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Major powerCarthage
Primary culture
Carthaginian (Levantine)

Capital province
Carthage (3256)

Oligarchic Republic

State religion

Military traditions

Carthage is a major power in Africa. It starts with 111 territories and a population of 1083. Carthage begins the game with 12 subject nations: Gymnaesia, Achola, Hadrametum, Leptis Minor, Thapsus, Utica, Tripolitania, Emporia, Iol, and Kerkouane as feudatories, as well as Massylia and Musulamia as tribal vassals. Carthage is the most powerful nation in the western Mediterranean and the main rival to Rome in this theatre.



A New Carthage!

Hispania is a land of great riches. In order to continue to build a strong presence there we should endeavor to find a great new port on its southern coastline, a second capital on the other side of the sea. This new city, Qadr Hasht, will be to Hispania what our own capital was to the Punic settlers of Africa, a focal point for all colonies on the coastline and a clear leader for all Punic cities.

Potential requirements
  • Has atleast 1 cities
  • is tag CAR
  • Not has_variable = carthago_nova_founded

highlight: OR:

  • is_in_area = mastiania_area
  • is_in_area = contestania_meridionalis_area
  • is_in_area = contestania_septentrionalis_area

  • set_variable = carthago_nova_founded
  • add_treasury = -500
  • p:1036:
    • add_province_modifier:
      • name = carthago_nova_modifier
      • duration = -1
    • capital_formable_huge_effect = yes
  • custom_tooltip = carthage_claims_hispania
  • hidden_effect: every_province:
    • limit:
      • Not owned_or_subject_owned = ROOT
      • OR:
        • is_in_area = malacita_area
        • is_in_area = gaditanus_area
        • is_in_area = oretania_area
        • is_in_area = turdetania_occidentalis_area
        • is_in_area = edetania_area
    • add_claim = ROOT


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Carthage will get an event, roughly 5 years into the game, to buy Etruria's Corsican territories.


There is currently one achievement that can only be earned as Carthage:

Punic Ascendance icon
Punic Ascendance
Own, or have a subject own all of Hispania.