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Flag of Dahae Dahae is a formable nation in Central Asia, representing a unification of the nomadic Dahae and Sakan tribes to the east of the Hyrcanian Sea. It can be formed by any Scythian culture group country that manages to completely conquer or unite the region, occupied in 450 AUC by the Dahae tribes of Flag of Parnia Parnia, Flag of Zanthia Zanthia, and Flag of Pissuria Pissuria as well as Flag of Sakia Sakia to the north. Uniting the Dahae gives claims on the province of Parthia to the south as well as triggering the rise of the Arsacid dynasty, along with a number of military bonuses to help Dahae make its historical conquests to the south. Notably, despite being a tier 3 formable Dahae is not blocked from forming any other formable nation and so forming it is generally a stepping stone towards the formation of 20px Parthia.

Historically, the three Dahae tribes formed a loose confederation that was vassal to the Flag of Achaemenid Empire Achaemenid Empire and became independent after its fall, afterwards raiding and proving a serious threat to the settled cities just beyond their borders. One of the tribes, Flag of Parnia Parnia, would historically conquer the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid satrapy of Flag of Parthia Parthia when it rose in rebellion in 238 BC, settling down and eventually going on to form the 20px Parthian Empire that restored Iranian rule to Persia for the first time since the fall of the Flag of Achaemenid Empire Achaemenid Empire. The Dahae and their homeland would be remembered into medieval times as the region of Dihistan.


Formation events[edit]

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After forming Dahae, Arsaces, the historical founder and conqueror of 20px Parthia, will appear and become the Leader.png ruler, giving powerful military bonuses that can be leveraged to pursue the conquest of Parthia.

Rise of the Dahae[edit]

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After 480 AUC, if all of the main Dahae/Sakan hordes (Flag of Parnia Parnia, Flag of Zanthia Zanthia, and Flag of Pissuria Pissuria, and Flag of Sakia Sakia) are AI-controlled, the Dahae will at some point unite under the leadership of one of the tribes. The new Dahaean hegemon will get significant military and economic bonuses and access to the Imperial Challenge wargoal for the next 40 years as well as subjugating all of the other tribes as Vassalized.png client states, usually forming Flag of Dahae Dahae shortly afterwards and rising to become a significant power in the area. A few months later, the Dahaean hegemon will receive an event to launch a raid on a Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid border patrol led by the Basileus himself, which if accepted will severely destabilize the empire, immediately seize control over all of Flag of Parthia Parthia (if both Flag of Parthia Parthia and the Dahaean horde are AI-controlled), and launch an invasion of the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire with the Imperial Challenge wargoal, broadly simulating the Flag of Parnia Parni invasions of Flag of Parthia Parthia and Persia.

A human-controlled Dahae can also get the event to invade the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire if they border Flag of Parthia Parthia or the Flag of Seleukid Empire Seleukid Empire and they own at least 50 territories.

Formation requirements[edit]


Unite the Dahae

For too long the Dahae tribes have been squabbling between themselves. We have been disunited and weak, open to the whims of the great empires that surround us.

Let us unite the Dahae tribes into a powerful tribal federation, only then will we be masters of our own faith.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Scythian culture group
  • Is not 20px Parthia or Flag of Dahae Dahae
  • Is not a Tier 3 formable
  • Is not AI-controlled or the capital is in the Scythia region
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Controls the following provinces:
    • Parnia
    • Siracene
    • Parnia
    • Scythia Ad Pontem
    • Scythia Ultima

  • Country becomes Flag of Dahae Dahae
  • Set the government form to Federated Tribe
  • Get the modifier United Dahae for 25 years, giving:
    • Manpower recovery speed.png +15% Manpower Recovery Speed
    • Discipline.png +2.5% Discipline
  • Add Freemen 8 freemen pops to the capital
  • Get the event Arsaces in 30 days
  • Get claims on all unowned territories in the province of Parthia
Formation requirements for Dahae. All fully coloured territories must be directly owned, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.