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Persia is a formable nation in the Middle East, representing a restoration of the Persian Empire as it existed under the Achaemenid dynasty until the conquests of Alexander the Great and would historically be followed up by the Parthians and especially the Sassanids. Any country with a primary culture in the Persian, Caucasian, or Anatolian culture groups can attempt to restore the Persian Empire, with the surviving Persianized satraps such as Flag of Atropatene Atropatene, Flag of Armenia Armenia, and Flag of Cappadocia Cappadocia (if it chooses to overthrow its Greek satrap) particularly well situated to form it. As an tier 3 endgame tag, reforming Persia requires conquering all of the main cities of Mesopotamia and the Iranian Plateau under the last Persian Empire, as well as integrating Persian culture if it is not already the primary culture, and grants claims to the entire Persian heartland from Assyria to Bactriana.

If Persia is restored by a nation with ruled by a member of the Achaemenid dynasty - found only as the rulers of the Greek city-state of Flag of Heraclea Pontica Heraclea Pontica at the start of the game - they will instead directly restore the Flag of Achaemenid Empire Achaemenid Empire, taking on the name, flag, and trappings of the empire of Cyrus the Great.

Formation requirements[edit | edit source]


Form Persia

The days of Cyrus and Darius are long gone, but the Persian people remember the great empires built by their own. It is time to throw off the shackles of our foreign oppressors, and unite our people once again!

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Country is in the Iranian, Caucasian, or Anatolian culture groups
  • Is not 20px Persia
  • Is not AI-controlled or owns at least 40 territories
  • Is not a Tier 3 formable
  • 20px Persia does not exist
  • If the country is not AI-controlled and there are Persian-cultured pops in the country, has Persian as a primary or integrated culture
  • Is not at war or in a civil war
  • Owns the follow territories:
    • Babylon (918)
    • Ekbatana (1595)
    • Pasargadai (4951)
    • Persepolis (4799)
    • Nostana (6561)
    • Arbela (880)
    • Gazaka (1515)
    • Opis (914)
    • Hormirzad (4791)
    • Zadrakarta (3435)
    • Artakabana (6559)
    • Sousa (946)

  • If the country is AI-controlled, there are Persian-cultured pops in the country, and Persian is not the primary culture, add Persian as an integrated culture
  • If the game is ironman, the country is not AI-controlled, and the country is or started as Flag of Heraclea Pontica Heraclea Pontica, award the achievement Heraclea Persica
  • Country becomes 20px Persia
  • If the country's ruler is in the same family as Amastris Achaimenid (82), set the name and flag to Flag of Achaemenid Empire Achaemenid Empire
  • If the current government form is a monarchy and not Empire or Imperial Cult, set the government form to Empire
  • Otherwise, gain Political influence.png 300 political influence
  • Get the event Seat of Power
  • Get the modifier Unification of Persia for 20 years, giving:
    • Integrated culture happiness +15% Integrated Culture Happiness
    • Freeman output +12% National Freemen Output
  • Get claims on all unowned territories in the regions of Persis, Media, Parthia, Ariana, Mesopotamia, Bactriana, Gedrosia, and Assyria
  • Get Province investment 5 free province investments
Formation requirements for Persia. Fully coloured territories are required, while hatched territories will be claimed after formation.

Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nation forming events

Forming Persia triggers a special event allowing the country to move its capital to either Babylon (918), Ekbatana (1595), Persepolis (4799), or Sousa (946), or retain the court at its current position. Each option gives a different one-time bonus - with the Sousa (946) option being distinct in that a significant amount of gold will also be paid to create new pops in the city.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Three Great Fires icon
Three Great Fires
Form Persia and own Ganzak, Nevshapur and Gur.
Heraclea Persica icon
Heraclea Persica
Starting as Heraclea Pontica, form Persia whilist your ruler belongs to the Achaemenid dynasty