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The main diplomacy interface

In Imperator, diplomacy involves the actions and treaties that countries conduct and sign with each other, ranging from a simple improvement of relations to demands for tribute and fully-fledged alliances and defensive pacts. The most important facet of diplomacy is a country's Opinion improvement active.png opinion of other countries, which significantly affects what diplomatic actions are possible and whether they look for cooperation and friendly relations or pursue a more aggressive policy. Most diplomatic actions and modifiers can be seen and accessed through the Menu diplomacy.png Diplomacy screen.

Opinion[edit | edit source]

Every country has a specific Opinion improvement active.png opinion value of every other country ranging from -200 to +200, which represents how well that country sees the other country and is one of the most important factors in how they act towards each other. Countries with a high opinion of another country will be much more receptive to diplomatic and trade requests and will likely pursue a cooperative attitude, while countries with a low opinion will usually refuse requests or demands, break existing treaties, and regard the other country as a rival or enemy. Opinion values go only one way; a country's opinion of another country is not necessarily the same and often different from the second country's opinion of the first, and it is entirely possible that one first country is friendly to the other while the second is hostile.

A country's opinion of another country is determined by the sum of all Opinion improvement active.png opinion modifiers that the first country has towards the second. Some opinion modifiers are based on some persistent property of the two countries and their relationship, such as having the same Religious power.png religion, being in an Alliance.png alliance, or having a particular diplomatic stance; these modifiers have a fixed value and will remain as long as the source of the opinion modifier is still valid. Other opinion modifiers, usually given by events, missions, or other actions - particularly accumulating Aggressive expansion.png aggressive expansion - are temporary modifiers and have a specific yearly decay that reduces the effect of the modifier each year, until it reaches 0 and disappears. The Relation diplomatic actions category allows a country to directly influence another country's opinion of it, spending Wealth gold to improve relations or Aggressive expansion.png aggressive expansion to worsen them, though there is a limit to how much a country's opinion can be improved through diplomacy alone.

Diplomatic relations[edit | edit source]

Most treaties, such as Alliance.png alliances, Defensive league.png defensive leagues, and Guaranteeing.png guarantees, as well as many types of Vassalized.png subject states, take up one of a country's Diplomatic relations.png diplomatic relations slots. Every country has a cap on the amount of diplomatic relations it can have normally, with each relation over the limit giving a Political influence.png −10% political influence modifier. This diplomatic relations cap forces countries to carefully choose their allies and to some extent subjects to be as useful and reliable as possible, rather than simply accepting every treaty they can and creating a vast network of clients to easily overpower its rivals.

The most important modifiers for a country's diplomatic relations cap are listed below:

Type Modifier Diplomatic relations.png Diplomatic Relations
Country rank Country rank 6.png Great Power +2
Country rank 5.png Major Power +2
Country rank 4.png Regional Power +1
Country rank 3.png Local Power +1
Country rank 2.png City State +2
Inventions Invention.png Summitry (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Foreign Network (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Defending Liberty (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Local Embassies (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Allied Representatives (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +1
Diplomatic stance Neutral stance Neutral Stance +1
National ideas Idea ambassadors.png Permanent Ambassadors (Oratory power.png Oratory idea) +2
Great wonders Gw effect diplomacy supreme.png Diplomatic Traditions effect

+1 for Tier 1
+2 for Tier 2
+3 for Tier 3
+5 for Tier 4

Laws Enact law cost modifier.png King of Kings (Monarchy law) +2
Religions Religious power.png Ritualist +1
Deities State religion.png Traphu (Bon deity)
State religion.png Trapusa and Bahalika (Buddhist deity)
Ruler Traits Loving Loving +1
Heritages Flag of Macedon Heritage of Kassandros (Macedon) +2
Flag of Arvernia Arvernian Heritage (Arvernia) +1
Flag of Iberia Iberian Heritage (Iberia) +1
Flag of Boeotia Boeotian Heritage (Boeotia) +1
Flag of Chrysaoric League Carian Heritage (Chrysaoric League) +1
Flag of Cyrenaica Cyrenaican Heritage (Cyrenaica) -1
Flag of Delphi Delphic Heritage (Delphi) -1
Flag of Aetolia Aetolian Heritage (Aetolia) -1
Flag of Corinth Corinthian Heritage (Corinth) -1
Flag of Pergamon Attalid Heritage (Pergamon) -1
Flag of Mithridatic Kingdom Heritage of Mithridates (Mithridatic Kingdom) -1
Achaean Heritage (cultural) -1
Religious State heritage (mission created) -1

Diplomatic reputation[edit | edit source]

A country's Diplomatic reputation.png diplomatic reputation represents the effectiveness of its diplomats and affects how likely a country's diplomatic proposals will be accepted. Generally, every point of diplomatic reputation gives +1 point towards another country's acceptance of any diplomatic action. It is possible for diplomatic reputation to become negative, at which point it will make other countries less likely to accept diplomatic offers.

In addition, every point of Diplomatic reputation.png diplomatic reputation above 0 gives the following effects:

  • Aggressive expansion.png +0.03% Aggressive Expansion Decay
  • Integrate speed.png +0.05 Integration Speed
  • Improve opinion maximum+2.5% Improve Opinion Maximum

The main sources of diplomatic reputation are listed below:

Type Modifier Diplomatic reputation.png Diplomatic Reputation
Inventions Invention.png Proportional Agreements (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +3
Invention.png Polybius Square (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +3
Invention.png Noble Envoys (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +2
Invention.png Humane Conduct (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Open Negotiations (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Diplomatic Immunity (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +1
Invention.png Career Negotiators (Oratory power.pngOratory Invention) +1
Diplomatic actions Casus belli.png Supporting Rebellions Abroad -5
Laws Enact law cost modifier.png Non-Interference Edict (Monarchy law) -5
Trade goods Honey Honey (capital bonus) +3
Great wonders Gw effect diplomacy supreme.png Diplomatic Traditions effect +3/6/9/15 for each tier
Gw effect diplomats supreme.png Diplomatic Doctrines effect +3/6/9/15 for each tier
Religions Religious power.png Hindu +1
Deities State religion.png Diktean Zeus (Cretan Hellenic deity)
State religion.png Eacus (Iberic deity)
Ruler Traits Plain-speaking Plain-speaking +3
Blood of Lysimachus Blood of Lysimachus +1
Epileptic Epileptic -1
Sarcastic Sarcastic -3
Heritages Flag of Antigonid Kingdom Heritage of Antigonos (Antigonid Kingdom) +2
Flag of Aeolia Aeolian Heritage (Aeolia) +2
Flag of Knidos Cnidusian Heritage (Knidos) +2
Flag of Macedon Heritage of Kassandros (Macedon) -2
Flag of Kalinga Kalingan Heritage (Kalinga) -2

Diplomatic range[edit | edit source]

A country can only use most diplomatic actions on other states within Diplomatic range.png diplomatic range, except for ending or declaring wars and asking for or canceling military access. Another country is considered to be within diplomatic range if the distance from the current country's capital to its capital is within the current country's diplomatic range value. A country's diplomatic range is significantly increased by Invention.png inventions and country rank; this means that it is possible for a larger power to initiate diplomacy with a smaller, somewhat distant country even if the converse is not possible. In addition, all neighbouring countries are considered to be within diplomatic range, regardless of the distance to their capital.

Diplomatic stance[edit | edit source]

Each country chooses a default diplomatic stance from five choices. Changing stance costs a base of 30 Political influence.png Political Influence, increasing by +10% for each previous stance change done by the current ruler.

These are as follow:

Diplomatic stance Modifiers Opinion modifiers
Neutral icon
A Neutral diplomatic stance means there is no active focus towards any particular diplomatic end. This lack of direction limits efficiency in pursuing specific goals but it also allows greater flexibility in making new agreements and alliances.
Diplomatic relations.png Diplomatic Relations: +1 None
Appeasing icon
An Appeasing stance is focused on presenting a more palatable image abroad while strengthening ties with existing friends. Some would say it a way of making amends for past sins.
Aggressive expansion.png Aggressive Expansion Decay: +0.20%

Improve relation cost Improve Relation Cost: −25%

Alliance.png Allies: Opinion improvement active.png +25

Others: Opinion improvement active.png +10

Mercantile icon
A Mercantile diplomatic stance means that all efforts are focused on making new trade deals as well as increasing the profitability of existing ones.
Commerce value.png National Commerce Income: +25% States with Mercantile stance same Diplomatic Stance: Opinion improvement active.png +30

Others: Opinion improvement active.png +20

Bellicose icon
A Bellicose diplomatic stance means that all diplomatic efforts are focused on justification for expansion and intimidation of nearby countriess.
Aggressive expansion.png Aggressive Expansion Impact: -10%

Claim fabrication speed Claim Fabrication Speed: +1
Warscore cost.png War score Cost: −10%

Neighbours: Opinion improvement active.png −20

Others: Opinion improvement active.png −10

Domineering icon
A Domineering diplomatic stance is one where focus is entirely devoted on the tying of foreign subject states closer to the mother country.
Subject loyalty.png Loyalty of Subject States: +10

Integrate speed.png Integration Speed: +0.25

Vassalized.png Subjects: Opinion improvement active.png +20

Diplomatic actions[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic actions are the primary way that two countries interact with each other, allowing a country to negotiate various agreements, make demands, improve relations, and more. Many diplomatic actions have certain restrictions, such as requiring a certain country rank or Opinion improvement active.png opinion threshold; most actions also require that the target country be within Diplomatic range.png diplomatic range, and cannot be done by or to Vassalized.png subject states. After taking an action, the current country will be unable to take any more diplomatic actions against the same country for the next 30 days.

If the government type is a republic, the senate will vote on all diplomatic actions. As with all such actions, the Senate must have at least Faction approval 30 approval to take most diplomatic actions, and pushing it through will cost scaling Tyranny tyranny unless the country has at least Faction approval 51 Senate approval.

War Actions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Warfare

Declare War[edit | edit source]

War.png Declares war on another state, hidden if the country is already at war with this faction (even if only as a secondary participant). A casus belli (CB - Reason for War) and wargoal to be used in this war must be chosen, which will determine the goal of the war to get ticking warscore. War may be declared without a valid CB but this will incur a large penalty to Aggressive expansion.png aggressive expansion, Stability.png stability, and Monthly war exhaustion war exhaustion. Wars cannot be declared against a country's Vassalized.png subjects, or if the country has less than Stability.png 20 stability.

Sue for Peace[edit | edit source]

Truce.png Open a window to choose a negotiated end to wartime hostilities. Only available if at least one of the parties involved is the warleader of their side, and secondary participants cannot sue for peace for the first 36 months of a war unless they are completely occupied. Vassalized.png Subjects can never sign a separate peace.

Demand Military Access[edit | edit source]

Sends a demand for another country to allow Has military access.png military access through their country. If refused, the current country will immediately declare War.png war with the Gain Military Access wargoal. This is a special type of war where no demands can be made except that the victor will always gain Has military access.png military access through the losing party's territory for the duration of the Truce.png truce.

Ransom Prisoner[edit | edit source]

Ransoms a character that is imprisoned by the other country. The price required depends on the other country's Opinion improvement active.png opinion of the current country and the imprisoned character's attributes, with a significant emphasis on Military power.png martial skill. Most commonly used for commanders that have been captured after losing a battle.

Alliance Actions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Treaties

Offer/Dissolve Alliance[edit | edit source]

Creates an Alliance.png alliance between two states, where the two countries agree to aid each other in defensive wars and can be called to arms in offensive wars. Allies get Opinion improvement active.png +50 opinion with each other. Cannot be done if either side is a Country rank 6.png great power.

Offer Guarantee[edit | edit source]

Creates a Guaranteeing.png guarantee of protection from the current country toward another state of lower rank, where the guarantor agrees to aid the other country if is attacked by another power. The country being guaranteed gets Opinion improvement active.png +10 opinion towards their guarantor, and the guarantor gets Opinion improvement active.png +5 opinion towards the country being protected. Restricted to Country rank 4.png Regional powers or above.

Invite to/Join/Leave Defensive League[edit | edit source]

Create a new Defensive league.png defensive league or join, invite to, or leave an existing one, where all members of the pact agree to aid the others if any of them are attacked. Only the leader of the defensive league can invite other countries to join. Members of a defensive pact get Opinion improvement active.png +25 opinion towards all members. Restricted to Country rank 2.png City States and Country rank 3.png Local Powers.

Access Actions[edit | edit source]

Ask/Cancel Military Access[edit | edit source]

Ask another country for Has military access.png military access, which lets a country freely move its armies through another state's territories and dock its navies in the other state's Port icon.png ports. A country that has military access through another country gets Opinion improvement active.png +10 opinion of that country. Unlike most actions, asking for or cancelling military access does not require the target country to be within Diplomatic range.png diplomatic range.

Offer/Revoke Military Access[edit | edit source]

Offer Has military access.png military access to another country, letting their armies and navies move through the current country's territories. As above, improves relations by Opinion improvement active.png +10.

Influence Actions[edit | edit source]

See also: Subject nations

Release Subject[edit | edit source]

Cancel the current country's Vassalizing.png overlord status over this country. This action takes on different names depending on the type of subject, such as Cancel Tribute or Cancel Satrapy Status.

Cancel Subject Status[edit | edit source]

Cancel the current country's Vassalized.png subject status with the overlord. Can only be done by certain subject types, and gives the formerly overlord a Casus belli.png Show Superiority casus belli for 5 years. This action takes on different names depending on the type of subject, such as Cancel Tribute or Cancel Tribal Vassal Status.

Start/Abort Integration[edit | edit source]

Begin the process of Integrating annexing a Vassalized.png subject state into an integral part of the country. Can only be used on certain types of subjects (e.g. feudatories, client states, satrapies) and requires that the subject have at least Opinion improvement active.png +190 opinion of the overlord and that the subject has been under its overlord for at least 10 years, unless it has been under the overlord since the start of the game.

Integration can be aborted at any time, but all progress will be lost.

Demand Subject Transfer[edit | edit source]

Can be used on disloyal Vassalized.png subjects of another country to have them peacefully transfer their allegiance to the current country. Requires that the subject has at least Opinion improvement active.png +80 opinion of the potential new overlord. A Subject is deemed disloyal if their Subject Loyalty drops below 33.

Demand Subject Status[edit | edit source]

Send an offer for the target country to peacefully become a Vassalized.png subject of the current country, requiring the other country to have at least Opinion improvement active.png +100 opinion of the current country. Different actions are available for all subject types that are possible between the potential subject and overlord. Countries are typically hesitant to accept subject status unless the current country is much stronger than the target.

Intervene in War[edit | edit source]

Joins the side of the target country in one of their War.png wars, requiring that the target country has at least Opinion improvement active.png 100 opinion of the current country and that the current country is at peace. Can only be done by Country rank 6.png Great powers or countries that have adopted the Invention.png Power Diplomacy Oratory power.png Oratory invention.

Enforce Peace[edit | edit source]

Demands that a country make white peace in one of their War.png wars, joining the opposing side if they refuse. Restricted only to Country rank 6.png Great Powers, if they are not already at war.

Threaten War[edit | edit source]

Demands that another country cede a single territory that the current country has a Fabricate claim cost modifier.png on, starting a War.png war for that territory if they refuse. Restricted to Country rank 4.png Regional Powers or above. A 5 year truce is applied after doing so.

Sell Territory[edit | edit source]

Allows a country to sell a single territory to another country in return for Wealth gold. In particular, can be used to grant territories to subject states (i.e. by selling territories for free). There are no restrictions on what territories can be sold - even if they are not adjacent to any of the potential buyer's territory - though the buyer is unlikely to accept unless it is neighbouring or otherwise of interest (e.g. same Policy cultural assimilation.png dominant culture or has a Fabricate claim cost modifier.png claim).

Covert Actions[edit | edit source]

Support Rebels/Abort Rebel Support[edit | edit source]

Supports rebels and stirs discontent in another country, giving Unintegrated culture group happiness -8% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness to the target and Aggressive expansion.png +0.02 Aggressive Expansion Change and Diplomatic reputation.png -5 Diplomatic Reputation to the current country while it lasts. Starting to support rebels also gives Aggressive expansion.png +2 aggressive expansion. The target will get a Casus belli.png Show Superiority casus belli against the current country, and the current country will join any Unrest.png rebellions that happen against the target. Cannot be used if the current country is War.png at war or has a Truce.png truce with the target, and is restricted to Country rank 5.png Major Powers and above.

Fabricate/Cancel Fabricate Claims[edit | edit source]

Main article: Claim

Starts the process of fabricating a Fabricate claim cost modifier.png claim on a specific province, which gives a Casus belli.png casus belli and war goal. Costs a base of Political influence.png 20 political power, and can only be done on provinces within Control range modifier.png control range (i.e. neighbouring the current country or has a nearby coast). Only one claim can be fabricated on a country at a time.

Claim fabrication can be cancelled at any time, but all progress will be lost and the Political influence.png political power will not be refunded.

Relation Actions[edit | edit source]

Improve Opinion/Cancel Improve Opinion[edit | edit source]

Start the process of passively improve another state's opinion of the current country, which costs a base of Treasury.png 25 gold to start, modified by the Improve relation cost Improve Relation Cost modifier. Improving relations has a base cap of +100 towards the country's Vassalized.png subjects and +50 towards all other countries, modified by the Improve opinion maximum Improve Opinion Maximum modifier. Opinion is improved by a base of 1 point each month, also modified by the Improve opinion maximum Improve Opinion Maximum modifier (so that opinion improves at the same rate for both the country's subjects and all other countries, taking 100 months to reach the cap for the country's subjects and 50 months for all other countries) and decays by 1 each month once the action is no longer active. The opinion improvement process can be cancelled at any time, and will be automatically cancelled once the modifier reaches its cap.

The most important modifiers for a country's improve opinion maximum are listed below:

Type Modifier Improve opinion maximum Improve Opinion Maximum
Inventions Invention.png Proxenoi (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +20%
Invention.png National Seal (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +10%
Invention.png Permanent Ambassadors (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +10%
Invention.png Command Incentives (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +20%
Invention.png Hereditary Ambassadorship (Oratory power.png Oratory Invention) +20%
National ideas Idea hospitality.png Hospitium (Oratory power.png Oratory idea) +33%
Diplomacy Diplomatic reputation.png Diplomatic Reputation +2.5% per point
Ruler Traits Silver tongued Silver-tongued +25%
Poet Poet +10%
Blunt Blunt -25%
Great wonders Gw effect diplomats supreme.png Diplomatic Doctrines effect +5%/+10%/+15%/+25% depending on the tier
Gw effect friendly diplomacy.png Diplomatic Expansion effect +10%/+20%/+30%/+50% depending on the tier
Heritages Flag of Tarentum Tarentine Heritage (Tarentum) +10%
Flag of Icenia Iceni Heritage (Icenia) -10%
Montane Heritage (group) -10%

Insult[edit | edit source]

Insult another state, giving Opinion improvement active.png -50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1 and gaining Aggressive expansion.png 1 aggressive expansion. Insults can be stacked to decrease opinion arbitrarily low, and the target country gets a limited duration Casus belli.png Show Superiority Casus Belli.

Send Gift[edit | edit source]

Send Wealth 2.4 times the target country's monthly income for the target to gain Opinion improvement active.png +25 opinion of the current country, with a yearly decay of 1. The maximum total opinion boost from gifts is capped at Opinion improvement active.png +25; subsequent gifts will set the value of the modifier back to Opinion improvement active.png +25, but cannot be used to stack the opinion bonus higher.