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Modding Combat tactics[edit]

Combat tactics can either be for navies or armies, can be set as default, they have sounds associated with them, as well as icons. The sounds are linked directly in the file, while the tactics icons are found here "ImperatorRome\game\gfx\interface\icons\combat_tactics". It's important to understand that in vanilla, all the combat tactics work in a large rock paper scissors cycle. For navy, there are there is each tactic is strong against one tactic and weak against another, this forms a star diagram when mapped out. For army, there are 10 tactics, so each tactic is strong against two and weak against two, and this forms a cycle. This should be kept in mind when editing existing tactics or adding new ones, because all vanilla tactics refer back to each other and should be adjusted as well. Tactics can be restricted to various things, in vanilla five of the land tactics are locked behind military traditions. These five land tactics have a stronger bonus than the five that are available to everybody.

frontal_assault = { 
	use_as_default = yes # Is this the default combat tactic for newly created armies/navies?
	navy = yes # This is for navies, without this it would be for armies

	enable = yes #Is this enabled by default? Should be set to no if there's another requirement to be able to use this tactic.

	sound = "event:/SFX/UI/Unit/sfx_ui_unit_tactic_set_offensive" #sound for combat tactic

	harassment = 0.2 # Which tactic(s) is it strong against? +20% damage done
	close_ranks = -0.1 # Which tactic(s) is it weak against?  -10% damage done

	effective_composition = {
		liburnian = 0.5 # A navy of only liburnians would have 50% efficiency, with half the bonus and all of the drawback.
		trireme = 1.0 # All trireme navy has 100% efficiency
		tetrere = 0.0
		hexere = 0.0
		octere = 1.0
		mega_galley = 2.0 # Max efficiency is 100%, so this is surplus efficiency that allows a navy of equal parts mega_galley and liburnians to still have 100% efficiency.

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