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Each city has a few building levels. Each city can have at least 1 building, and each additional 10 pops in that city allows another building level.


Currently these are the effects of the building types, but that may change during development:

Building Province modifiers
Training Camp Gives +10% Manpower, and +10% experience to units built in the city.
Fortress Each Fortress gives +1 fort level.
Marketplace Each Marketplace gives +20% Commerce Income
Granary -1 Unrest and +10% Population Growth

Each building type can be built multiple times, and if you have 4 slots in your city, you can fill them all with Granaries if you so desire. Of course you can order the building of multiple buildings in a city at once, and they will be built in a queue.


Roads built by a Roman army.

Roads are buildings visible on the map that increase army movement speed by 50%. The ability to build roads can be unlocked in the Roman section of the Latin military tradition path. An army with the tradition and at least 5 cohorts will be able to begin building a road toward another city. While building the road, the army movement speed will decrease to 20% and morale will be lowered too. If a road is built over a river, a bridge will appear.


Domestic Policy PowerGovernment
Economic Policy TradeTrade goodsEconomyBuildings
Warfare ArmyLand units
Foreign Policy DiplomacyAlliance