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Great powerBharatvarsha


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20px Bharatvarsha is a formable nation representing the unification of all of India under a single ruler, as it was in the stories of the legendary emperor Bharata. It can be formed by any country in one of the three Indian culture groups (Aryan, Pracyan, or Dravidian) that has conquered or vassalized the entire subcontinent, with Flag of Maurya Maurya being by far the best positioned to do so but still possible to do with any of the other Indian kingdoms such as Flag of Kalinga Kalinga, Flag of Andhra Andhra, Flag of Chola Chola, or Flag of Ashmaka Ashmaka. As an endgame tag in an unofficial "fourth tier" - even other tier 3 formables can create it, if they meet the requirements - it has one of the most stringent formation requirements but has among the most powerful rewards of any formable nation in the game, including powerful bonuses to Unintegrated culture group happiness Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness and Policy religious conversion.png conversion speed that will bring a new era of peace and harmony to the land, under a single universal ruler.

Historically no Indian dynasty ever managed to completely unite all of India under its rule, though the Flag of Maurya Maurya would come the closest at its height during the reign of Ashoka.

Formation requirements[edit | edit source]



The Puranas speak of a united subcontinent, entrusted to Bharata, and known as Bharatavarsha. We must aspire to unite all of those lands so that the subcontinent may enjoy stability and peace.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Aryan, Pracyan, or Dravidian culture group
  • Is not 20px Bharatvarsha
  • Is not AI-controlled or owns at least 50 territories
  • 20px Bharatvarsha does not exist
  • Is a monarchy or republic
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns or has a subject that owns the following regions:
    • Pracya
    • Madhyadesa
    • Vindhyaprstha
    • Dravida
    • Aparanta
    • Karnata
    • Avanti
    • Maru
    • Gandhara

  • If the current government form is not Empire or Imperial Cult, set the government form to Empire
  • If the country was originally a republic:
    • If the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Provisioning Act or Enact law cost modifier.png Punic Reforms law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Guard law
    • Otherwise, if the country originally had the Enact law cost modifier.png Military Modernization or Enact law cost modifier.png Marian Reform law, enact the Enact law cost modifier.png Royal Army law
  • Get the modifier Bharatavarsha until the end of the game, giving:
    • Unintegrated culture group happiness +6% Unintegrated Culture Group Happiness
    • Diplomatic reputation.png +2 Diplomatic Reputation
    • Policy religious conversion.png +25% Pop Conversion Speed
    • Citizen happiness +8% National Citizen Happiness
  • Current country becomes 20px Bharatvarsha
  • Add Citizens 4 citizen pops, Freemen 4 freemen pops, and Slaves 4 slave pops to the capital
  • Capital gets the modifier Capital of the Subcontinent until the end of the game, giving:
    • Tax income.png +10% Local Tax
    • Local population growth.png +0.20% Local Population Growth
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
    • Citizen happiness +12% Local Citizen Happiness
  • Get Province investment 5 free province investments
Formation requirements for Bharatvarsha. All fully coloured territories must be owned or vassalized.