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The Barbarian traditions encompass the fighting styles of the peoples of Hispania, Gaul, Britannia, and Germania, among others. They mostly relied on large formations of lightly armored infantry equipped with spears or swords, supported by nimble chariot formations or light cavalry, and made extensive use of ambush tactics, especially in forests.


The Barbarian military tradition groups, Celtic and Britannic are available for countries with the following culture groups:

  • Belgae
  • Celt-Iberian
  • Gaelic
  • Gallic
  • Germanic
  • Iberian
  • Occidental
  • Pannonian
  • Pretani
  • Veneti

The Celtic traditions are additionally available to countries with the Ligurian culture, the Illyrian culture group (excluding Massapian), as well as Flag of Massilia Massilia, Flag of Emporion Emporion, Flag of Hemeroskopeion Hemeroskopeion, Flag of Menesthei Menesthei, and 20px Gadir.

This tradition group can also be unlocked by embracing the military tradition:

  • Embrace Italo-Celtic Influence (from the Italic military tradition group)


The traditions focus on strengthening the below unit types and possibly unlock some new abilities:

  • Allows Unit chariots.png Chariot units
  • Unit focus:
    • Strong Unit light infantry.png Light infantry
    • Good Unit archers.png Archers
    • Good Unit chariots.png Chariots
  • Possible ability unlocks:
    • Raise levies Raise Levies
    • Hit-and-Run Hit-and-Run


Starting bonus
Chariot Culture icon
Chariot Culture

  • Allows Unit chariots.png Chariot units
The use of chariots in warfare stems back many thousands of years, and holds strong affiliations with nobility and class; chariot inhumations speak to the honor that can be won through battle. Chariots themselves were commonly used as mobile platforms with two to three occupants, from which javelins or other thrown weapons were used to break the ranks of their opponents.
Britannic path
Celtic britannic path 1.png
  • Scythed Chariots
  • Chariots offensive.png +20% Chariot offense
Affixing scything blades to the wheels of our chariots, adds a lethal deterrent to anyone foolhardy enough to assault them.
Celtic germanic path 3.png
  • The Glory of the Hunt
  • Enslavement efficiency.png +5% Enslavement efficiency
  • Slave output +6% National slave output
Tribal warfare is brutal affair. The seizure of slaves, women and valuables is a time-honored practice which we ought not to forgo.
Celtic britannic path 3.png
  • Living off the Land
  • Land unit attrition.png −15% Army attrition
Our people know the ways of the land better than most; which berries and plants are edible, and which natural remedies can be used to salve wounds.
Celtic britannic path 4.png
  • Word of Mouth
  • Manpower recovery speed.png +5% Manpower recovery speed
Whether it be a chance for glory, an opportunity for loot, or merely to revel in the slaughter, news of an imminent battle draws even the elders to our ranks.
Celtic britannic path 5.png
  • Chariot Mastery
  • Chariots morale.png +10% Chariot morale
The terror inspired by a massed chariot attack, can be sufficient to break even the most battle-hardened formations.
Celtic britannic path 6.png
  • Selective Breeding
  • Light cavalry cost.png −15% Light cavalry cost
Revered throughout the bronze age and before, as evident in the chalk hill carvings throughout Britain, the strong-backed domestic horse is a result of thousands of years of selective breeding, and capable of carrying a single rider into battle.
Celtic gallic path 5.png
  • A People on the Move
  • Unintegrated culture happiness +6% Unintegrated culture happiness
  • Local cohort recruit speed.png +25% Cohort recruit speed
Our ancestors moved freely, uncaring of borders or territorial claims. These nomadic traditions live on, as our people live in constant readiness to seek our pastures greener than their own.
Celtic britannic path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Trained Cavalry
  • Chariots defensive.png +20% Chariot defense
  • Light cavalry offensive.png +10% Light cavalry offense
Domestic horses, while sufficient for defense in emergencies, are inclined to panic on the battlefield, Thus, by expanding our stock of horses bred and trained for war, our bold warriors will excel at their true puropse: carnage.
Germanic path
Celtic germanic path 1.png
  • Strike and Withdraw
  • Light infantry morale.png +10% Light infantry morale
The relative fitness of our warriors, combined with our people's contempt for cumbersome equipment, allows us to outmaneuver traditional armies with ease. By harrying our opponents; flanks, they will likely lose enthusiasm for the fight before we do.
Celtic britannic path 2.png
  • Coming of Age
  • Light infantry defensive.png +10% Light infantry defense
From a young age, our children are taught that they may be called upon to defend their settlements. If every man bears responsibility for arming himself, armies can be raised from the very salt of the earth.
Celtic gallic path 1.png
  • Strike From Afar
  • Archers offensive.png +15% Archers offense
Huntsmen and skirmishers practice from a young age, honing their skills on wildlife and those unlucky enough to constitute a target.
Celtic germanic path 4.png
  • Ambush
  • Hit-and-Run Enable "Hit-and-Run" tactic
  • Archers forest combat bonus.png +33% Archers forest combat bonus
  • Light infantry forest combat bonus.png +33% Light infantry forest combat bonus
'Quintili Vare, legiones redde!' - The battle of Teutoberg Forest was a decisive victory for the Germanic tribes, all but wiping our three entire Roman legions. While a combination of factors contributed to this, the Germanic familiarity with the dense terrain was a major one.
Celtic britannic path 7.png
  • Take up Arms
  • Archers morale.png +5% Archers morale
Every man has a place in our armies; not least the hunters, who stalk their prey on battlefield and forest alike.
Celtic germanic path 6.png
  • The Young Must Serve
  • Light infantry cost.png −15% Light infantry cost
Learning the art of warfare is a vital part of every youth's education. If a child can wield a sword and maintain their equipment, then they are ready for war.
Celtic germanic path 7.png
  • Hail of Stones
  • Archers defensive.png +10% Archers defense
Those unable or unwilling to hold an axe, learn the art of the sling, or bow. A simple tool it may seem, but even mighty giants can be felled by a single stone.
Celtic germanic path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Adaptability
  • Light infantry discipline.png +10% Light infantry discipline
Our brave soldiers may be the fiercest the world has seen, but true humility comes in learning from our defeats. by adopting tactics we encounter on the battlefield, from those who consider themselves more 'civilized', we may outdo any fighting force we meet.
Gallic path
Celtic germanic path 2.png
  • Natural Resources
  • Chariots cost.png −15% Chariot cost
  • Light cavalry cost.png −15% Light cavalry cost
The abundance of arable land and vast tracts of land sporting workable wood, give us unparalleled access to the resources we need to create weapons of war.
Celtic gallic path 2.png
  • Confederations
  • Global manpower modifier.png +10% National manpower
Many Tribes maintained close relations with their neighbors, guaranteeing a certain amount of cooperation when it came to battle. Warbands likely comprised members of many different local tribes, all fighting for glory.
Celtic gallic path 3.png
  • The Plains Fight With us
  • Chariots plains combat bonus.png +15% Chariot combat bonus in plains
  • Light infantry plains combat bonus.png +15% Light infantry combat bonus in plains
The rolling plains of Gaul, from the coast to the Alps, prove ideal terrain for the use of cavalry.
Celtic gallic path 4.png
  • In Defense of our Home
  • Raise levies Enable "Raise Levies" ability
From blacksmiths to traders, when our hill forts and rural settlements are threatened, all shall take up arms and stand united.
Celtic germanic path 5.png
  • Shield Wall
  • Heavy infantry defensive.png +10% Heavy infantry defense
Germanic troops often surprised their opponents by utilizing a core of heavily shielded warriors, acting as a deterrent to attackers, and as a particularly cohesive and mobile unit on the battlefield.
Celtic gallic path 6.png
  • Strong Arm
  • Heavy infantry offensive.png +10% Heavy infantry offense
While most of our warriors eschew the protection afforded by mail, our strong-armed and well equipped javelin-throwers clad themselves in armor, and can hurl iron-tipped spears capable of punching through plate armor, flesh, and bone.
Celtic gallic path 7.png
  • Scale the Walls!
  • Siege ability +10% Siege ability
Our people have taken to residing in walled territories, which, while well-defended, have weaknesses, if one knows where to look.
Celtic gallic path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Blow the Trumpet, in the New Moon!
  • Land morale.png +5% Morale of armies
The Carnyx, a trumpet possessed of a harsh and instantly recognizable timbre, inspired our troops, while terrifying our opponents.

Celtic traditions[edit]

Celtic Traditions.png

Britannic traditions[edit]

Britannic Traditions.png


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