magna Graecia (Releasable) Magna Graecia and Flag of Sikelia Sikelia. To represent Pyrrhos's mercurial ambitions and lack of focus, while he is ruler Epirus can uniquely switch between the two conquest missions without any cooldown or loss of progress.

With the Heirs of Alexander DLC, Epirus can access the special Hellenistic Empire mission once the Greece-focused Hellenic Contender mission has been completed.

Regardless of whether or not the DLC is enabled, like most Hellenistic culture group countries Epirus can also get access to the Euxine Sea Hellenistic cultural mission tree The Hospitable Sea if it makes conquests in the Asian, Bithynian, or Thracian regions, directing it to expand its influence and dominate the Euxine Sea region. Like all other countries, Epirus also has access to the generic missions regardless of whether or not the DLC is enabled.

Events[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Epirote flavor events, Deluxe Edition Pyrrhus events

All of Epirus's unique events, unless otherwise noted, require the Epirus Flavor Pack DLC to be enabled. Note that this does not include the Flag of Macedon Macedonian Antipatrid Crisis events, which do not require any DLC.

Marriage of Deidamia[edit | edit source]

If the Epirus Flavor Pack DLC is not enabled, Epirus will have the opportunity to offer the hand of Deidamia Aiakid, the sister of Pyrrhos, in marriage to Demetrios, prince and heir of the Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom, which significantly improves relations. If the DLC is enabled, the marriage can instead be done as part of the Epirote Molossian Consolidation mission tree.

Exile and Return of Pyrrhos[edit | edit source]

In 452 AUC, the Molossions, never content with the reign of Pyrrhos, will demand that he be deposed and replaced with their preferred candidate, the future Neoptolemos II. Following through will anger Flag of Taulantia Taulantia and send Pyrrhos into exile into one of the Diadochi countries, while insisting that Pyrrhos stays will significantly destabilize the country. If Pyrrhos is sent into exile, he might move from court to court, either as a hostage or to gather more support, and will eventually decide to return to Epirus to reclaim his throne after about 5 years, which his host can decide to support with gold and troops. If he was supported with an army, he will forcibly retake the throne as co-king with Neoptolemos II with Epirus gaining the troops and gold he was supporting with, while if not Epirus can choose if he will be become king again or not.

After Pyrrhos returns, or if he was never exiled in the first place, the co-kings of Pyrrhos I and Neoptolemos II will begin to plot against each other. Epirus will receive an event on which king to support, with the supported king becoming or remaining ruler and the other killed.

Marriage of Pyrrhos[edit | edit source]

Once Pyrrhos is king and of age, Flag of Syracusae Syracusae can make an offer to marry Lanassa Agathoklid, Agathkles' daughter, to Pyrrhos. Epirus can accept and repudiate any existing wives for a significant boost in relations, and accept the dowry of either Korkyra if it is owned by Flag of Syracusae Syracusae or significant sum of gold otherwise.

Italian Ambitions[edit | edit source]

If a Greek city state in Magna Graecia is being attacked by Flag of Rome Rome or another Italic power, it can appeal to Epirus if Pyrrhos is king to help. If the offer is accepted, Epirus will get claims on all of the attacker's territories in Magna Graecia in preparation for an invasion, simulating the beginning of the Pyrrhic War.

If Flag of Syracusae Syracusae is at war with Flag of Carthage Carthage, they can also appeal to Epirus for help if Epirus has expanded into Italy or has dynastic ties through Pyrrhos's marriage. If the offer is sent and accepted, Flag of Syracusae Syracusae will become a client state of Epirus, who will in exchange join the war against Flag of Carthage Carthage. In all cases, whether or not the offer is sent and/or accepted, Epirus will also gain claims on Sicily to pursue its ambitions one way or another.

Pyrrhos flavor events[edit | edit source]

In addition to the other event chains, there are various other minor events that can trigger for Pyrrhos, such as improving relations with Flag of Thrace Thrace in pursuit of an alliance, engaging in a duel with an enemy commander, and being saved from a cavalry charge by Leonnatus the Macedonian.

Once Pyrrhos dies, if he was king the Panoply of Pyrrhos treasure will be created for Epirus to store in its repository or place in one of its owned holy sites.

Oracle of Dodona[edit | edit source]

Epirus has a unique decision to expand the Oracle of Dodona, one of the most important holy sites of the Hellenic religion. Doing so will expand the oracle into a Gw map icon.png great wonder, as well as giving a permanent modifier to the territory and creating a Holy Site.png holy site for the Epirote Hellenic deity Zeus Naios. After the wonder is built, further events can trigger from time to time with various economic or military bonuses.

Antipatrid Crisis[edit | edit source]

Main article: Macedonian events

A few years into the game, Kassandros of Flag of Macedon Macedon and then his heir Philippos IV will fall significantly ill, forcing a succession crisis once the basileus and the primary heir die that may ensue in Civil war.png civil war. If civil war does break out, the rebelling claimant will approach another one of the Hellenic powers for assistance, with Epirus being particularly likely to be asked if Alexandros V is the rebelling claimant. If a plea for help is sent, Flag of Epirus Epirus can agree to form an alliance with the rebelling claimant in exchange for annexing the Flag of Macedon Macedonian tributary states of Flag of Ambracia Ambracia and Flag of Akarnania Akarnania.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

Flag of Epirus Epirus has a couple of unique decisions available with the Epirus Flavor Pack DLC as part of the mission trees and event chains added in the content pack. The decisions can be found in /ImperatorRome/game/decisions/dhe_dde_pyrrhus_decisions.txt.


Expand the Oracle of Dodona

The oracle of Dodona is the oldest in all of the Greek world, and was once among the most important religious centers of Hellas. The temple complex is centered around the ancient sacred oak tree of Zeus Naios, whose sanctuary covers a holy spring. Over the years the temple complex has fallen into shabbiness and decay as other more famous oracles have overshadowed it.
By building an amphitheater, renovating the temple of Zeus, and establishing regular festivals at Dodona, the site may once again take its rightful place among the hallowed homes of the gods.

Potential requirements
  • Owns at least 1 territory
  • The Epirus Flavor Pack DLC is active
  • Is Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Owns Dodona (425)
  • Has not yet taken this decision
  • Dodona (425) does not have the modifier Oracle of Dodona
  • Has at least Wealth 200 gold
  • Has more than Stability.png 50 stability
  • Dodona (425) has at least one free Local building slot.png building slot and an open primary Gw map icon.png great wonder slot

  • Lose Wealth 200 gold
  • Tooltip: The renovation of Dodona begins.
  • Get a Hidden Event
  • Get the The Oracle of Dodona event in 180 - 360 days
  • Start the construction of the Gw map icon.png Oracle of Dodona ancient wonder in the primary great wonder slot for Dodona (516)

Install Greek Claimant

Once the illegitimate ruler has been vanquished, their rightful leader can at last take the crown.

Potential requirements
  • The Epirus Flavor Pack DLC is active
  • The current country exists
  • Is or started as Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Has completed the Puppet King mission task
  • Has a supported claimant with a target country and capital (i.e. the epi_claimant, epi_claimant_tag, and epi_claimant_objective variables exist)
  • The epi_claimant character is alive and in the current country
  • The epi_claimant_tag country does not exist
  • Owns the epi_claimant_objective territory


As well, if the Epirus Flavor Pack is not enabled, Epirus can form Flag of Macedon Macedon by decision (instead of through its missions) if it conquers the area and destroys the existing Antipatrid kingdom. As a Hellenistic culture group monarchy, Epirus also has access to the decision to form the Flag of Argead Empire Argead Empire.


Form Macedon

The Barons of Macedon have always favored the strong and able over the weak and feeble. Let us seize the kingdom away from those that are leading it to ruin and create a new stronger state for the Macedonians to serve.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country has Macedonian culture or, if the Epirus Content Pack is not enabled, started as Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Is not a republic
  • The capital is in the regions of Macedonia or Greece, or has dominant Macedonian culture
  • Is not Flag of Macedon Macedon
  • Is not AI-controlled or has at least 20 territories
  • Is not a Tier 2 or Tier 3 formable
  • If the country is Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom and Asia was abandoned in the The Antigonid Cause Wavers event, has completed the unique Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Macedonian Aspirations mission tree
  • Flag of Macedon Macedon does not currently exist
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns the following territories:
    • Pella (379)
    • Aigeai (428)
    • Amphipolis (365)
    • Pharsalos (394)
    • Eratyra (3175)
  • If the country is not AI-controlled and there are Macedonian-cultured pops in the country, has Macedonian as a Integrated.png primary or integrated culture

  • Gain Political influence.png 150 political influence
  • Current country becomes Flag of Macedon Macedon
  • Set the primary culture to Macedonian, with the old primary culture being Integrated.png integrated
  • Set the capital to Pella (379), and make it a city if it is currently a territory
  • Add Citizens 4 citizen pops and Freemen 4 freemen pops of the state culture and religion to Pella (379)
  • Pella (379) gets the modifier Emergent Capital until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth
    • Freeman happiness +8% Local Freeman Happiness
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
  • Get claims on all territories in the region of Macedonia
  • Get Province investment 3 free province investments

Reunite Alexander's Empire

For too long parasites and scavengers have made a feast of the Great Empire that Alexander spent a lifetime building. It is time we do away with all claimants, usurpers and delusional provincial strongmen. There can be only one authority within the empire of Alexander the Great, one upholder of the great Hellenistic legacy that this great man founded.

That one power could not possibly come from any dynasty but our own. Only a family that respects the Argead traditions can legitimately claim its legacy.

Potential requirements
  • Has not previously formed the Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Hellenistic culture group
  • Is a monarchy
  • Is not Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • Is not AI-controlled or has more than 40 territories
  • Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire does not current exist
  • Is a monarchy
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns or has a subject that owns the following territories:
    • Pella (379)
    • Korinthos (418)
    • Athenai (416)
    • Lysimacheia (350)
    • Sardeis (292)
    • Alexandreia (516)
    • Memphis (500)
    • Gaza (659)
    • Tyros (743)
    • Antigoneia (790)
    • Ammoneion (5537)
    • Babylon (918)
    • Seleukeia Megale (911)
    • Persepolis (4799)
    • Ekbatana (1595)
    • Taxila (7314)
    • Alexandrou Limen (6821)

  • If the country is tribal, add the modifier Civilizing Tribe for 10 years, giving:
    • Civilization.png +0.10% Monthly Civilization Change
    • Local pop promotion speed.png +2 Pop Promotion Speed
    • Integrated culture happiness +10% Integrated Culture Happiness
  • If the government type is not Empire or Imperial Cult, set the country's government to Empire
  • If the country was originally a republic:
    • If the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Provisioning Act or Enact law cost modifier.png Punic Reforms law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Guard law
    • Otherwise, if the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Military Modernization or Enact law cost modifier.png Marian Reform law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Army law
  • Get the modifier Argead Unification until the end of the game, giving:
    • Unintegrated culture group happiness +6% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness
    • Land morale recovery.png +5% Morale of Armies
    • Diplomatic reputation.png +2 Diplomatic Reputation
    • Freeman happiness +8% National Freeman Happiness
  • Get Province investment 5 free province investments
  • Current country becomes Flag of Hellenistic Empire Hellenistic Empire
  • If the current ruler has the Blood of the Argeads Blood of the Argeads trait, set the country's name to Flag of Argead Empire Argead Empire
  • Get the event Capital of an Empire
  • Get claims on all unowned provinces in the regions of Parthia, Syria, Ariana, Bactriana, Media, Persis, Gedrosia, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Bithynia et Paphlagonia, Cappadocia Taurica, Phrygia, Cilicia, Asia, Greece, Palestine, Gandhara, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Macedonia, and Thrace
  • If the country is Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Antigonid Kingdom, Flag of Macedon Macedon, Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire, Flag of Egypt Egypt, or Flag of Thrace Thrace and is not AI-controlled, award the achievement No More Worlds Left to Conquer

Formation[edit | edit source]

If it is destroyed, Epirus can be reformed by any country that has Epirote primary culture and has its capital in the province of Epirus, which at the beginning of the game include Flag of Korkyra Korkyra and Flag of Ambracia Ambracia. Note that forming Epirus will not give access to any of its unique events, decisions, or mission trees.


Form Epirus

The Epirote tribes found great glory when they united under the leadership of the Molossians, whose kings led them to prominence in the wars for control of Greece and Magna Graecia. Under our leadership, the glorious legacy of the Epirotes will be restored once more, and our past feats eclipsed by future victories.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Has Epirote culture
  • Capital is in the province of Epirus
  • Is not Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Is not AI-controlled or has at least 10 territories
  • Is not a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 formable
  • Flag of Epirus Epirus does not exist
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns all of the following territories:
    • Passaron (476)
    • Dodona (425)
    • Kassope (464)
    • Phoinike (421)

  • Country becomes Flag of Epirus Epirus
  • Add Citizens 2 citizen pops and Freemen 2 freemen pops to the capital
  • If the capital has the modifier Emergent Center of Civilization, remove it
  • Capital gets the modifier Emergent Capital until the end of the game, giving:
    • Global population growth.png +0.15% Local Population Growth
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
    • Freeman happiness +8% Local Freeman Happiness
  • Gain Political influence.png 25 political influence
  • Get Province investment 1 free province investment
Formation requirements of Epirus by decision. All fully coloured territories are required.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Epirus begins Alliance.png allied with the kingdom of Flag of Taulantia Taulantia to the north.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

Epirus starts with the following pantheon:

  • War: Heracles
  • Economy: Hades
  • Culture: Zeus
  • Fertility: Demeter

Population[edit | edit source]

Epirus begins with a Population.png population of 108 pops at the beginning of the game divided across its Local.png 7 territories, making it the largest of the Greek states after the Diadochi. All of its pops are Epirote Hellenic.

Unique deities[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hellenic#Epirote deities

These deities are available to Flag of Epirus Epirus or countries that were formed from Flag of Epirus Epirus, as long as it is Hellenic, or polytheistic and has enough Hellenic pops / controls the deity's holy site, and the Epirus Flavor Pack is enabled (Dione and Apollo Aktiakos are unlocked in the unique Flag of Epirus Epirote mission tree Molossian Consolidation, Achilles is unlocked in the unique Flag of Epirus Epirote mission tree Hellenic Contender and is also not available for Italic culture group countries):

Deity Category Rarity Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Apollo Aktiakos War Very Rare Navy maintenance cost.png -2.5% Navy Maintenance Cost State religion happiness +12% State Religion Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory Policy religious conversion.png convert to the deity’s faith
Achilles War Rare Discipline.png +3% Discipline Morale.png +5% Morale of Armies Gain Manpower.png 1,000 Manpower, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, and an extra 1,000 if the deity’s Military power.png Martial is at least 11, if manpower is below 80%
Gain Military experience.png 2.00 Military Experience, otherwise
Zeus Naios Culture Very Rare State religion happiness +4% State Religion Happiness Morale.png +5% Morale of Armies Up to 5 pops in a random territory Policy religious conversion.png convert to the deity’s faith
Dione Fertility Very Rare Monthly food.png +10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Freeman happiness +10% National Freeman Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory Policy religious conversion.png convert to the deity’s faith

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Antipater's Dream icon
Antipater's Dream
As Macedonia, own the region of Greece.
Pyrrhic Victory icon
Pyrrhic Victory
As Epirus, own Rome.
On the Measure of the Earth icon
On the Measure of the Earth
As any Greek nation, build Towers in Omboi and Alexandria.