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Cognomen are nickname Generals can get when a triumph is held in their name. One of the best known cognomen is probably Africanus, from Scipio Africanus, after he defeated Hannibal in Africa.

Latin Cognomen Non-Latin Version
Maximus The Victorious
Mettalus The Soldier
Licinus The Violent
Dolabella The Axe
Cornicen The Bugler
Malleolus The Hammer
Priscus The Ancient
Severus The Strict
Triarus The Shield
Taurus The Bull
Tuditanus The Mace
Regulus The Prince
Poplicola The Popular
Novellus The Innovative
Lepidus The Charming
Habitus The Muscular
Flaccus The Floppy
Crassus The Magnanimous
Brutus The Brute
Aculeo The Hostile