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Bribe character cost.png Most actions on characters can be performed through character interactions, available either on the right of the character screen or by right clicking the character's portrait. In a republic, many of these interactions will require Faction approval Senate approval.

General interactions[edit | edit source]

These interactions are generally available on most characters within the country.

Interaction Description
Adopt Adopt a minor character into the ruling family, at a base cost of Family prestige 10% of the family's current prestige and Legitimacy.png 10 legitimacy. Available only to monarchies and tribes.
Assassinate Rival Starts the Assassinate! scheme against the character. Can only be used on rivals within the country, and costs Tyranny 7 tyranny and Aggressive expansion.png 7 aggressive expansion.
Make Friends Begins an event chain to try the befriend the character, with various Wealth gold, Political influence.png political power, and Tyranny tyranny costs. Required for recruiting them (if foreign). Each character has a Max friends limited number of friends; non-foreign friends of rulers have increased Loyalty.png loyalty. Unlike most interactions, can be done on almost any character, including those outside the country.
Remove Friend Stops the Leader.png ruler from seeing the character as a friend. Costs Political influence.png 30 political influence for characters within the country.
Bribe Increases the character's Loyalty.png loyalty by 15 for 4 years for Political influence.png 5 political influence and Wealth 100 of the ruler's personal wealth. Increases the ruler's Corruption.png corruption by 1 and the bribed character's corruption by 5. A character can only be bribed again after the previous bribe's effects have worn off.
Persuade Replaces the Bribe interaction if the ruler has the Orator orator or Silver tongued silver-tongued trait, and increases the character's Loyalty.png loyalty by 15 for 2 years of Political influence.png 5 political influence, without the Wealth ruler wealth or Corruption.png corruption costs.
Force Conversion Force a character to convert to the Religious power.png state religion at the cost of Tyranny 5 tyranny and Loyalty.png 30 loyalty. Requires at least at least Loyalty.png 60 loyalty, and can even be done on the ruler.
Grant Citizenship Status Removes the Foreign Citizenship modifier from a character, allowing them to hold Position positions. Costs Popularity.png 5 ruler popularity.
Impose Sanctions Removes up to Corruption.png 50 corruption from a character, which costs Tyranny tyranny and reduces Loyalty.png loyalty by 20 unless the Invention.png Selective Immunity Oratory power.png Oratory Invention has been adopted. Requires the character to have at least Corruption.png 5 corruption and cannot be used on the Leader.png ruler, or on characters with the Crafty crafty trait, Corrupt corrupt trait, or Nefarious Tendencies modifier.
Imprison Imprisons a character at the cost of Popularity.png 5 popularity (unless the Invention.png Public Slavery Civic power.png Civic Invention has been adopted and the character is Corrupt corrupt, in debt, or a gambler) and possibly Tyranny tyranny if the character has at least Power base 2 power base. Cannot be used on characters with any position or status; the Bring to Trial interaction must be used on these characters instead. Will cause a diplomatic incident if used on an Olympic competitor.
Ostracize Replaces the Banish interaction for Flag of Athens Athens or countries that were formed from Flag of Athens Athens. Unlike with banishing, can be used on any character except the Leader.png ruler or co-ruler - even if not imprisoned - but costs Stability.png 5 stability and Tyranny tyranny based on the character's Power base power base, and can only be used once every year.
Make Rival Makes another character into a rival of the Leader.png current ruler. Can be used as long as the ruler has Max rivals rival slots remaining on any character in the country, or on foreign rulers if their country's Opinion improvement active.png opinion of the current country is less than 0. Costs Popularity.png 5 popularity if used on characters within the country.
Remove Rival Stops the Leader.png ruler from seeing the character as a rival. Costs Political influence.png 30 political influence for characters within the country, and requires that the other country has at least Opinion improvement active.png 0 opinion of the current country if to end rivalries with foreign rulers.
Scheme: Seek Treatment Starts treatment for a healable illness or injury, increasing the Health.png health of the character. Chance of successfully treating and removing the trait, or failing disastrously and causing an additional permanent injury. Costs Wealth 200 to use on most characters except for the Leader.png ruler, who will cover the expenses from his/her Wealth personal wealth.
Smear Reputation Reduces Popularity.png character popularity by 25 at the cost of Tyranny 2 tyranny. Can be used on the Leader.png ruler if the ruler is a dictator.
Demand Support for Heir Gives Primary heir attraction 50 Primary Heir Attraction at the cost of Tyranny 1 tyranny, making the character more likely to support the primary heir. Can only be used by monarchies on characters with at least Loyalty.png 50 loyalty that are not already supporting the primary heir.
Attempt Espionage Send a character to go spying in another country at the cost of Wealth 100 gold and a passive malus to Corruption.png corruption and Health.png health, revealing information about their Treasury.png treasury and Manpower.png manpower and giving opportunities to sabotage armies and steal technology. If caught, spies may be expelled or executed. Requires the Invention.png Espionage Oratory power.png Oratory Invention, and cannot be used on important characters (e.g. pretenders or office holders).
Recall From Espionage Recall a character that has been sent to spy in a foreign court.

Ruler interactions[edit | edit source]

The following interactions are available only on the Leader.png ruler, or in some cases close relatives of the ruler.

Interaction Description
Arrange Adoption Finds a minor character to adopt into the ruling family, analogous to the Adopt interaction. Available only to monarchies and tribes.
Appoint Dictator Extends the ruler's term and gives a Morale.png army morale bonus and allows bypassing the Senate in diplomatic and character interactions until the end of the war (or possibly longer) at the cost of Tyranny 10 tyranny. Can be used in a republic when at War.png war or during a Civil war.png civil war, if there is at least Faction approval 75 Senate approval.
Return Dictatorship Forces a ruling dictator to stand down, can be used if their Popularity.png popularity is low enough, or the country's Stability.png stability is high enough.
Arrange Marriage Arranges a marriage between the current character and an eligible spouse in the same country. The other party may ask for gifts in order for the marriage to proceed. Can be used on unmarried adults that are close relatives of the Leader.png ruler, or the Leader.png him/herself, in monarchies and tribes.
Murder Dictator Kills an unwanted dictator, costs Tyranny 7 tyranny, Aggressive expansion.png 7 aggressive expansion, and Stability.png 30 stability.
Plan Assassination! Starts the Assassinate! scheme to kill a rival within the country. Costs Tyranny 7 tyranny and Aggressive expansion.png 7 aggressive expansion.
Scheme: Sponsor Games Starts the Sponsoring Games scheme, spending personal Wealth wealth to gain Popularity.png popularity. Can select a Province capital province capital to hold the games in, which increases Pop happy.png population happiness for 1 year.
End Inspiring Foreign Disloyalty Stops inspiring loyalty on foreign characters, analogous to the Stop Inspiring Disloyalty interaction.
Scheme: Influence Starts the Influence scheme, spending personal Popularity.png ruler popularity to increase Political influence.png political power generation. Chance of events to gain extra Political influence.png political power at the expense of Wealth gold, Manpower.png manpower, Stability.png stability, or Corruption.png ruler corruption.
Scheme: Prove Legitimacy Starts the Researching Lineage scheme, spending personal Wealth wealth to increase Legitimacy.png legitimacy. Small chance of gaining a bloodline trait if the ruler is in the Hellenistic culture group and does not already have a bloodline.
Scheme: Siphon Funds Starts the Siphon Funds scheme, gaining personal Wealth wealth at the cost of Corruption.png ruler corruption.
Scheme: Seek Spouse Seeks a marriage between the character and a member of a particular major family. Costs Political influence.png 10 political influence and Wealth personal wealth while progressing, and creates a new character to marry once the scheme is finished. Can be used on unmarried adults that are close relatives of the Leader.png ruler, or the Leader.png him/herself, in monarchies and tribes.
Tutor Can be used in monarchies to change the education scheme of the ruler, the primary heir, a pretender, or a close relative of the ruler who is at least 12 but not yet an adult, if there is a Position Royal Tutor appointed.

Position holder interactions[edit | edit source]

These interactions are generally available only to characters with a certain Position position or status, such as generals, office holders, or heads of family.

Interaction Description
Send Adventuring Send a Office.png general of the ruling family off as a Mercenary maintenance.png mercenary. Might return after 5 years with Wealth gold, Land combat.png a personal army, or increased Military power.png martial or Civic power.png finesse.
Exalt Clan Chief Increases a Clan chiefs.png clan chief's Loyalty.png loyalty by 20 at the cost of Wealth gold and angering the other Clan chiefs.png clan chiefs.
Give Free Hands Increases Loyalty.png loyalty by 20 at the cost of monthly Corruption.png corruption gain. Can be used if the character is a governor, researcher, Clan chiefs.png clan chief, or holds a Office.png government office.
Revoke Free Hands Revokes the free hands privileges given by the Give Free Hands interaction. Decreases Loyalty.png loyalty by 15 on top of losing the Loyalty.png +20 modifier, and can only be done 2 years after giving free hands.
Grant Regional Cognomen Gives a regional nickname and Popularity.png to a Position governor. Costs Popularity.png 10 ruler popularity.
Grant Clan Autonomy Releases a disloyal Clan chiefs.png clan chief and the province his/her Clan retinue.png retinue is currently in as a Vassalized.png tributary. Gives Loyalty.png 30 loyalty to all remaining clan chiefs.
Grant Holding Grants a Holding holding in an unheld territory to a head of family, increasing Loyalty.png loyalty by 5. Costs Wealth 40 gold and gives Corruption.png 5 ruler corruption if used on the Leader.png ruler.
Grant Capitulatory Honors Gives Loyalty.png 60 loyalty, Prominence.png 20 prominence, and Popularity.png 20 popularity to a Position general at the cost of Wealth gold and Stability.png 20 stability. Can be used by republics on generals with Loyalty.png 40 loyalty or less.
Grant Stipends Gives Loyalty.png 20 loyalty for all members of a family in return for increasing their Monthly wage modifier.png wage by 50%. Can be used on any head of family, except for that of the ruler, and lasts for 5 years.
Hold Triumph Holds a triumph for a Position governor or Commander.png commander that won a major battle less than 2 years ago, increasing Loyalty.png loyalty by 20 and removing them from their office - even if they are disloyal. Costs Political influence.png 30 political influence and gives Family prestige family prestige, Popularity.png popularity, and a Victorious Conqueror victory trait to the character, as well as possibly a cognomen, and requires they have at least Loyalty.png 20 loyalty. If the character is the commander of a Legion.png legion and Heirs of Alexander is enabled, the legion will get the Phalera eagle.png Triumphalis distinction shortly afterwards.
Bring to Trial Attempts to imprison a character that holds an office or otherwise has high status, replaces the Imprison interaction. The chances of success is increased by the character's Corruption.png corruption and decreased by their Power base power base, and can be changed by the events and options during the trial. Failure to convict the character will significantly decrease Loyalty.png loyalty and may trigger a Civil war.png civil war. A trial costs Tyranny 5 tyranny to start and can only be used on the same character once every 5 years.
Reward Veterans Spends Wealth wealth to remove Loyalty gain chance.png cohort loyalty from up to 4 cohorts or veteran cohorts currently loyal to the character. Can be used once every 2 years.
Revoke Holding Revokes a Holding holding from a head of family, at a cost of Loyalty.png 5 loyalty. Can only be used on Holding holdings that do not have the Family Estate modifier.
Tutor Child Can be used on the Office.png Royal Tutor, if he/she has at least Loyalty.png 40 loyalty, to change the education scheme of the ruler, the primary heir, a pretender, or a close relative of the ruler who is at least 12 but not yet an adult. Analagous to the Tutor interaction.

Prisoner interactions[edit | edit source]

The following interactions are available only on imprisoned characters.

Interaction Description
Banish Force an imprisoned character to leave the country, with a base cost of Tyranny 1 tyranny. The character's family will lose Family prestige 25 prestige.
Execute Kills an imprisoned character with a base cost of Tyranny 3 tyranny.
Arrange Gladiatorial Debut Forces an imprisoned character to fight another imprisoned character in the arena, with the loser dying and the winner going free. Costs Tyranny 4 tyranny and increases Popularity.png ruler popularity.
Flog Reduces the Health.png health of an imprisoned character by 10. Costs Popularity.png 2 popularity and gives Loyalty.png -10 loyalty to the character being flogged and Loyalty.png +2 loyalty to his/her rivals each time, as well as Tyranny 3 tyranny if the loss of health would kill the character.
Ransom Prisoner Attempt to ransom a character imprisoned in another country. The price needed depends largely on relations between the two countries and the Military power.png martial skill of the character.
Release Prisoner Releases a character from imprisonment, returning them to their home country if imprisoned from abroad. If the character was imprisoned using the Imprison interaction, reduces Tyranny tyranny by 1.
Sacrifice Kills a prisoner to increase Tribesman output tribesman output and Tribesman happiness happiness and reduce Centralization.png centralization based on the target's Military power.png martial. Costs Stability.png 5 stability, requires the Enact law cost modifier.png Adopt Human Sacrifices law, and can only be used on characters of a different culture.
Proscribe Kills the character, seizes all Holding holdings back to the state, transfers most of the character's Wealth wealth to the ruler, and demotes the entire major family to minor character status with a Loyalty.png loyalty penalty of -40. Costs a base of Tyranny 30 tyranny and gives Wealth 200 wealth to the state, requires that the character be a head of family and that the country has more than Tyranny 40 tyranny.
Sell into Slavery Sells a character into slavery, either eventually moving to another country or disappearing into obscurity (and effectively dying), for one half of the sum of all their attributes in Wealth wealth gold at the cost of Tyranny 0.5 tyranny. Selling a member of a major family will give Loyalty.png -10 loyalty to all family members, increasing to Loyalty.png -30 if the family head is sold off.

Foreign interactions[edit | edit source]

These interactions are available only on characters outside the country.

Interaction Description
Foreign Assassination Attempt to kill a character in another country. Costs Aggressive expansion.png 15 aggressive expansion and requires having a friend in their court.
Inspire Disloyalty Reduces the Loyalty.png loyalty of a foreign character by 20 and increases their Wealth monthly personal wealth gain, at a cost of Aggressive expansion.png 5 Aggressive Expansion. Can only inspire disloyalty in one foreign character at a time
Stop Inspiring Disloyalty Stops inspiring loyalty on a foreign character, removes both the Loyalty.png loyalty malus and Wealth monthly personal wealth modifier and allows inspiring disloyalty in another character. Can only be done at least 2 years after inspiring disloyalty was started.
Buy Off Mercenary Attempts to buy the loyalty of Mercenary maintenance.png mercenaries employed by an enemy in a War.png war. If the other country refuses to match the offer, the mercenaries will defect. Can be used on mercenary Position generals, and only if their employer does not have the Invention.png Mercenary Benefits Civic power.png Civic Invention adn they have not been enticed in the last year.
Elect New Leader Appoints the ruler of a subject Vassalized.png mercenary state as the new Leader.png ruler of the country, at the cost of Stability.png 15 stability and Legitimacy.png 10 legitimacy. Can only be performed by Flag of Syracusae Syracusae or countries that were formed from Flag of Syracusae Syracusae, once every 5 years.
Arrange Marriage Arrange a marriage with a royal marriage with a foreign character, improving relations between the two countries. The female will always move to the male partner's country, even if she is currently the Leader.png ruler. Can only be used if both countries are monarchies and the two characters are at least 12, unmarried, and members of the ruling family, and cannot be used against the ruler of another country (however, it is possible to marry a foreign character to the Leader.png ruler of the current country). If the characters are not adult, a betrothal will be set up until both parties are of age.
Recruit Gets a foreign character to leave their nation and join the current country, possibly bringing their spouse and children along. Costs Aggressive expansion.png 2 aggressive expansion and requires that the character be a friend of the current ruler and not hold an important position or title, and may have Loyalty.png loyalty requirements if they or their spouse have some sort of status.
Woo General Gets a legion Commander.png commander to leave their nation with their commanded army and join the current country. Costs Aggressive expansion.png 10 aggressive expansion and requires that the general have Loyalty.png 25 loyalty or less and that the country has a Enact law cost modifier.png law that allows legions.
Entice Governor Convinces a foreign governor to join the current country, taking neighbouring provinces in their governorship with them and significantly angering their former owner. Costs Aggressive expansion.png 20 aggressive expansion, and can only be used if the governor has less than Loyalty.png 40 loyalty, is a friend of the ruler, and a neighbouring province in their governorship has Province loyalty 50 province loyalty or less.

Succession crisis interactions[edit | edit source]

These interactions are available only on disloyal pretenders that have raised their armies during a succession crisis.

Interaction Description
Entice to Become Mercenary Sends away a disloyal pretender Position general to form a new Mercenary maintenance.png mercenary company with their pretender army at the cost of Wealth gold, removing them from the country. If they are hired back they may return to the court and again become a serious problem. Can be used as long as the pretender does not have more than Wealth 1000 gold.
Encourage Deserters Disbands up to Land combat.png 6 cohorts from a disloyal pretender's army, at the cost of Political influence.png 25 political influence. Can be used as long as the pretender does not have more than Popularity.png 40 popularity and has an army of at least Land combat.png 11 cohorts.
Seize Assets Seizes Wealth 300 gold from the pretender's personal wealth, with Wealth 100 gold going to the country and Wealth 200 gold going to the Leader.png at the cost of Corruption.png 5 ruler corruption and Loyalty.png -10 loyalty. Can be used as long as the pretender has at least Wealth 800 gold.
Intervene in Crisis Adds Land combat.png 10 cohorts and 10 loyal veterens to the pretender's army and makes the pretender a friend of the Leader.png, at the cost of Wealth 500 wealth and Political influence.png 50 political influence. Can be used on disloyal pretenders in another country once every 2 years for each pretender.
Support Pretender Declares support for a pretender in another country that has Loyalty.png 50 loyalty or less, decreasing their Loyalty.png by 20 at the cost of Wealth 1000 wealth and Political influence.png 100 political influence. If a Civil war.png civil war breaks out, the country can support the pretender with Manpower.png manpower or an Alliance.png alliance, and if the pretender wins their sponsor can force the pretender to become a Vassalized.png client state if their country rank is greater.

How to recruit foreign characters[edit | edit source]

Diplo characters view.png
  1. Open the diplomacy view of another country and click View Characters on the right.
  2. If the character's loyalty is above 70, use Inspire Disloyalty to lower it.
  3. Befriend them using the Make Friend interaction.
  4. Recruit them and Grant Citizenship so you can assign them to a job.

You can only recruit a character who is:

  • below 70 loyalty
  • your friend
  • not a ruler or the primary heir
  • not a governor, general or admiral

Recruit General is a separate interaction, which requires their loyalty to be below 25.

References[edit | edit source]